ROASTING Chungha’s ‘Snapping’ Outfits!

ROASTING Chungha’s ‘Snapping’ Outfits!

hi welcome in today’s video I am going
to be roasting Chungha’s outfits now keep in mind these
videos tends to be extremely controversial and honestly some of these
comments are getting so out of hand that I don’t feel safe in my own house
anymore thusly I have decided to hire two guard
dogs the ad said that they were highly
trained and super professional though somehow I feel a bit bamboozled! and to
be able to afford these guard dogs this video is sponsored by Amino! As you may or may not have heard, Amino has recently come out with their new story feature
where you can search through a bunch of different categories or you can search
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all time, the first one being this specific performance of ‘Kill this love’ by
BLACKPINK and the second one being the iconic mr. taxi outfits by Girls
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time make sure you go download the Amino app, the link will be in the
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link down below! let’s get right back into the video! ok so I know a lot of you
are probably thinking: ‘Angelina Chungha’s outfits are the best and most consistent out of all kpop idols ever in the entire world’ and there’s
always gonna be people in this world who love to complain about everything and
I’m that b!tch! so we’re gonna start off this video with the outfits that I liked
the least and in fact some of them I hate, straight-up hate them! there’s no
sugar coating in this video, I will send my guard dogs after you don’t try me. we have a lot of outfits to
go through, this girl has been working so hard doing performance after performance
okay I don’t like this outfit and it’s very simple I’m not the biggest fan of
Versace I could be talking out of my ass I probably don’t even know what Versace
looks like, I don’t know I think it’s too much, it’s a flex and I’m not one for flexing
black and yellow, this specific type of yellow just doesn’t work for me I only
like black and yellow when it’s giving me like mr. taxi vibes, do you know what
I mean? super sonic! the next outfit we’re gonna move on to has potential, but
I don’t like it because it’s hidden she has a whole ass outfit under this
supposed to be see-through white shirt but you you don’t get to see it I feel
like if her shirt was just cropped it would be so much better cuz then when she
lifts her arms and you could see a bit more and it’d be kind of like a peekaboo
thing but it’s just too long and it just looks like a shirtdress, ever since I
learned about bts’s ‘No Pants’ sasaeng fan, I just think
about BTS’ no pants sasaeng fan when people wear shirt dresses. we’re moving on to the worst
outfit out of every single one of her performances I don’t know who decided to
make her wear a sweatshirt now first of all what – this one maybe the last outfit
was not the worst maybe this one was, and you know she’s just wearing it cuz it’s
Versace and you know I’m gonna extra hate this outfit because it has tape
like we can obviously read that it’s Versace your tape is literally not
hiding anything enough with the negativity let’s move on
to her best performance outfits ever hands down now this white outfit, where
do I even start? the slits the chains it’s just perfect in every single way
it’s just so beautiful in so stunning white on her with her blonde hair and
just all the accessories ten out of ten I love this outfit so much and then we
have like a variant of this outfit it’s not really a variant but it’s just white
so it kind of reminds me of the other outfit while being quite different now
this is the only time that I will accept a t-shirt as a performance outfit again
the chains the layering her little butt cape stunning! white just looks so
stunning on her it’s the perfect color for this performance I just think it
just it’s just it just elevates her outfit and it’s just perfect for the
song this black outfit is stunning you’re gonna hear me say this a lot the
thing is this outfit has the potential to be slightly boring the fact that it
only has one sleeve in the sleeve that exists has like a slit in it just adds
so much interest to this outfit and then the way her pants flare out just add
this beautiful flow while she’s performing and it’s so so so so so
stunning, I’m in love with this outfit too and then this outfit is kind of
similar it has the potential to be kind of boring but just the flow of it and the buttons
and really saves it and just the whole silhouette of it all is absolutely
stunning moving on to another stunning outfit. This red dress screams beta
fish– to me in the best way possible anyways this next outfit screams early
2000s, she has a bandeau as a shirt just that whole nostalgia lands this outfit
on the best outfits in my opinion now we’re gonna move on to the outfits that
to me are not terrible but I also don’t love I feel like this dress it’s just
not really doing anything for her like it’s not ugly that is not pretty either
I don’t know what do you think I think it’s just it’s like there. this outfit
seems like a bit too sporty I think it’s a really nice outfit but it just doesn’t
fit the theme of snapping in my opinion and there’s tape on it like you could
have just worn any white sports bra but you chose to wear Alexander wang to cover Alexander wang with tape this outfit is super similar it’s just kind
of a black version and instead of an Alexander Wang top that she is covering
with tape it’s Versace that is basically it for this video don’t forget to
subscribe click on the bell to be notified like this video comment on this
video and I will see you guys next time bye

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  2. I see 3 dislikes and it make me think about 2 things. First is they are immature fans of chungha and second is people who hates you

  3. I agree with you lol that pink outfit wasn't it but that yellow outfit I loved I think I liked it so much cause it was in the mv and I just like it when idols wear wat they wear in there mv's

    Also just my opinion and I respect Urs 🙏🙏🙏 pls don't sent your guard dogs on me

  4. I feel like I am the only one who agrees with you on all of these! A lot of them were really basic and could have had a lot of potential but whatever she wears she is beautiful and talented💕💕

  5. Personally I loved all of the outfits, however some of them did not fit the theme of snapping.
    Also ever since I started watching you outfit videos, I'm starting to notice the tape parts and I don't like it…
    Like we know whats written on that clothing, stop ruining such great outfits with small pieces of tape!

  6. not gonna lie, i think the stylist confused her outfits with gidle's because at like 3:14 with the shirt dress and the crop top and pants seemed similar to gidles theme (no hate to them, i love the uh oh outfits, they should give that stylist a raise) 🤣 but Chungha honestly looks great in everything

  7. I don't see anything wrong about she wearing versace and havint to be discredit or disrespectful about it… Somi's outfit were ugly af but were from cloths lines similar to versace or expensiver. All kpop groups and soloist were that type of clothes when they have the money. It show that the grown in money and posibilities.
    Like for exemple Gfriend. They started on debut whit aliexpress clothes, looked cheap and were cheap… The company didn't have money in that time. But in fever they wear Balenciaga. I don't know if u understand me since i'm not good at english.
    Have a nice day

  8. I love your content so much, I don't know why

    𝘐 𝘭𝘰𝘷𝘦 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘷𝘰𝘪𝘤𝘦 𝘢𝘴 𝘸𝘦𝘭𝘭

  9. You're exposing the brands…
    Poor stylists for working so goddamn hard on hiding the names
    Exposelina is on her way to sprinkle her expose-ness to other kpop groups😂😂

  10. I feel like in the first performances they really put an effort but as it was nearing a end they were being lazy giving her outfits and just have her whatever for example the red huge oversized jersey…❤️

    My question is why do they place tape over names of Brand's or lines of clothing?

  11. I respect your opinion .. imo she has one of the best styles in kpop .. especially during Gotta Go and Roller Coaster ..she is the real bich fam

  12. 2:41 that "shirt" looks like the mesh bag i put the socks when i wash them so that they don't get mixed up with the other clothes im sorry that they did this to you Chungha

  13. If your guard dogs are actually Chihuahuas then be prepared for them to bite nutso kpop stans (or u) in the face

  14. Why when someone trying express their opinions or talk about something people are scared of or uncomfortable with it's called controversial?!

  15. ok but i still can't get over how good she looks with blonde but in my opinion her outfits aren't bad

  16. I actually really didn’t like the red fishy dress, but liked the red Versace t-shirt thing. I think it looked cool. It doesn’t have to be Versace, but it looked cool to me.

  17. how do i delete someone else's youtube video??? LITERALLY A BITCH WITH NO FASHION SENSE TALKING SHIT ABOUT VERSACE?? IVE SEEN IT ALL

  18. I respect your opinion. BUT! I think we need to respect SOME broadcasting company and show. maybe there are some company or shows that doesn't allow specific brand, maybe because they are promoting something that's a rival of that brand or what. so yeah, there are some outfits that needs to cover up some brands. 😉

  19. I agree with everything you said except for the yellow outfit. I like the outfit itself, I think it was just the wrong choice for her. It doesn't fit well with her skin tone. I Think if it had been in another color, it would have worked. Great video!

  20. My opion

    Love: 2:02, 5:40

    Like: 2:27, 3:14, 3:55, 5:07, 5:59

    Don't like: 3:37, 4:25, 4:52, 5:15, 5:30

    Hate: 3:01 seriously this outfit is just so ugly I can't describe it

  21. NEVER ever gonna like ur videos or subscribe it’s not nice to judge.I just do that if You judge the the things you like the least

  22. Agree that “Versace” print is what I don’t like about it tho don’t get me wrong she pulls it off but that pattern or whatever you call it will ALWAYS look tacky to me and even if it isn’t it looks like a knock off and just cheap to me on anything everytime I see it and in any colour would have loved it but I can’t get over the design

  23. That title tho, I know that's just a PRANK(better be). Cuz chunghas NEVER had a bad outfit her whole solo career

  24. I like all of them but u feel like I also agree 💯 percent on what you said!!! Some i liked but it's not for this comeback, others fit in, the rest 🤷

  25. I think that all her outfits where beautiful from the first to the last and you judge it without knowing what it's behind and I know everyone gonna hate this comment because I don't think she's right her stylists must had worked really hard to get all this beautiful outfits and is irespectable to judje it with any information their stylists had study and worked for her outfits and you should respect what they done even if you don't like it don't expose it like this on YouTube I think that you can't do better and you shouldn't like it if I post a video without you're autorisation telling bad things about a work you maybe really like and that you really had many time to study work and make it
    Telling that is boring and her shirt is to long or telling that she's wearing a shirt just because it's Versace is not nice for her

    Sorry I'm not english so maybe I have wrote wrong words

  26. But like…. I don't think the artists actually choose their performance outfits tho… I really loved all of the outfits you showed in this video but I do understand your choices and they make sense

  27. Basically everything they show/wear is sponsored. And if they show/wear that isn't sponsored, they have to cover up the brand. So if the brand paid the show/companies to display their stuff, then it can be out in the open. If they didn't, then it has to be covered out, otherwise they run in to copyright issues. BUT I KNOW IT STILL FUNNY TO PUT A TAPE ON THE BRAND NAME EVEN IT IS STILL VISIBLE😂😂😂

  28. I feel so bad for saying this, because I’m married to Jungkook, but I freaking loved the no pants girls’s outfit 😭

  29. U sit here roasting outfits but you don’t even know what’s in style in South Korea or what’s the trend in fashion over here right now. Lmfao please educate yourself! Also most people do use tape to cover up brands but they do it well so u can’t see. Again please research more before you do ur videos

  30. for some reason this happened i was watching twice feel special and then clicked this video and then i see a add for twice special how ironic😂

  31. I personally love her outfits for every single era tbh though there are some I like more than other. it’s like her stylist is the biggest fan of her in addition to the fact that she’s just so goddamn fine and everything work on her.

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