ROASTING DANIELLE BREGOLI (ft. Jacob Sartorius) (Cash Me Outside Girl)

ROASTING DANIELLE BREGOLI (ft. Jacob Sartorius) (Cash Me Outside Girl)

Whoa them cheeks, like a fuckin Elf On The Shelf face headass. Bro, did I tell you she was in my DMs? Were you playing my new song? No I wasn’t. I was just playing so random song What’s up, G? What’s up, man Haven’t seen you forever! You got older. – A long time He got older. Alright, so for other people that don’t know me and Jacob have a very interesting past We actually go way way back. No way farther than Lebon’s hairline, and interesting enough We used to hate each other. Boy, you legit look like a burnt sweet potato. Tell me why your ears make you look like an elf? But I was like you know why am I beefing with a 13 year old? So you know, I’m all about positivity We squash the beef and now we’re here colliding paths once again. I’ve just been relaxing, you know. – I swear I heard you listening to my new song.- No! I’m pretty sure. I would not be playing a Jacob Sartorius song, come on, bro The song I thought you were listening to I just dropped the video -Really? – The music video and I brought the hard drive Let me grab the chair, bro. I want to play it for you, is that cool with you? – Yeah, bro. – Alright alright Dude, guys, I love analyzing music videos, you know, and just breaking it down And he’s just hearing if it’s a good song or not so I mean I’ll let you know if it’s good enough Yeah, I brought it to you for your opinion. It’s expert opinion. Plug that in. Alright the files right here. It’s this? – yeah? Man, the summer’s gonna be over before we know it. – It’s going mad slow. Wait, it’s summertime? Bro, why are those guys wearing jean jackets and like, coats? It’s like hot outside. Bro, I was telling them that it’s too hot. – You had a T-shirt on! – I know. I knew what was going on. They were probably sweating out of their balls. She won’t hit me back, you know. – Bro, you’re hung up on a girl. Bro, they were hating on me right here. Bro, I’m being serious. You don’t understand. Shit, wait. – She’s amazing. – Wait, who? But that’s for another time. Oh, we’re about to start! – Oh, uhoh. Okay Ooh, pull up the Royce. – Rolls Royce, man. Wait, who’s that guy? He looks like older. Why was he picking you up? – Bro, we’re going to the girls house. We were like, because I texted him; cause my friends were being a little bit mean. Are you sure you know him? Cause you shouldn’t be going into strangers cars? – Bro, I don’t go into strangers cars. I mean, he has tattoos on. – Yeah Damn, you ditched your friends! – Yeah, they were mad. – You literally ditched your friends! They were standing there. They had to call an Uber or something. They were literally like “Oh, Jacob’s gone,” that’s kind of messed up, bro. – I mean, I had to do what I had to do We’re recording this song, you know, it’s good vibes. – No, but in the future, don’t leave me either. -Bro, I got you. I would never leave you, bro, I got you. – But you left your homies, bro. – But they were making fun of me. – Alright true true. Wait, why’s that, whoa, whoa Why does he have like a flip phone and a regular phone like that’s so.. Like it’s 2017 Bro, like, they shouldn’t – Bro, one of them’s for the girls and one of them is for like business Oh, really? – He was tellin me about that. Guys, I’ve been hearing Jacob’s song from the beginning. I’m gonna be honest bro, all your old songs weren’t like the best. At least he’s getting better! Like, now it’s like.- Bro, are they kinda getting fire? Kinda getting fire? – Like it’s getting into that fire life? – It’s kinda getting ‘ok’. So now we’re kind of like thinkin. We’re like, let’s go to the girls’ house. Wait, so she never picked up any of your calls? So you’re like ‘I’mma show up to your door step’? – And see what she’s gotta say. Isn’t that kind of like stalkerish, or? I mean. Nah.. Nah! Oh, boy, you’re walking to her apartment! – No, we’re gettin close. I remember. That’s her apartment door! – Yeah. We leaked her address, too. Okay, and then she opens.. — What’s up, I’ve been textin- Alright, bro, it’s a little, I know I know She closed the door on you bro. – Yeah! – Wait, why would she do that? I don’t know! – What does she look like? Yo, you’re young, famous, rich, have followers; millions of, why? – I guess that doesn’t mean anything nowadays. Girls want like – Personalities? – Yeah, pfft, right? – Eye colors? or Something? Yeah, she did me dirty. – She’s whack, bro. Forget her, bro. But honestly, bro, out of 10 stars? I would give it like an 8? Okay okay. – And the music video, I would give it like a 7. – Okay, alright. I’ll take it. I’ll take it! That’s a good rating! – Bro, we’re gonna be back in these chairs when I have 10 more fire songs. Dude, I think it’s kind of cool How like when we started out like hating each other? And kind of posting online and now we’re just like it’s all about positivity Exactly! – and squashing beef cause like we don’t have time for negative energy. – We don’t like we’re both winning right now. We’re both winning, bro, but look I’ve heard someone talk dirty on you bro. – No -Talk bad on your name. – No. – and me as a friend I can’t sit and just watch this. – You can’t, show me, bro! I can’t let this happen. Bro, that’s you and she’s watching your video He needs to do less stop talking. – And stop talking! – Wait, hold up. I was lip-syncing, I wasn’t talking. It’s musically! He was lip-syncing! – Oh, them cheeks! Look like a fuckin elf-on-a-shelf face headass Wait, hold up, Did I tell you that she was in my DMs? – Wait, her? Spamming my DMs. – Catch me Outside girl? – Let me show you this, and try and get this on the screen. Look at that. “Lets work” – Wait, why she? – I’m sorry, bro. Why is she roasting you? – For publicity, bro, she knows my name is gonna get hits. She posted this video like a month ago Like I’ve been making fun of Jacob like since last year(Rice wtf that’s two years.) Like that was old! – That’s so last year! (‘lAsT yEaR) Making fun of Jacob was so last year. Like, she’s so late. You’re not cute, bro. Stop this shit. Jacob fuckin- Rextorus or something. (BITCH WTF) Right, she obviously knows my name. She follows me on Twitter, Instagram, She has me on snapchat. She has my number. She tried to FaceTiming me like five times the other day. My six word catch phrase Is worse your whole life. – Wait, she said her six word catch phrase is worth more than like she makes more money than you Bro, I can’t do this. – We have to do something about it. What should we do, bro? – Diss track. – Diss track. Rice is a snake and now has three minutes of music for the video to be ten minutes long. Buy his expensive ass jeans and Ryce not-so-rice merch in the link below.

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  1. the only thing that's on fire are my ears from listening to his song!!1 gahhhhhh…… I mean kudos to the girl who slammed the door in ur face….she did the right thing!

  2. Jacob,can’t roast nobody he only doing it so he can get all the attention from people but when Dannie comes back,don’t act like you know how to roast you don’t….PERIOD!

  3. So cringyyyyyyyyyy ewwww I through up… #teambhadbhabie
    Edit: I just reached the end you added like 5 minutes of only that massage let's work for more time like bitch catch me outside.

  4. Fuck u rice gum I look retarded and Jacob u wish she was in to dns probably after this video u guys sucked each other off dead ass she badass

  5. So because she said “Jacob rextourous” she apparently knows your fucking name?? Fucking elf on the shelf bitch 😂

  6. Pineapple looking headasses sit ur elf on the shelf ass down with ur ugly looking dumbo ears we all know they aint bros they just want to roast danielle bc she roasted both of yall JACOB SATARIOUS YOUR SONGS ARE A** except for sweatshirt what i hate abt this video is how rice gum wants to hit 10 mins by putting up let's work starting from 7 something yall are pieces of s***

  7. Rice gum: why beefing with kids younger than me,positivity!

    Me:bitch ur beefing wit a 16 yr old u lil bitch,bhad bhabie ring a bell?

  8. U are 20 and teaming up with 14 year old to roast Danielle bregoli
    A great demonstration for a 14 year old well done 🤯😂

  9. the year is 2061, shotta flow 54 is out and Jacob and Rice finally dropped the diss track and Tay K is outta jail

  10. Man a 8 year old k8d might be tall then jacob like his 14 or 15 but I'm 10 well I kinda tall like rice gum I think

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