Roasting Haters & Trolls Rap

Roasting Haters & Trolls Rap

Yeah whats up RailROL82 And I want to say Give my thanks to some of you For always supporting me in everything I do You know who you are, I don’t need to mention any name But some of you are acting straight up lame You all want to be critics, but ain’t go any content in the Youtube game uh Where as me, I got 4 thousand subs and I’m boosting up my fame When I drop a deuce, I look down and see their face and then I realize, they’re all over the place Yeah I said they’re a piece of crap and they’re lucky I ain’t making them things clap They claim to be factual in everything they say and I’m like biatch, do you work for the freaking FRA? Let me tell you peons something You all are absolutely nothing From a troll like you, I don’t need validation Because all your good for is straight up masturbation! All the while I’m going to give your mom some good giration I need shades because my future is very bright and you punk ass hoes still sleep with a night light uh How about those keyboard tough guys that hide behind the screen They’re the product of incest and are probably missing a gene! uh I’m sure you seen a keyboard thug Punch him in the face, leave him looking like a pug Lo mio es hacer billete y rimar y usted no sabe ni contar For the haters, 2018 y’all, RailROL82 keep it coming drop it like its hot

69 thoughts on “Roasting Haters & Trolls Rap”

  1. Better to just delete them. We have always had nuts since before the internet back when we were using bbs systems to communicate. Yes some of us were using computers to communicate before the internet.

  2. RailROL82 Good Afternoon Roly Right On You Tell It Like It Should Be Told, Just Like One Punk Said I Need To Shorten My Title. No Ones Going To Look it Up My Reply Was I Will Continue To Keep My Titles The Same Mine Your Own Business I Said Haven't Heard Another Word since From Him. Liked That Rap Roly That Was So Cool Man. 👍👍

  3. you just can't go anywhere without having trolls and haters following you wherever you go it's what makes us Human and we just gotta go with it! I know RailROL82 I been on Youtube for a Long Time I seen it all at this Point!

  4. Good for you! Put their names on a dead chicken in a shopping bag and throw them on the tracks to take them away! lol

  5. A RapROL82 here? Nice to meet you! My favorite phrase (from Railstream, maybe you know it) is: "There is enough hate in the world, let’s just watch trains and enjoy!" Very true!

  6. This is so amazing! The best part is that it is so true about many people on youtube. I love this video, along with all of your other videos.

  7. 1:25 to 1:30 LMAO that was the funniest part. Good job Roly. It’s time to put those trolls and haters in their damn place 🙂

  8. God damn you went hard. Good on you dude! Quick question, do you have any crossing bells in your possession?

  9. Your a great roasting muscle man! I would roast my haters commenting on my vids, but not much dislikes and hatred comments on my videos yet.

  10. You make great videos. Unfortunately, the haters are everywhere. Don’t let them stop you. You’re better than that. Looking forward to your future videos. 👍

  11. Nice rap!
    There's a saying "If you're getting haters that means that you're doing something good." 🙂
    Keep up the great train content man!

  12. My man Roly 😂😂 I see you with the roast. Gotta tell you tho, I don’t think I’ve hardly ever seen a negative comment on any of your videos dude. I’ve seen a couple people say like one word things like on the new stuff you’d try be like “that was weird wtf,” but nothing much else. I gotta say I’ve pretty much found nothing else here but fellow rail lovers! I hope it stays as such forever! Hope you had a great day Roly and good night.

  13. God f*****g s***, now one of my favorite railfan channels is spewing out that awful genre! I hear rap EVERYWHERE! I CAN'T GET AWAY FROM IT! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

    Eh, as long as you're uploading…

  14. Yea my man Roly, callin' out the trolls. You ain't hiding, cuz that's the way you roll !!! My rap for you my brother, get down wit it !!!
    Awesome Roly keeping it real : )
    Best regards from the West Coast;
    – Larry : )

  15. Hey, back years ago when I started I was critical, and thought ,hell nothing to shooting a video. Then I shot one. Ever since then I got an attitude adjustment. For all you criticizing any video(s), I strongly suggest picking up a camera. Shooting the video, while talking and walking, keeping straight and not falling down is difficult, very difficult. Dude in your case you basically are putting your life on the line to bring us "up to the minute" reports on our hurting rail system, keep the faith.

  16. What is green & purple with orange=? How do you get to Hogwarts? What direction am I going? Invested heavily in hastily dough. There is a great person that is doing great things. Great to fear life. Yes your a great person that is reading this. Have you been doing your channel ART? Are you reading this because you think there is something good at the end? Your going to look left then right!!! How is there a big stories about nothing in news? You have the purple crush? Should there be a orange crush? Your thoughts about grape crushes? You're reading nothing about something. I am waiting for a comment about my photos in the life storyline. Thanks for just reading this.

  17. 😀😀🤣🤣🤣 it’s true!! People have nothing better do with their lives, ignorance is bliss!! Haters gonna hate 😂😂

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