100 thoughts on “ROASTING embarrassing old pictures of myself”

  1. “In grade 8, when your girl sends you a pic of her arm.”

    In my school, an 8th grader has a picture of one of his classmates’ nudes and he says that if she ever “talks smack” everyone is getting a picture of her boobs-
    “Back in the day” sure seems like a more…modest? Time.

  2. 6:56. I legit have that same coat at my moms house in the back of my closet. I wore it all the time lmao 😂😂

  3. I’ve never had a boyfriend

    Cause I’m a lesbian

    But jokes on y’all cause I haven’t gotten a girlfriend either

  4. Reads title: oh this should be a fun normal video

    Barley 2 minutes into the video: I'm leaving you for a french frie

    I soon realized that no video of cams is normal

  5. Yo, as a dare, i had to get over 8 boyfriends. Luckily the boys liked me alot and i got 12. Lol im not a ho*. So dont call me one. I was in 5th grade also. I broke up with them after school

  6. 7:56 as soon as he said jerm bot that’s when I knew…every single time he makes an update, I’m gonna watch,like,share, and comment. HE LOVES OUR HORSE GIRL TOO 😂😂👊🏽❤️

  7. I’m honestly surprised u haven’t gotten to one million yet literally ur music and ur dubs are the only thing I need to exist

  8. In sixth grade, I dumped a guy because he stole my pencil. In my defense I was gay and kinda just wanted an excuse to break up with him (but I didn't realize I was gay at the time)

  9. I just want to say you are damn🙂 and the line " To roast the fuck out of my old pictures". I don't know why but I love this line 🤣🤣

  10. 1:09 Well we american call all grades up to 5th elementary school 6-8th middle school and 9-12th high school

  11. Sorry, Cam. We know you’re lying about those kids calling you gay. That’s not very nice, and all Canadians are nice.

  12. I roast old pics of myself too. I cringe and I laugh. But mostly I cringe at myself and wonder what the hell I was thinking back then.
    This was funny and relatable. Gave me a good laugh. Cheers, cam!

  13. the funniest thing is that yesterday I've found my old videos+pictures which I never posted to ANY social media account I have (thanks for my past self xd) and I reacted just liek you did in this video (which I'm only seeing now sorry) but it just makes it so funny to me that these 2 things happened in 2 days xDD
    btw love you so much, you make me smile literally every day

  14. Why did he look like a baby Justin bieber with a mix of Louis Tomlinson 😂😂😂

    Also good job snitching on them bitches🤠😂😂😂

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