100 thoughts on “ROASTING My Subscribers PROM MAKEUP LOOKS! | Jackie Aina”

  1. Really enjoyed this video….would love to see another video like this with you critiquing every day makeup looks….

    Also it’s nice to see that you have such a diverse fan base…

  2. How about bridesmaid makeup look roasts? Brides would be cool but probably too stressful for them🤔

  3. That was me at 2:45!!!!!! I’m so happy omg even tho I’m Hella late commenting. My mua was @mualore on IG!!

  4. Ugh I’m so upset I’m late on this video I would have LOVED to send you my prom makeup 🤦🏾‍♀️

  5. Yes girl!!! Class if 06' here so I completely understand we did but have YouTube!!! This generation has a HUGE advantage to having flawless make up!!

  6. Coming back to day this: I'm mad at my prom look, right now. Like… Yoli 2019 is Needing a redo, because Yolunda 2001, honey… not fair. I want to rebeat, redress, and redate

  7. Shouldn't have watched this…
    Damn I've graduated high school two years ago and I look like a kid next to those prom goers… WHY!?

  8. LMAO "Ima put you on the floor your making my hair look shiney" I died.

    Here i thought shiney hair was a god thing.

  9. I think you have to get your subscribers' proms from like 1998-2008 for the really good ones. I had a neon iridescent pink dress (I'm a redhead) and I gave myself a pink-theme for the makeup too. facepalming for the rest of my life

  10. The girl at 18 minutes needed some brow gel and just to blend her shadows more she would’ve been fine.

  11. I didn’t have all these makeup options for my prom…all I had was Fashion Fair and Avon foundations that matched me 😔😔😔I want a prom REDO so bad

  12. i just wanna say i watched one video where you said "i know this is already your third video" and it was, and this video you said "you probably already watched 5 videos anyway" and this is my 5th video. like okay, prophetic

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