Roasting my followers AGAIN w/ Last Week Lolita News

Roasting my followers AGAIN w/ Last Week Lolita News

L: I’m gonna say the thing T: No L: I’m gonna do it T: nooo
L: I’m sorry T: please don’t L: HELLO FRIENDS HI L: I’m here with Tyler Willis of Last Week Lolita news once again L: Welcome back
T: Thank you L: this is not my home location we are at G-Anime L: please comment down below if you would like to see Tyler at some Southern Ontario cons please consider her L: which means you get to roast more people L: and I get to compliment them L: are you ready for this?
T: no but let’s do it anyway -dialogue on screen- L: in our last video we made the best of filming under not great conditions L: and y’all were so supportive I hope you can enjoy this video L: even with this poor quality L: so the first one is not a lolita
T: Oh L: I made an exception because he is my very dear friend L: he dresses more in 6% dokidoki and monster fashion L: and he’s like a huge fan of yours and he wants you to roast him L: so have at it ! This is Creep-P T: Oh noooo T: Oh god why
L: he’s like a monster boy I love it T: alright ok T: I really like that the abominable snowman is starting to accessorize T: The monochrome look was ok like a decade ago T: but it’s 2019 and I like that he’s starting to work with color T: and that’s all I have to say because L: Daniel I love the head arrangement L: that is amazing there’s so much going on there L: and it’s so well put together L: and it’s so pretty
T: aww L: I love this pvc I would wear this, I want to wear this L: next we have melty bun bun L: and bonus points for having a corgi in your shot because I love them T: that corgy knows what’s up T: that corgi is desperately trying to escape the frame T: and this outfit should do the same L: *screaming* why what’s wrong with it T: you told me to say mean things L: I know but back it up
T: back it up? -dialogue on screen- T: can I say something nice? am I allowed to? L: Yeah T: I actually like this coordinate T: but I have to say something mean T: I saw the dog and that’s where my brain goes T: Don’t cry, make her feel better L: I love charlotte’s bear it’s an amazing coordinate L: and it’s so hard to do in different ways because it’s a onepiece L: but this is a really unique fun take on it L: there’s a parasol with it and I wish I could see the shoes more L: the grass is covering the shoes but the tights are cute L: and corgi so cute L: I want you to take a picture with the corgi sitting up in a bow hey it’s me editor Lor I just wanted to throw this in I really like your makeup too I don’t know why I didn’t mention it while we were filming I like that you did a dark makeup look with a bitter sweet coord and it’s really creative and cute L: the gingerbread princess T: alright I gotta look at this for a sec L: there are pigs on this
T: wtf I thought those were flowers L: PIGS I believe that she made this dress L: and like… -dial up sound effect- T: ok they say people who live in glass houses
shouldn’t throw stones T: people who live in gingerbread houses shouldn’t wear pigs on their dress T: that’s all I got to say L: I really want to know why they choose this fabric L was this an ode to Shane Dawson? L: is this a shane dawson inspired coord because I love that T: that is a cursed image -Shane Dawson conspiracy intro- warning what you are about to watch may make you question everything you thought you know T: what would you want to die in? what would you want to be buried in Lor T: we need to know the world needs to know L: I don’t know
T: *laughs* Oh god L: ok probably one of those big extravant AP dresses L: that are not printed the big frilly fuh fuh fuh T: you’re taking on ott dress to the grave
L: yeah L: and I want to be posed like this
T: *laughs* L: all proper and have the dress be like fuh fuh fuh T: 80 years old in an AP dress dying in my apartment L: yeah exactly L: what do you want to die in?
*laughter on and off camera* T: you know what b*tches? T: I’m taking milky chan the fawn with me
L: awww T: you can not have that shit it will not end up in goodwill T: full milky chan the fawn coordinate I’m taking that sh*t with me to hell L: why why I wanna know why pigs T: *laughs* why pigs L: Look at the construction of this like it’s so good L: seeing it from far away
T: I thought it was flowers L: you thought it was flowers and it looks like a brand dress L: I love that, it tricks your mind L: It’s creative L: deerylou the fawn L: I was really excited about this one T: there’s a wall of weeb kibble behind her L: top ramen
T: top ramen T: It’s not even good weeb kibble top ramen is sh*t L: I’m confused about the ground like are you in a storage container are you ok? T: that explains the shoes because she’s traveling and you want to be comfortable T: and she’s in a container with the weeb kibble and she’s going places thats what this coord says T: I don’t know if it’s good places but this girl’s going places T: That’s all I’ve got
L: that sounded like a compliment T: It was a shady compliment
L: mmm T: I’m trying here L: I’m guessing this is at a con cause she has a badge T: wait so she’s not in a storage container? L: I’d like to this she’s in a storage container I’d like to think that L: someone is getting their delivery of cup noodles and she just pops out like SURPRISE L: she also wanted me to show you
T: ok L: another coord of her’s cause she admittedly was not proud of that one T: aww ohh
L: but look at this! T: can I be nice now?
L: yes T: am I allowed since this is not the one I’m roasting T: and it’s milky F***ing chan the fawn T: amazing
L: it’s so good T: you rep milky chan T: aw I love it so much L: full circle weeb kibble to milky chan the fawn L: glitter and memes I already love your username handle T: It took me a second because her legs are a right angle I’m trying to figure out what she’s measuring against T: I gotta say the coord is really balanced T: I like that you used this right angle with your legs to measure out the right pieces T: I feel like you did a really good job doing that T: they could use you in a hardware store good job L: I know it’s really really good L: it’s really well balanced with all the colors and black L: sometimes when you do an all black base L: like black tights black shoes black blouse L: you look like you’re wearing one of those full body suits, what are they called? T: a zentai suit T: only perverts wear those L: it’s still the same color but has so much balance and interest in it T: the sheerness
L: the sheerness and the patterns L: the patterns aren’t overwhelming either L: i think this is a cute pose I want to know how you balanced like that T: she’s in the grass with heels! L: did she do this on self timer like 1-2-3-GO T: she fell over right after this
L: yeah yeah yeah L: or does she have perfect balance and posture L: in that case I’m impressed I mean I’m impressed either way L: oh I don’t know how to say this name L: I’m so sorry I’m gonna butcher it L: Muhen-G-I-ou L: how would you say G and then J then A
T: Ga-jiggy-ow L: Gah-jiiig-ow
T: GAh-JIGGY-OW L: muhen-gyaou? T: I’m look at that and I gotta say T: I can’t even look at the coord cause my brain is thinking fire hazard L: Ooooh
T: yeah T: I’m seeing outlets, nice fabric, electrical equipment T: you could say they’re fairy lights maybe that’s fine T: man I’m having a hard time with this one T: it’s difficult look at it T: it’s got flowers and a cute lil hat
L: are the shoes the right color? T: yeah brown matches the trim L: It’s the right brown too
T: matches the trim T: the carpet isn’t obnoxious I don’t see any weeb kibble in the background T: there’s no flip flops or dog trying to escape the frame L: the carpet doesn’t match it but it’s not over powering it either T: are you saying you have to match your dress with your carpet?
L: NO! T: does that carpet have to match the drapes?
L: no no no no T: is that what you’re trying to say? T: I thought I was supposed to roast them apparently all of you have to match your dresses with your flooring now L: NO! I was saying it doesn’t do that I was thinking of your video L: where you show the couch and the matching dress T: and classic lolitas can be found by sitting on enough grandma’s couches T: until one of them grunts in discomfort T: please note that they can also take the form of love seats, wallpapers and suitably dusty tapestries T: suitably dusty tapestries *slower* L: that’s a problem with classic T: that never happened, I don’t know what you’re talking about L: insert clip here T: suitably dusty tapestries *slower/deeper* L: I think this coordinate reminds me of a storybook L: I love this set dressing I was thinking maybe L: the bed is normally infront of it
T: did they move their whole bed?! L: because that’s what it looks like to me like a canopy L: or maybe they built it just to take this picture but like L: this is giving me Larme magazine vibes L: it reminds me of the sort of set they do and I’m really inspired I want to do something like this L: this coordinate is perfectly balanced your hair color is perfect with it L: and I’m really impressed you found the right brown shoes to match the perfect brown T: mmhmm a lot of brown shoes come off black L: mmhm or more orangey too
T: I can’t say nice things L: or they don’t balance but this is good L: uh marianne emmanuelle you’ve met her she’s at this convention L: you have to say her name with a proper french accent L: but I can’t really do it T: yes yes I’ve talked with her several times T: which is what I’m about to say is very hard for me T: why is your dress touching that weird rusted wall? T: your whole dress you’re not even leanin’ T: you’re completely on that rusted out wall T: oh my gosh
L: I don’t see what you’re talking about T: you don’t see that what is this?! L: no because she’s camouflaging I can’t see anything L: did she submit a coordinate? I don’t see the- T: that dad joke was OVER 9,000 T: oh my god
L: I tried T: there’s nothing wrong with the outfit it was the wall T: why are you touching the wall? L: and there’s bears in it
T: There’s bears?! L: yeah do you see the outline of the bears? T: what is with these hidden figures?! L: but it’s still camouflage I want to see more cuts like this L: can you imagine if Angelic Pretty did a cut like this with a sweet print L: this is so cool Marianne can do so many different styles of lolita T: she looks completely different
L: she can pull it off L: so well and just do anything L: Kiranebula? kiranebula!
T: yeah T: fishnets….. L: I was gonna say you roasted me on fishnets so you-
T: fishnets T: Lor also wore fishnets L: I wear fishnets with lolita all the time T: she had an excuse though, she was in the Gavelston bay area T: so the fishnets had an alternative use T: I will not retell that joke you know what I’m talking about T: I don’t see any ocean in this picture L: she might be somewhere where it’s really hot L: fishnets are so good and we’re allowed to do it now because AP released fishnets L: so it’s allowed L: this is my friend Lee from california L: her username is x_haro_x L: she also goes by Haro T: I don’t even know where to go with this one we’ve got bunny ears T: and a nurse cap, it’s a nurse cap right? T: are they doctors?
L: I think they’re doctors T: they look like nurses
L: this one kinda looks like a witch T: wait oh yeah wait no that’s not a stethoscope that’s a tie T: are you mixing themes? T: ok yeah she’s not mixing themes T: that is a pill bottle this is a medical theme print T: she’s not mixing themes our research has confirmed it T: I like that she’s outside of a Japanese food establishment L: yep she’s in Little Tokyo
T: are you serious?! L: she’s in Little Tokyo in LA yep T: OMG this one is hard because this outfit would be hard to pull of in general T: but she’s balanced it really well and I have to think about it T: you know the last time I had to pass it was also a nurse coordinate L: Oh yeah that’s true
T: like the nurse bunny or something T: she had the lazy oaf bunny L: yes yes yes
T: what is it with the nurses?! L: You have a soft spot for nurse coords L: maybe you should do one *tyler taps nails* L: that’s not a read T: I’m too sick inside to be a nurse T: nurses are supposed to cure you not make you worse ♫ Disturbed- Get down with the sickness ♪ T: I can’t think of anything to say about this one T: I got nothin’ my brain is dead L: This is an amazing coordinate that’s her real hair T: that’s her real f***ing hair? L: yes it always looks perfect I don’t understand L: even in California’s dry hot weather and everyone else is sweaty she still looks perfect L: this is how she looks in real life this isn’t just a lucky photo this is how she always looks L: Darthelle! L: I’m really really scared that she’s so close to a pool T: that’s what I was thinking L: the first thing I thought when I saw this was OH NO you’re so close to a pool I’m very scared T: I feel like she has an insurance policy though because T: the first thing I thought when I saw this was she has the balloons T: so if she falls backwards she’ll just float away
L: awww T: maybe she’ll get snagged by a low slung tree T: and she’ll be able to climb back down T: I just can’t ignore the pool that’s where my eyes go T: I’m worried for you
L: oh no brand L: Chlorine
T: Angelic Pretty RIGHT INFRONT OF A POOL T: What were the balloons for? that’s what I want to know T: I need your detective eye on this L: I feel like it’s a party- OH MY GOSH SHE HAS A MEOWTH TATTOO T: OMG
L: that’s so cool L: ok so merry making party, party theme and she has balloons L: it’s probably for her birthday or a birthday coordinate L: or a party coordinate of some sort there’s definitely a party vibe L: maybe this is her coord shot before her party T: ok that makes sense L: I also first loved this because L: the way she’s holding balloons and how they are clustered it immedaitely made me think of Pennywise T: you’re supposed to be making them feel better T: why are you comparing her to a serial killer clown? L: because I think he has style L: the new Pennywise
T: Oh no L: he’s like an ouji, a creepy ouji
T: oh no… T: I’m picking on you
L: no no no T: It’s hard cause she’s cute as hell and I got distracted by the pool T: so I’m just like ugh god T: what do you even roast about this I mean you get people who are like ‘she’s got tattoos’ T: but I don’t wanna feed into that L: her tattoos are really cute and they’re not distracting from the coordinate L: I’m not staring at her tattoos L: I get messages from people all the time asking ‘I have tattoos can I wear lolita?’ L: ‘Do I have to cover them?’ No just do it L: If you wanna cover them go ahead cover them L: if you don’t and you wanna show them then don’t cover them and do it, show them L: I don’t think that it takes away from it L: I love that she’s proud and showing her tattoos and they are really cute! L: I love them
T: cute lil fandom tattoos L: I think that’s it!
T: that’s everybody? L: that’s everybody we did it
T: holy sh*t yay! L: I mean there was a lot more submissions…. L: those are for future videos T: you went easy this time T: It was hard I don’t know if it was the sleep deprivation the travels T: or what talking but that was hard T: i don’t know if you guys are stepping up your game L: you have to do it L: you were so lovely in this video Tyler! T: hu-hu-hu-ha T: st- T: stay lovely T: WAS MY CHAIR THE ROLLY ONE ALL ALONG?! L: yeah
T: I thought you were the rolly chair L: Milky fawn the chan?
T: Milky fawn the chan L: Milky? L: fawn? T: Lovely Lor isn’t a real lolita hashtag FAKER L: Milky chan the fawn?
T: yes T: Milky chan the fawn L: I just second guessed myself it all blurs together T: there’s so many characters it’s not even worth it T: don’t even worry about it

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  1. Some people like bears or llamas and some might love pigs. They are so cute and sweet especially the mini ones. I like bats?

  2. I've never heard anyone call instant ramen "weeb kibble" before and I just want to say that it's genius and I'm going to start calling it that from now on. Thanks Tyler <3

  3. I hope Tyler (and both of you really!) come to Anime North next year, the tea party was so lovely and it was a great con! I was too distracted with cosplay and BJDs to go to much of the lolita content other than the tea party but if you guys were there (especially with a roast and toast panel) I would make it my priority.

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