ROASTING COMMENTS AGAIN! – Sebastian Michaelis

ROASTING COMMENTS AGAIN! – Sebastian Michaelis

“You destroyed my life by telling the teletubby are gay” Welcome back to another “Sebastian Roasts Comments” ’cause we fucking nailed it the last time. [rap music accompanied with Thomas the Tank Engine plays] “‘You see I’m simply one hell of a tiny horse.’ Fuck me. I’m dead. Rape my corpse.” “Sebastian, please do.” I’m flattered. I really am, but sorry. I must decline you’re a bit too old for my taste. This shit got real who the fuck reads porn at such a young age their parents are probably very Irresponsible Ps. No one knows grammar Take the time to correct your mistakes you lazy fucks My, my, how perfect is this Ren Mystery Moon you talk about grammar? And I happen to spot a few mistakes in your grammar time for me to indulge well first off after this shit got real you forgot a comma there; should have been a comma there and Also this should got real who the fuck reads porn at such a young age requires a question mark come on. Come on We know this we know this Claude’s better than Sebastian. JK. And I read lemons and I’m 12 Oh for God’s sake we nearly had a good comment You don’t know how many lemons I’ve written and read and I’m 9 almost 10. oh for God sake What? Why are you 9 years old and writing lemons for God’s sake just a random lemon says? CDawg can spit my seeds winky face. Well. I’m not really into gardening anymore, but thank you anyway Sebastian, I’m of age you don’t have to be viewed as a pedophile with me now a lot of you talk about losing Faith in Humanity, and, well, I certainly have now Alois Trancy is a little crybaby cunt that just want what he desires at Least Ciel works to get what he want, but Ciel is a spoiled child wow that really hurt my head to read first off Why have you capitalized every word please stop you’re giving me a headache And I don’t even know what the hell you’ve done with the rest of the sentence. It’s a fucking mess You don’t get a trophy if you turn autocorrect off for God’s sake use it you clearly need it I. Fucking. Love you Please let me be your slave, please Zanny Unoriginal says I want to suck your vocal cords Well it appears that 37 other people also wish to do the same so I mean go ahead go ahead They right there go for it get it over and done with okay C-C-C-C-Can I touch you baka? Perhaps a peasant like you should consider fixing your grammar before trying to touch me ghost dick says Sebastian’s voice makes me squirt. Well you probably shouldn’t be leaking I would probably go and see a doctor about that that’s probably not very very healthy Oh fantastically Written comment, I Ciel is a bitch Right they have written a total of five words. How many grammatical errors have they made well let’s count them up I is not capitalized s is not capitalized. It’s supposed to be a name and it’s not an S it’s a C So that three and there’s also no period At the end, so that’s a total of four grammatical errors In a five-word sentence, I mean if you can call it a sentence I mean Chara 1234 Leijon says you bitch Sebastian well again fantastic more grammatical errors for me to correct first off you is spelt incorrectly It was capitalized so so well done Sebastian was spelt incorrectly and again there was no period So, but the total of three spelling mistakes in a three word sentence So wow you’re really you really are aiming low today because Royal Neko says I’d rip off the crepe face and eat Claude’s face from Now on because seal is hot and he is men oh? What what? Why? Tomboy Fox Artist says I swear sebby is so fucking hot and hilarious and Jesus Christ that little description of the Lemon ah Notice me Senpai pause at screen like a little bitch kitten zemi the otaku says Daddy. Love me Wow, a lot of you really do have a lot of daddy issues don’t you. just found you in my Recommendations and ho ho ho holy fuck you’re Sebastian voice is on point and sexy as hell Well, I mean, it’s sexy to a lot of people and according to my comments. It’s sexy to a very young demographic Which is extremely worrying KidKag production says I want Claude to go die somewhere with the Demon sword shoved so far in his dick he can never make spider babies You know what some of you are extremely fucked up fuck Sebastian derpface496 says It’s the Kool-Aid man Oh, where where we–where? oh? Yeah, oh yes, so it is so it is blackout Slenderman proxy says wow what an Edgy name? I am 11 and I read too much yoai lemons and What the fuck is that word I’m going to give that one a skip if you didn’t know what that is just search up Sever Cl R18 Dojos yes, and other shit. I have gotten obsessed when I was 11 years old I really enjoyed going to toys R us and watching Teletubbies you know it was it was a good time ah Next episode please say I am a Kawaii potato butler Shamy 17 says: Sebastian is daddy as fuck and I have wet dreams about him every night. Wow whoa whoa? You should not be leaking why are so many of you leaking do you guys don’t have doctors What the fuck sort this shit out? It does Sebastian is gay Well, what a fantastic question you proposed might I respond back with a question of my own Does elizabitch is gay hMM think about it? Sebastian my mom is an alcoholic Does that make me that what the fuck are you trying to say in this sentence? yo got oh, I see you’re trying to get me to say a naughty word aren’t you well poppycock my friend? That’s a that’s an equally that’s an equally naughty word I think the anime girl says I’m 13 and in writing a lemon yaoi fanfic now I don’t like to toot my own horn, but as a generation. We’re pretty fucked up Oh a roasting comments video sees a comment of 11 year olds in 12 year olds reading Lemon fanfictions and watching boku no pico Dot dot where’s the bleach. Where is the bleach tell me well? I’m very glad you asked Rainbow gummy Bears zero three zero with your excellent name I’m sure you know all about bleach a random dog says: you banged that nun and Then later says I ship it. Not really sure what was going through their mind But I found it just quite amusing. Jade Guitar Neko says that’s so bloody funny I was died laughing while reading a yaoi lemon fell off a fuck sake Fuck’s sake we were so close No, not all 11 year olds read lemons. oh, thank God. Thank God I’m 10 and I read lemons OH FOR FUCK SAKE Yuki the Kawaii girl says cover me in orgy and call me your mother in a moaning voice well I’m sure your mother is extremely proud of you yuki commander grace frost says you can’t roast me Xd well Amanda I accept your challenge. Let’s begin by going to your youtube page and seeing what’s what’s what? Oh there? We go fantastic You’ve uploaded jack overland frost x Amanda Grace frost – what that I’m sure that’s a fantastic video Your description also says jack frost playlist, please make fan fiction of me and Jack I have brown eyes and brown hair note. No. I can’t roast you You’ve already done it yourself my dear queen of darkness says To Claude you a hoe you a hoe you be sucking dick on the loawn Human hand says is gay, and I’m just kidding here I Got you didn’t I he says I want Sebastian to Nya. Ray-Ray says: I’m turning 18 in January. I witnessed a crime and won’t say anything about it I think it would be best if a certain somebody got me in a room and tried to get the evidence out of me Wink wink oh, I get it. You want me to interrogate you, do you all right listen here ray-Ray, you fucking bitch You’re gonna. Tell me where the guy is or I’m gonna cut you Alois is a little bitch then cole Replied Excuse me. I act like him I’ve been told this a lot so I take offense to that the overdramatic licking sound that lick my ear Lobe part made me spill my tea Thanks, my tea is ruined. I hope you’re happy Sebastian no one likes to waste precious tea well knowing if you made it it was probably very very Crappy tea, so I don’t care jillian says man C-Dawg Va is amazing Huh? ok let’s end this episode with a fantastic grammatical fix man was not capitalized C was not capitalized CDawg was spelled incorrectly amazing was spelt incorrectly and there was no period That is a In total of five grammatical errors in a four word sentence we have reached a new level of retardation people Alois Trancy is a little crybaby cunt that just won’t what what he what? What English? What well as much as I love your name Shut the fuck up The anime girl says I’m 13, and I in writing oh my God Fucking hell cover me in orgy and call me your mother in what the fuck Ok hold on ok what the fuck The overdramatic licking sound the lick my ears Lalalalala the overdramatic licking sounds to lick my earlobe compa The overdramatic licking sound the Lick my ear lobe part, maybe Spoil my fuck

100 thoughts on “ROASTING COMMENTS AGAIN! – Sebastian Michaelis”

  1. Every time I kill a spider I scream I got you Claude and hit is with a shoe. Sorry I have bad grammar

  2. What the hell do people see in Sebastian, he is just a stupid man whore do any of you actually watch Black Butler? AND I DONT REALLY GIVE A FUCK ABOUT MY DRAMATIC ERRORS I DONT HAVE TIME TO DEAL WITH THAT STUFF RIGHT NOW I AM 13 GIVE ME A BREAK….. and also i read AND write lemmon's 😜

  3. Well we can't do that anymore sebastian because toys R us is closed.I'm still mourning over all those teletubbies that would have been destroyed. 5:00

  4. Ok WHO THE FUCK WATCHES TELETUBBIES AT 11 YEARS OLD!? I’m 11 and I watch my little pony and I still think that’s childish.😂

  5. Sebastian i love you, please kiss this peasant plz~ 👅 i don't read lemon fanfic's and i'm 12 about to be 13 so be relieve i read one it was about Chowder x Panini and it sucked. That is enough forever.

  6. Ok I am not ganna explain what my squad dose what were all having a sleepover so ya and were 11-14 so ya we already know everyone hate us

  7. I don't understand. Where the fuck did all these children's parents go wrong? How are they getting away with reading that crap?

  8. I've seen someone capitalize every word in their sentence before…..I fucking hate it when people do that

  9. First of all Sebastian you sound like my ELA teacher she's a bitch to. Second of all when you say that the person who was to old for your taste, that's called being a pedafile. You perverted man- whore

  10. What is up with little kids and lemons? I mean,I think its ok if teens read them and yaoi fanfics but why the "innocent" children? How do they even know about lemons and yaoi and fanfics and all that? Like wtf!?!?

  11. Btw,Sebastian. You are mine. Idgaf if you dont want to be mine,I love you. Let me love youuuu. I will kill grell for you.

  12. Why the hell are 9-12 year olds making AND reading lemon and yaoi? The world has become such a twisted world, and the fan girls are the reason why.

  13. That very first one made me notice that my first gay ship wasn't actually Sasuke x Naruto but Tinky-Winky x Dipsy… …….
    I was 4 back then so I probably didn't care about gender and love stuff but still…

  14. How innocent going to toys r us and watching Teletubbies at age 11 , at that age I would go to hot topic and watch hardcore yaoi.

  15. Sebastian, I shall let you know… STOP F****NG NUNS! I get your master said so, but is it really nessasary to get 1 soul from this? I didn't think so…(P.S Ship you with the nun but also I'm 10 and don't write or read LEMONS.)

  16. Oh and I'm 13 and I don't read lemons so I guess I'm an outcast.

  17. Wow… I swear, every time I see any comment relating to underage CHILDREN reading lemon fanfics and sounding proud of themselves, I roll my eyes so hard it gives me a headache. Congratulations. This country is fricked up.

  18. Duuuude.

    12 Year old writing Yaoi Lemons. And they say Boys have a Lesbian Problem. Tse. xD

  19. I am sincerely sorry that you have to live in world where you receive thirst comments from middle and high schoolers.

  20. Sebastian, I do not believe that you have any reason to roast me for this comment, as I am almost certain I have correct grammar, although, I am sorry if I have done so.

  21. I didn't understand what a lemon was until this happened. I don't use Patreon or Wattpad. Why the fuck are kids reading that?

  22. I want you to do to me what you did to the nun in the barn
    Notice me sempapiiiiii
    I love youuuuu!!!❤😘
    And I love you too Ciel ❤😘

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