What is going on everyone it is your boy Alex or FaZe Adapt here today back again with another video I just want to start things off by saying thank you for all the love on my video yesterday and for supporting me and Banks and rice gum and Nikan and Rug for all that bullshit that happened to us yesterday I saw so many tweets of you guys. Just showing mad love if you guys don’t know what I’m talking about yesterday I me and the squad we went to Vidcon we got invited to go this event all right We go to the event we stepped in the event for one minute and just fan start mobbing around all of us There’s this big scene for like 10 minutes Just a huge crowd following us all on my video from yesterday and as soon as we got through the mob back to where we needed to be security ripped us away cut off our Wristband took off our passes called us cars and told us to get the fuck out so shout out the Vidcon for that wonderful experience Honestly though, I don’t really care that much. I had a lot of fun for the amount of time I was there yesterday I wish I got to stay longer speaking of Vidcon ok you got to see the title of this video yesterday? I saw the worst video on the internet like holy shit guys I do not know if you’re ready for this because this is so bad It’s just actually I got so mad I got so mad watching it that I’m here now making a video about this pissed me off So little background I saw this video on Twitter of this Instagram model, okay? He was trying to get into Vidcon or into like the area where you’re supposed to go with like the guest pass or the vip? I know some shit like that and the security guard wasn’t letting him in because he didn’t have the pass right?
and then this guy You know he didn’t get what he wanted. Alright just watch this I’m going to show you the clip everybody prepare yourselves here you go I just don’t understand how this guy is going to say do not treat a human being like a dog and he’s going to go Up to him and say I have more money than you I’m famous You’re not fuck you But he’s the one being treated like a dog this dudes doing his job, right it’s Vidcon, Vidcon Security is hired to do this if you dont have the pass you’re not going to get in you fucking asshole oh my God who goes around saying I’m attractive as fuck, like this kid Really is completely full of himself and that, like, haven’t even got to the worst part yet Hey, Im Attractive as fuck I have a lot of money let me in I wonder if that’s worked for him before If those, if those, I don’t know let’s just continue This security guard deserves to be crucified, and this guy’s eyes and Christian burns eyes how does he get this mad is this guy’s so used to getting whatever he wants that the second he doesn’t the person deserves to Die like where’s the logic there, we’re all I fucking Hate this guy I fucking hate First of all I just want to say that this security guard who’s standing there keeping his cool. You are the fucking man, okay? You deserve a raise for dealing with fucking cunts like this. Oh my God like bro if I was in this dude’s position I I’m I’m so mad watching this like this dude is sitting in his face calling him a peasant saying you’re irrelevant You should kill yourself and then he says get the fuck out of my face this guy’s not even in your face You’re in his face Calling him a peasant and ugly and tell him to kill himself and then you’re going to tell him to get out of your face you Borderline Brain-Dead fucking idiot. Oh…. Im mad! What are you wearing? Probably the security guard uniform that he’s supposed to wear Goddamnit, it doesn’t ever end with this fucking (other person) Dude, dude, thats not cool either, dont say that (mean guy) Shut the fuck up! you don’t treat someone like that ok he knows how to treat people this guy take advice from him You don’t treat someone like that But you can I guess it’s okay to treat someone like shit for doing their job telling them to kill themselves tell them they’re ugly like Alright that’s enough so listen you heard those last lines Y’all aren’t famous kill yourself so after I watch this I’m like alright dude this guy He’s probably got like half a million on Instagram or like you know there has to be some reason that he acts the way He does he has to have some kind of ego some kind of following, I go to this guys twitter This is the best part ok I go to this guy’s twitter….. He has 12,000 followers on Twitter oh my God, and you’re famous and you have money oh you fucking moron. Oh boy Oh boy, oh boy, and I was like wait You know there’s a lot of instagram models who only have like 10, or 20k followers on Twitter But like half a mil on instagram because no one cares about their fucking tweets. They just want to see pictures of them I’m like you know what let me check out his ig let me find it. He’s probably popping right. Instagram… This dude has 30k! *obnoxious laughing* And this is his biggest social media 30k. Bro fuck you, fuck you! I don’t know dude I cannot like stand people that have such a sense of entitlement like this guy and treat people like that at least at least Have something to back you up, so you don’t look like a fucking idiot you have 30k followers. You’re not famous You’re irrelevant Oh my God wait. There’s more footage. Okay. So I just found another clip of him a 45 second clip I haven’t seen this one yet. I don’t know what to expect fuck it. Let’s do it. Yo, wait a second there is no way that this dude is……. Oh man, oh my God this is so cringy There’s no way this guy is sippin a Starbucks basic ass white bitch and in this guy’s face saying, do something, bro This guy would knock you the fuck out This kids like a hundred pounds of pale skin and bones, and he’s sippin on Starbucks telling this guy do something bro your ugly as fuck I feel so bad for those security guards they….. They don’t need to be dealing with that shit anyways ok, I think that’s it That’s all the footage I have.. of this piece of shit “Instagram model” Normally, I don’t do these types of videos normally I never make these videos like roasting people or reacting to like shit like this… but bro….. Im telling you I saw this and I got so mad I have to do something about it. I just felt like it was the right thing to do I wanted to talk about this and speak my mind and just let everyone know that this guy is a piece of shit and that you should never ever treat anyone like that even if you have money or Followers or you’re rich or you’re poor like you should always treat people with respect and be humble and have good morals But this kid is the complete opposite of all of that, and I hate him. Anyways guys that has been the video Todays post notifications shoutout goes to TheSkilledGamer you found waldo in my last video if you guys want a post notifications shoutout…. you already know all you have to do is like the video turn on my post notifications And at some point in this video if you were watching close enough a Waldo popped out from somewhere I dont know…… Once you find out where he popped up you comment the time And I’m gonna give one you guys a shoutout in the next video anyways guys this has been your boy Alex or FaZe Adapt thank you so much for watching the video and showing love I fucking love you guys. You’re the fucking best pesaw dude, FaZeUaaa Dude laghter


  1. He only has like 17 k followers even I have more followers and something funny even the security guard has more followers than him😂😂

  2. luna was in that video with the kid.
    so that kid asked Luna if he could come along so Luna said yes and the kid never had a pass and he strated shouting at the gaurd so if luna said no non of that would have happened

  3. The funniest part is this dude is soooo braindead that he can't even see that he's FUCKING IRRELEVANT i mean get over ur self.. The world does not revolve around u AND ur a piece of shit you asshoke

  4. Bruh no lie if that little fuck talked to me like that I'd beat the fuck out of him he's lucky he ran into security guards with patients cause if he didn't he would have gotten fucked up

  5. I wonder how much money I could make if I started a go fund me to whoop his ass. I promise he won't be able to confidently say"I'm pretty" anymore.

  6. If i would have been there and seeing him acting like that, i would knock HIM the fuck out, seriously, i can't stand people treating other human beings like that, what the fuck is wrong with him? seriously i get so fucking pissed off, some individuals shouldn't even have access to a social world..

  7. A person at my school said I’m popular they have like 500 followers on Instagram and 10 subscribers on YouTube they said there a model and are in a movie I look them up what do you know there nowhere on the internet it just made me laugh so hard

  8. That security guard has a lot more followers than Burns now and is recognized all over the place…. so I guess he is more famous now. Loo

  9. Yo I freaking appreciate AlEX bro I worked with Csc before and we deal with lots of ass wholes in the day . I know I may not look like a Security guard in my pic but I am . I have mad respect for you bro if you ever need private security guard for and event one of these day , I’m your guard or if you need a personal security contact me via email bro [email protected] , I’ll put in my work if you need a personal security guard. Again really appreciate man can’t tell you enough dude

  10. The thing is he says he’s famous with 34k and also I don’t even know him, he’s clearly Starbucks drunk!


  12. I don't get how he's famous nobody in my school knows him nobody that I know knows him and he's also so fucking ugly

  13. Seriously awesome, I love how you out bullies with your platform, made me really respect you even more. 🤙

  14. Ehhh He needs someone to knock him out!!! He is ugly! And thinks he is all. Yes be humble! I love that about Alex you are young, successful but overall a great kid! I am a mom of two boys & i want them to be Humble, Respectful as their Father & Mother. God Bless you

  15. That clip was on Luna's channel too. Pause at 5:57 and Luna is in the beenie twords the left of the screen.

  16. Im Dead, whats even better is he was a Numa model which is really popular in Calgary, but basically there people who want to be "models" so they pay the Numa photographer to take photos of them and they put "Numa Model" in all there ig bios and everyone destroys them for it

  17. If I was the security guard I would have grabbed him by the throat and beat the living shit out of him until he died

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