Roasting Fans – LWIAY – #0010

Roasting Fans – LWIAY – #0010

~Moaning Sound~ I came from underneath, never done before. I like to innovate, I like to try different things. Thank you for watching the Pewdiepie channel greatest channel on YouTube. Look I even do zoom the stuff.. how about that, you see anyone else do this, huh? ~wink~ I also do: “private bookings.” ~Kiss~ Now, it’s time for me to: review your Reddit submissions, last week I asked you to post a picture: of yourself, so that I can roast you because every damn time, it’s like: “Oh, PooDiePie, your content sucks.” “Ah Pewdipie your content sucks!” “PooDiePie, you used to be better in 2012.” “Poodiepoo, you used to be better in 2012.” SHUTTHEFUCKUP So I challenge you to post a picture of yourself
So I challenge you to post a picture of yourself So I challenge you to post a picture of yourself So I can ROAST you. Oh, what is this? You didn’t post any! You didn’t even post any!! I can’t find a single one! You bunch of pussys, you barnch of crybabies. I bet ya, you’re all talking: no play. You know soon as, I come wrastling: “Hey boys. What’s up?” You go- you go runnin’. You go running. It’s almost like: I’ve never ever, in my whole life, had someone “a hater” in real life, huh? It’s always: “Oh, I love your channel!” Yeah fucking right. You want to wrestle boy. That’s right I’m Swedish. I’ll punch you. Well, we’re gonna review the memes. the PewDiePie memes Can I join this meme? Can I force myself into this meme? I gotta do a funny face, don’t I? It’s missing something I really have nothing. How about this? YouTube’s recommended a page for the past hour well, it sounds like you’re a lucky man You’ll get to watch the best content on YouTube regularly very sad–STTFF-Hey look. It’s a Wall Street meme Journal meme. “Who would win? A multi-million dollar company? Some Christian Swedish boy?I’m a ‘Swissten’. I’m a ‘Swissten’ everyone You don’t mess with a ‘Swissten’ Pewdiepie you’re irrelevant Don’t try to roast back unless you want a diss track, shit he pulled out the irrelevant card. Damn it! Dammit! I don’t know. He’s perfect. He’s perfect. Okay? He’s perfect. What ca- I can’t say anything. “Don’t make fun of my appearance.” *chucklechuckle* What’s the context of this picture? I see it being posted everywhere. I don’t understand. 2012 Markiplier was the best damn Markiplier, and I keep telling you. Can someone photoshop my beard on top of Markiplier’s head? Please? I’m begging you. It will look good, I promise. “When Felix started putting dolphin noises over his cuss words, this is what’s happening behind the scenes” ~more chuckle~ No. I’m putting dolphin noises in because I’m a Christian channel, on my own. free. will. I’m not as one of these fake Christian channels that all the sudden when the apocalypse happened everyone was like, “Oh, I am family friendly guys.” I’ve always been!” I’ve been family friendly since day one, and everyone knows that! These fake Swisschens. I’m a true Swisschen. Okay? “In Sweden, we literally have Felix meatballs.” Yeah, you had to bring that up, didn’t you? You had to bring that up, didn’t you? *Abuses microphone* Do you know how much bullying I had to endure because of that ~spazz~ fkn- brand? ~Sexual Moaning Sound~ Felix, oh, why don’t you make some meatballs? umm o_o sShHtFfKu I’m not making meatballs. “Oh, Felix you’re in the ketchup!” ~triggered~ SSHHSHTTFFfuUGFKFKC They had the slogan that was like “Felix makes the tasty, tastier” You know what they would tell me? “Felix makes disgusting, disgustinger.” ~felix becomes depressed~ Ahh. You trigger me. fFffFfFffF *laughs at spicy meme* Shut up. F-
Goddammit Ay, ay, we all got to survive the apocalypse somehow, okay? Wait what is this? “Yo, it’s your boy, thicc Szechuan here hoping you guys can help me. I want to gift some sauce. You might recognize me as the douchebag hipster guy who gave away his winning sauce during Szechuan apocalypse. Well, the other day PewDiePie featured me in his video.” Yeah, I had to take the video down because it got copyrighted because some music was in it that I have no idea-. So he wants to send me the Szechuan sauce. My god. There he is! There’s only a little bit of Szechuan sauce left! Get that man Get that man right now. I’m sending my minions. Go forth! My Swedish minions, my Swinions. Get that last bit of sauce before it’s too late. Just want to remind you guys that I asked you to post pictures of yourself. Just a small reminder there in case you forgot. Oh, here’s actually one. “Dear PewDiePie. The gap between your lips and your beard is almost as far as the gap between your sub count and your view count. Your turn, do your worst.” Is this man serious right now? He’s making fun of a gap and he has the biggest gap between his teeth, I have ever seen. But wait! So you think that’s what I’m gonna make fun of, but no! It’s a trap. It’s a well-placed construed trap. Enhance the photo. It’s a fake gap He placed it as a trap. Well done. Well played. Well played. You know what I’m just gonna go ahead and say it. You dress like a lesbian, and that’s not a microaggression! That is just fact. I was at school-, and we were at the beach, and I turned around and saw… Croatian PewDiePie. Stop taking pictures of strangers and sending them to me, it’s weird. It’s really weird. It happens all the time I feel really bad for all these PewDiePie wannabes. Okay, they’re never gonna be me and they just have to deal with it. So stop giving them an outlet to continue what they’re doing. “I may not have 50 million subs, but I do have 50 megabit upload speed.” Y-you had to go there. You had to go there, huh? Wow. Wow. Disgusting. Okay, first the Felix ketchup sauce and now the Internet. You guys know my weakness, dammit. This is cheating. ~chucklechuckle~ I’ll take 50 million subs overlooking 50 any day. Thank you very much. Got em’. Christian channel. PieDie savage. Yeah, why the heck was 21 Savage with Snake Paul? I don’t get it. “You need a cup holder. I got a cup holder.” Yeah You wanna DJ. Yeah? You know what? I’m gonna DJ you always doing the music stuff. Oh 21 you always do the music stuff because you’re a MUSICIAN!! *Abuses headset* How many drugs do you think he took to endure this I really appreciate the nipples sneaking out there No, no, no, that’s not Christian, stop it. stop it. Ah the ketchup. God. Damn it. Ha ha ha Damn it. I didn’t wore it today. I always wear the damn tracksuit. I look good, man I look good. You can’t deny that I look gay. My crew is big, and it keeps getting bigger. That’s cuz Jesus Christ is my Neighbor Thank You Christian channel, thank you. What the hell don’t post my memes, okay? I posted it on Twitter already I stole the content before you stole the content which officially means we reached a full 360 of content theft I’m real proud of you guys honestly. I’m real proud ha ha ha I’m not gonna buy no chair. I can just DIY may oawwnn. That does look very nice And I do I can hardly see the tape on the succs excellent I need a machine to walk, but at least I don’t need a fan base to make content. Hey. It looks like your Looks like you’re sitting though Am I the only one who noticing this is that you’re not really walking there, buddy Ohhh my god (christian channel, poods) That’s cool. I love this Fan art. I hope Mr. Peedeepweow see this fan of mine. I really like it I’m so pissed. I had to delete that Rick and Morty video. It was so good I really liked it, damn it your ears look like the ones of our necks chanchalar?? Chancellor and you didn’t even get them to fly Marzia and you to be in yeah My ears does look kind of weird doesn’t it it looks like a weird? Vagina how is that a bad thing okay? These men were arrested for cooking vegan meatballs in public oh
I see you think I look Amish just because I have this beautiful beard okay this beer is ten out of ten Ten out of ten. There’s no imperfections all right. Well you have a little gap there. Oh, it’s intentional okay? That’s how God gave me to me, and I’m thankful Christian Channel, okay, there’s nothing wrong with this beard if theres was an IQ contest I bet you I’m Rick and Morty and you’re Dora the Explorer Rick and Morty IQ 23 IQ Dora the explora No NU! *Dying* Where is this from when you kill those raisins Huep Yes Unintentional NEMA fide, thank you very much. How do you find these? Seriously, I’m impressed. This is you laughs you lose Pewds this is the seventh week in a row you’ve shown your laughs you lose in class if I ever stop you laugh you lose That’s when you need to worry. Okay. That’s when you know. I’ve truly given up So you should be thankful that they’re still you laughs you lose Thank You say it sSssSss ~pewds turns into a snake~ l0l p00dz dusnt maik originoawl c00ntent these unoriginal content jokes are unoriginal though. That’s right Someone who’s woke? You know what I bet Christus the nerd see I bet the one who made this meme is a Swisstian well done ~faps~ Well, then okay, you did it applause. Okay? Okay? Okay? That was it for this week’s of PewDiePie shitty memes you clearly failed completely, so I will give you an Okay, you get an okay because the memes we’re still good next week. I want you to submit an audio clip Okay, it can be anything it could be anyone whatever you want send the audio clip and I will review it and as always send the Repeated repeating memes and I will review those as well this has been squad fam number one sweet stream channel Best channel on YouTube 16 billion views untouchable and I’ll smack it up back ~kinky pewds~

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  1. PewDiePie please dont go away please im a new subscriber and i enjoy some of your videos and please ignore all of the Hippocrates and haters that complain every time and again please dont go because i would probably cry i promise i swear that i would cry l. And i am so sad because haters making disstracts and shit about you, but please dont fucking leave me please and if you quit youtube i will be running amok and kill all of the haters you had so please dont quit youtube for real i dont care if you call me an sarcastic person i just fucking love your channel man so keep up the good work i love. Even all of your other fans turn backs on you or hate you,i am not joining them dammit i will never ever turn my back on you so please dont quit you tube okay and please reply. Sorry for the long comment tho its because i love you….okay. so peace

  2. 5:15 pewdiepie: stop sending me pictures of strangers. Also pewdiepie: SEND ME A PICTURE OF YOURSELF TOTAL STRANGER

  3. How come whenever pewdiepie comes across the n word he just plays the clip of him saying it instead of ignoring it

  4. 6:40 if you turn subtitles on it says you can’t deny I look gay

    Yes, yes you do pewds

    Jk calm the f$&* down don’t have a titty tantrum

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