Roasting dd  techinal

Roasting dd techinal

beastboyshub fan hey freinds strangeboyprateek is here before two days i put a video
in which i roasted dd techinal i am not trying to be rawneer at
all the rawneeeeeee not me you think wat was funny in that video this video is not sponsor by pulse hey freinds watswapp guys strangeboyprateek
is here do
he know what does the word techinal means
in techinal we donot play games we do unboxing showiung models prediction how to change pubg graphic thinking pubg is techinical:} FROM FACE EVERYONE KNOW WHERE THE PERSON IS
clapping my camera doesnot sucks but his face fucks
he got 4000 veiws in total but me only 1600 veiws
only in 20 videos control strange
my bro is fan of beastboyshub so he is watching his videos
his in video carryminati he thinks he
will youtube play button in 100 subs asked him a question wtf he roasted pewdie pie by saying nitch lasagnia
i dont know the spelling of lasangia you idioit with 61 subs roasting pewdiepie i think you should keep your name dd gamer
delete your poor videos otherwis e people will report you

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