ROASTING Everglow’s “Adios” Outfits

ROASTING Everglow’s “Adios” Outfits

hi, welcome! so it has come to my attention
that some people think that I am too fat to critique outfits, and to that I say: I
think you’re a piece of “not my cup of tea” today we’re going to be roasting
Everglow’s “adios” outfits, now fun fact, I filmed this two weeks ago and then Everglow just kept performing the song over and over again with different outfits
and I had to scrap that video because I was not ready to go through the same
embarrassment that I had to go through for Itzy’s “Icy” outfit video, we will
not be roasting every single outfit because a lot of the outfits have the
same elements, so I picked some of the best and some of the worst, but
nevertheless, this fat individual will be critiquing kpop outfits and if that
offends you well good! **** you too actually I’m gonna stop you right there
to remind you to subscribe to this channel and click that bell to be
notified cuz if you don’t my dog will come after you the first set of outfits we’re gonna talk about are these denim outfits, now
here’s the thing, here’s the thing- they didn’t- here’s the thing, here’s the thing!
here’s the thing! they didn’t have to do.. denim but they did it anyways, but you
know what, it’s not my circus! the outfits actually look really nice, however I will
admit I have a personal vendetta against denim and no I’m not ready to talk
about it yet, “why are you so obsessed with tape?” “why do you pronounce a Rosé
like that?” ”why do you hate denim so much?” these are all your burning questions
that I have not addressed yet so regardless of the denim these are
actually really nice outfits and they fall into this sort of tie-dye category
my favorite outfit is actually Mia’s outfit, the cohesiveness of these outfits
is really nice and I think it just looks really crisp and really nice, aside from
the denim, but you know again,not my circus! the next three outfits that I
want to show you are kind of similar in nature with this sort of tie-dye, I’m not
really sure what you would call it, maybe bleach dye? if that makes sense, you know
you kind of put elastics all over a shirt of one color and that – well no that
makes no sense, it’s like a tie-dye but without the rainbow! which I’m kind of
digging, there’s this merch that I really like from Halsey, but I just I like the
pattern I’m just not a big fan of logos… I don’t know where her merch is
made I only buy ethically made things or I thrift things, I actually thought about
buying the merch and putting tape over it and like wearing it in a video and
like not addressing it but like I’m also cheap too so I don’t
think I would ever like actually spend $50 on that, just to put tape on it for a
video but I wanted to share that with you and like you know maybe you got a
giggle out of it maybe you didn’t but either way maybe that little bit made
this video ten minutes long so I could add more ads! so the whole green and
black thing is stunning, I love this so much
similarly we have these black and pink outfits, I’ve mentioned before that black
and pink together are not my favorite colors in the world and then someone was
like ”but your profile picture is black and pink” I don’t appreciate being called
out like that, I mean under most circumstances I don’t like the pairing
of black and pink however in this context I don’t know why but I really
like it – my favorite outfit is probably Mia’s outfit, I’m really a sucker for
these like sporty looking shirts however I need to critique a very minor detail
they’re always putting bags under Mia’s armpit and it just looks a bit awkward
and it seems like a bit uncomfortable to dance in so I just wanted to point that
out to you and ruin your life like it’s just so big and bulky under
her armpit like why a fanny pack under her armpit? and then similarly we have
these green and beige outfits, you’re gonna notice through a lot of these
outfits that they make Aisha wear jeans or pants, you know, and yeah it is
pronounced Asha because her Korean writing of the name is ”Ah-Sya” it’s
inspired by the Korean word for Asia but you know what, I’m the last person to
prescribe how to pronounce the name to you Rosé anyways back to her pants, their stylists have a way to really accentuate her legs
and now maybe this is just a delusion of mine but it just seems that in every
performance it looks like she has legs for days and that could be because she
actually has legs for days but maybe they’re making an effort to accentuate
her legs, theory! debunk it in the comments now we’re moving on to their
kind of military-esque outfits now, some people are saying it’s like military
outfits, I originally said they’re sailor outfits because Girls Generation did
this meme number two no one literally no one not a single soul Angelina do you have a minute to talk about second generation kpop? so for
Girls Generation I would say it’s like 100% a sailor outfit right because I
went on eBay when I was 12 and I ordered a sailor hat to recreate this outfit, I’m
just saying and then I filmed myself on my mom’s
iPad dancing to Genie so is it a sailor outfit? I would say so! I don’t
know whatever. controversial opinion they did this way too many times and they did
this in way too many colors so I’ve picked my favorites and I’m going to
show you my least or everyone’s as well I actually really like this snakeskin
print because it’s so different from all the other ones they’ve done before it
I’m also a sucker for nude, so they’re all wearing these thigh high nude boots and
it’s just absolutely stunning and of course I can’t make this video without
mentioning the iconic original white ones, the next set of outfits are done
quite differently I don’t know if I would put them exactly in the same
category cuz we’re really losing that military vibe but they’re kind of similar
so we’ll put them in the same pile these are really giving me my Chemical Romance ”Helena” vibes, the black pinstripes and the red fluffiness at the bottom,
do you agree? were you guys alive during that era, the emo phase? I’m kind of
liking it, at first I thought it was really ugly but then it reminded me of
the fact that I used to watch ”life on the murder scene” twice a day for a year
the next set are the last set that I actually liked and these are the yellow
ones I don’t know they’re just very bright and very stunning! again we have a
set of completely denim outfits so you know they didn’t have to go there
here’s the thing if you have a set of denim outfits just know that you could
easily do blue velvet outfits, imagine how much more intriguing these outfits
would be if they were made of velvet! and imagine every single set of denim
outfits you’ve ever seen in kpop how much better they would look if it were
blue velvet – it’s just a thought we’re gonna move on to these outfits
which I don’t really know how to describe them because there’s a lot of
different things going on, we have on Onda here who looks like an angel and
she’s the only one wearing a completely white outfit which is weird
she sticks out like a sore thumb she really throws off the cohesion cuz the
rest of them kind of looks like they’re going to the same party and she looks
like she got the wrong she got the wrong info for the invite, obviously every
single one of these outfits looks really good except for Yiren, I’m sorry
it looks – uh, we’ll get to that, then we have Sihyeon she kinda looks like she’s going to a
party in the 90s, like this looks like something my mom would have worn to like
a baptism or something it looks good don’t get me wrong but
like make the rest of the members look like a 90s party too! then we have Yiren
who looks like she’s going to some type of futuristic cowboy party, I don’t know
there’s so many different elements that don’t mesh together, and at the end of
the day you’re only looking at Onda because she sticks out the most, she’s
the only one wearing completely white outfit, moving on I appreciate the way
that they did these outfits and it’s very interesting because they’re wearing
reflective material, so depending on how the light hits the outfits, it could
either be a dark grey or a super-bright light grey- moving on to this entire set
of white outfits I think they all look very stunning I think it’s really hard
to go wrong with everyone wearing completely white outfits and I love the
fit of everyone’s outfits so EU’s outfit is just so stunning though her heels
give me quite a bit of a scare, then again Aisha’s pants just look absolutely
stunning, legs for days and then Onda’s outfit is very reminiscent of like the
early 2000s where like pants and dresses were I thing, moving on next set of
outfits are nude outfits and I do like these outfits though they don’t really
blow my mind you know when you mix nude with black you’re kind of losing that
you know oomph that nude outfits give you just a personal opinion of mine because
you have completely nude outfits it just it just has that look but then when
you’re mixing with black you lose it and then Aisha is wearing this stunning dress
and it looks so amazing on her but it really doesn’t match anything so we have
her looking like a snack and then everyone else kind of looking like a
mixture of nude and black which is nothing wrong I mean they do look good
but they don’t look again like they’re going to the same party and I just
appreciate when groups look like they’re going to the same party because that
shows cohesion that shows like ”we’re a group and we
look like a group” okay so we’re down to the last two sets of outfits these
outfits are completely orange I’m really loving this whole ”orange is the new
black” vibes from this but again and we have Mia in the center with her bulky
armpit bag and a nude-esque shirt which just you know it throws off the cohesion
right so my camera cut off and I don’t know how to appointed cut off so we
could be missing some vital information and we will never know until
post-production moving on to the last set of outfits these are kind of one of
my favorite sets of outfits because of you you should just look so cute in
everything damn it I think this videos long enough I think
we went through the most important outfits or the outfits that I had most
to say about leave down in the comments below what your favorite outfits were
and don’t forget to subscribe and click that bell to be notified I will see you
guys next time bye

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