So the other day I was at the gym. And when I was walking out something happened. Alright guys got a pretty lit workout in me. I’m pretty tired I usually I’m not like this tired after a gym working guys I just started guys and I know I used to be really skinny But guys, I just started and I’m low-key though. Look at like look at me bro. Like that’s not that bad, bro I just started to so… Hey Bro, bro chill bro. I got a bright future bro. Nah. I was kidding guys It was just Afrogum in a mask but look now that I have your attention The other day something was taken away from me that I can’t take back. So last week I posted a video about like this 13 year old couple that was like cheating on each other You know I was adding my own input reacting to it Whatever the case may be cracking jokes right it was a good video Got like 2 million views whatever, right? But a couple days later someone literally took my video, and chopped it up and put it on their Twitter. And that shit started going viral like usually Twitter videos that go viral they get like 20,000-30,000 retweets and likes right You know some along those lines right. This video that he took from me He literally stole my content put on his channel got 200,000 likes! And yeah I’m glad that people you don’t like my video and stuff, but like this dude didn’t credit me. He didn’t tag me, he didn’t shout me. I didn’t you do anything Just put the video there And he was kind of gaining off of my video. Not only that by him putting that video on Twitter other Twitter’s were like, you know what that video did really good. I’m gonna take that video and see if that can also do good on their page, so other pages were stealing his tweet Which was stolen from my video. So people were you know stealing his shit Which was my shit. So just a ton of people were just, just stealing my shit! Even someone that I thought was a really close friend of mine. Someone that I’ve known since fifth grade. We went way back. We’ve been friends forever. But even she stole my content. Like the Dory Twitter page took my video put it on her Twitter, got like 50,000 likes which is a shit ton and didn’t even credit me, bro. I gained nothing. Like I didn’t even know they had wi-fi underwater. Are you kidding me Dory? All we’ve been through and you’re gonna sit here and just steal my content without even crediting me? I went to both of your movie Premieres alright. I cried at the last movie. I supported you right. Even when you want to go find your parents. No one believed in you. Not even the homie Marlon believed in you, but I believed in you, alright. I believed in you, but it doesn’t, it doesn’t matter. Our friendship’s over. Afrogum take that shit off. What? Take it off! No, but its comfortable? I don’t care take it off. No, but I like it. Bro, take it off dude, I don’t care. But wait guys it gets better for me, not only was I robbed on Twitter, I was also robbed on Facebook. Like something off Facebook took a segment of my video, put it on his Facebook page Right and get ready for this. The video got 20 million views bro! And he was just using my content And he’d even credit me! So let me put it in perspective man. You know saw this yo 13-year old couple that were like cheating on each other. I thought it was funny. I added my own input. You know I was laughing at it. You know I did a little skit the end whatever posted it edit it. You know edit all that shit together put it on Youtube, took me a couple hours, a lot of hours actually right. Put on YouTube got two million views. Some random guy thought this was funny so he took my video put on his Facebook, not that much effort, right? 20 million views! So you guys are probably wondering: now wait Ricegum who is that thief that stole your content without crediting you? It was fucking Alex from Target I’m not sure if you guys remember him because he’s kind of irrelevant now but this dude who used to work at Target Some random girl took a picture of him and posted it on Twitter, and then people were like: oh my God He’s kind of cute! And he started gaining followers. He was on Ellen! He blew up for being attractive and for working at Target. So he starts blowing up on social media a little bit, and guess what he does she quits his job at Target. that’s the type of person he is. Me on the other hand I blew up on YouTube, but I still work at Target. I remember my roots man. If you guys don’t know I used to work at Target, I still do cuz I never switch up because of fame. damn, it’s been a while. I forgot how to clock it, but fuck it, I’mma just Hey, you need help? Excuse me. I don’t have a clue who you might be but… Are you Ricegum? No, i work here. Oh, see there you go. Because he apparently *laughs* Rice? Rice who? Ricegum. Who’s Ricegum? I’m Who’s Ricegum? I’m Alex from Target. Look at me man still the same old me man! Know your roots. Know where you came from. Stay humble. Start from the bottom now we here, but you still got to work at Target cuz you guys stay to your roots But the best part about this whole thing is I’m not sure you guys know this but you get paid for posting on YouTube, Facebook and I think Instagram. But you get paid actual money. Basically how it works is for every million views, you get you get x amount of money. So it can vary from a thousand to five thousand for per million views so you times it together. That’s a shit ton of money So this Alex from Target guy is making thousands of money for just taking my video like, that’s kind of not fair. But ey guys I did it a day is just money. It’s just paper, whatever right? I think the main reason why I’m mad and why I’m making this video, is because I saw a ton of comments on this video like: Who’s that guy with the purple hair? Or that purple hair guy is kind of funny. Purple hair guy is kind of cute. Purple hair. You know like people didn’t know who I was cuz he didn’t tag me. He didn’t credit me, and you know a lot of the people were comedy And they’re like girl names and grown profile pictures on face. Like these girls are hot they could be my potential wife You know I mean, but they don’t know who I am now. Man, you know what screw this man. I’m a dm, her Imma introduce myself cuz she wants to know who I is. She’s like: Who’s that guy, right? He didn’t credit me. So I got a credit myself man. Hold on Imma hit her with the hey. wait bro hit with a smiley face. True, true, true. Holy shit. She replied so fast. She said hey, who’s this? Oh man about to introduce myself “Im the guy with the purple hair” “From the viral vid” “u were wondering who I was” Wait, bro, add haha, so she thinks like you’re not too serious. Dude, you’re so smart dude. Why did I not think of that? “oh hey” “ur kinda cute” Hey, you’re kind of cute.Bro she thinks I’m cute. What? No way bro hit her what that let’s meet up. I don’t man you think it’s too soon for that. No bro. Trust me. What have I ever let you down, bro. “we should meet up” “haha ok where” Oh, dude, she’s down. Bro, say the park. All right guys, so I’m here at the park about to be my baby I don’t know where she [is] like that. I’ve been looking around. I’ll see [well]. I would text her really quick Oh a lot. Where are you at? Hmm. She says she’s behind the tree. Oh shit Damnit guys I got a catfish, but yeah guys it’s gonna wrap it up Thank you so much. If [you] [miss] to [the] [f] subscribe if you are new and like I said in yesterday’s video I’m gonna post a lot more. I’ve been slack Oh yeah, one more thing you guys remember when me and Jesse and Andy how like that roast off where they roasted me? I roasted them. It was pretty legendary well, this was the aftermath of the whole thing no, we fucked up When he comes up my fans that’s where I draw the line I Summon on thee a million L. Take this out right now if you and your fat friend want to survive You two can you hide what a twirl? But that’s what happens when you roast me man the aftermath is not It’s not pretty you feel me, but yeah, the film is out link is in the description go watch [it] Now you might as well at this point. I mean you watch this [whole] video you might as well go watch that video

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