Roasting is Trump’s Game – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

– I’ll be honest with you, it’s entertaining to watch
Joe Biden roast Trump but I don’t know if
it’s the right approach. For two reasons, one,
that’s Trump’s game, through and through. Like, you might be able
to do that for one speech, Trump has literally done
that his entire presidency. You know what I mean,
that’s all he knows, in fact, I think
Trump would prefer it if the race stays in a world
of just roasting people and making jokes and
being disparaging because then you never
have to get into policy, you never have to
get into ideas, you never have to
get into the details of how you’re gonna run the
country, Trump loves that shit. So if it’s just about like,
you know, roasting people he’s gonna be in that game,
he’s never gonna get tired, he’s never gonna
look inept, you know. I honestly think it
plays into his favor. Whereas Buttigieg had an
interesting technique, I don’t know if you saw him, they were like, what do you
make of Trump insulting you? And he was just like,
“Yeah, I don’t do that.” He’s like, “yeah, he can have
his little childish insults “but I don’t do that.” And it like deflates
everything ’cause it’s like, you remember in school if like one kid was
pushing another one and the other kid just
walked away and was like, no, then the kid pushing him
looked like an asshole. You’re like, oh, he should stop. But if that was like,
I’ll push you back, they were like, fight,
fight, fight, fight, fight! (audience laughs) And that’s what I
think can happen here. ‘Cause Joe can’t
do that for a year. He can’t, nobody really can. Remember when Marco
Rubio tried that? Failed dismally, thought he was gonna
jump into Trump’s game. He was like, “No, I don’t
insult, I don’t insult.” and then he snapped
and he was like, “You know what, screw it,
Donald Trump has a small dick.” (audience laughs) And then the media was
was like, “(gasps) Marco! “How could you say”, then
he’s like, “But, but but, “but he said that other.”
and they were like, “No, Marco, that’s disgusting.” and then Trump came
back in the debates and he was like, “By the
way, big dick over here.” (audience laughs) And then people were like,
“That’s just Trump being Trump, “that’s what he does,
says it like it is.” No, people like him or
they don’t like him. They’ve shown that people are,
swing voters in particular, people who voted for maybe Obama
and then switched to Trump, those people are intrigued by
a lot of democratic policies, you know, they do
want health care, they don’t wanna be
crippled by student debt, they do want job
security, they do want to, like they want a
lot of the policies, so if you tell them about the
policies they’re intrigued, they’re like, “Wait, tell
me, wait, what’s that? “I don’t have to choose
between having a house “and paying for my kidney,
huh, tell me more.” But then if you just go
like, Trump’s a bad guy they’re like, “Aw, whatever.” And then Trump gets to do
his thing, that’s who I am, doin’ my Sleepy Joe,
mentally slows down. And he’s not wrong, everyone
slows down except him. Like, if we look at ourselves
from three years ago we’re all slower
then we were then and Trump is the only
one who’s still like, (imitates carnival music)
(audience laughs) You’re like, Jesus, where
do you get the energy? He just never stops. But if you get him in
policy, I promise you now, just be like, hey man, let’s
talk about the numbers, let’s talk about the economy,
let’s talk about actual policy then he’d be like,
“I’m so sleepy.” (audience laughs) (“Dog on Fire”)

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