Roasting Garlic, Roasted Garlic Recipe, Roast Garlic Recipe, How to Roast Garlic

Roasting Garlic, Roasted Garlic Recipe, Roast Garlic Recipe, How to Roast Garlic

bjbj As much as I love garlic, I didn t really
discover roasted garlic until this past year, but once I did discover it, I ve been all
over it. It is the most easy, super-simple thing to do. I like to use this, primarily,
I like to chop it up or mash it up and mix it in bread doughs. I make a focaccia that
s out of this world. You can also make a paste out of it and make incredible garlic bread.
You can use it on crostini or bruschetta. You can use it in mashed potatoes if you just
want to knock somebody s socks off, and it is so easy. This is how you do it. I ve got
2 heads of garlic. I now buy garlic in big bags at the warehouse store. It s about 45
minutes up the street, because I love doing this so much. All you need is to take your
entire head of garlic, find about the middle ground. I ve seen people that just try to
slice the tips off, but I find that I actually miss opening up some of the cloves. I like
to actually come right down through the middle. See what we got here. We ve got a bad one,
so we re going to ditch him. Everybody else is good to go. All we do at this point is
these open pieces; we re going to pop down here on a piece of aluminum foil. You can
also tell what time of year it is. We re in late fall, and the good garlic won t be out
for a while. You see the little tiny green sprout? This is about the limit of what you
can use to have really good garlic. We re going to have to wait another couple months
before we re going to be able to do much more of this. That s actually where it s going
to sprout in the spring. If you planted that, you can grow some. Here s another one; this
one s kind of funky. This is why you don t cut off just the tips. If I come to cut just
the tips off, I m going to miss some of these edges. That s all right. If you buy the garlic
in the bulk, like I do, it s super, super-inexpensive. You ll find yourself being able to use it
for all kinds of things; absolutely amazing condiment. The fragrance, oh my gosh, when
you roast this stuff, your entire house will smell like a lovely little French bistro somewhere.
Or maybe you re in Italy, someplace very romantic and not rainy and cruddy like it is right
now. ve got my oven preheated at 350 degrees. I ve got my little bits and bobs of garlic.
Kosher salt; you want a good sprinkle. You re going to cover them up about like that,
and all you have to do is a good drizzle of olive oil. This is not extra virgin olive
oil, it s just the plain stuff because the heat will kill the flavor if you use extra
virgin. Don t bother wasting the money. 350 degrees, and because this is a good bit, and
I like mine kind of soft, I m going to throw that in for an hour. I ve already got one
started over here. This is what we end up with. This is what s so gorgeous. Hang on.
I m going to turn around my cutting board, hang on, hang on. Turned over my olive oil,
too. This is what we have. I swear they ought to make perfumes out of some of this stuff.
You see what s happened? All that garlic has caramelized. Garlic, when it s roasted like
this, turns buttery and nutty, and it has the most amazing flavor. The easiest way to
get them out of those papers is you just squeeze it like a toothpaste tube. Just like this.
Now if you want to at this point, I like to chop it up and mix it into my bread doughs.
I also like to squish it with a fork. A little bit later . . . there we go, now we re talking.
Squish. He s still a little bit hot. A little bit later, I m going to be making garlic bread.
All I m going to do . . . look here. See this little bit of oily, garlicky loveliness down
there on the bottom? I m going to scrap that off, too. Final step to put this on my garlic
bread here in a few minutes, this is it. I m making a roasted garlic paste, which I will
literally spread on top of it like butter before I toast off the bread again. I ll taste
it here in a second. It s not near as strong as raw garlic or even saut ed garlic. It s
really, really sweet. Don t worry about tasting it, or you want it taste it. Just make sure
whoever you re going to be around with taste it too. You equalize the garlic. This is also
what is fabulous worked into roasted vegetables or if you want the best mashed potatoes ever,
ever in the history of the world, throw some of that in there with a little bit of rosemary.
That is how you roast garlic. Try it and it will be one of your new favorite things for
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  1. I tried this and you're absolutely right. If I were a cat, I would wallow in the aroma! The garlic turned out superb! Also, you're right about not using extra virgin olive oil. Thank you!

  2. Roasting Garlic – Roasted Garlic Recipe
    Super fast and easy method for roasting off buttery, nutty, sweet roasted garlic! Use it on bread, spreads, potatoes – or eat it like it is. For more information on real food for real people, visit, and thanks for visiting!

  3. When the garlic is soft like that you can just use a butterknife to spread a clove right onto some italian bread, add a little butter if you like, it's so good.

  4. Thank you so much for your ;video.  🙂  I'm roasting some at the moment.  I love your last comment, "This out to be body balm."  Lol.  Thanks again.  🙂

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