Asalaamu Alaikum guys and welcome to Smile2jannah. Saturday 10th of August 2019 Mark the date. That was the day that
this chipmunk looking kid decided to skip his homework,
to go and shoot up a mosque in Norway. He took three guns with him, a GoPro and the little bit of dignity that he still had left. I don’t know why he opted for three
guns because it looks like he can’t even carry his own weight.
Little did he know that a 65 year old, retired Pakistani Air Force gangster was
there, and as this rebel without a clue tried to shoot, the uncle went full on
discipline mode on him. I mean look at his face. He looks like he’s just been
mauled by a bear and then the Bear’s dad, and then Habib I just wanna maul people If he’s got an iPhone, face unlock is gonna be a problem. For the love of God somebody please get this computer programmer a straw. That smile means, I’m
not brown so I’ll probably get let off for mental illness. You know what the sad
thing is? I think he’s right. This uncle made up for the years of beating that his parents missed. As a parting gift the uncle left him with two black eyes, a scratched up face and I think moustache fell off as well He put the finger inside my eye, up to here. Full finger inside my eye. Yo did uncle.. unfazed… just say that this (bullied at school kid) just stuck his finger in his eye? Mate, uncle is not messing about with the protein Anyways guys, you know what?
There’s so much that we can learn from the elder generation namely: values
courage, and first hand history, because let’s face
it guys a lot of our elders would have done the same thing in that situation. If
you guys have the honor of looking after the elders, guys, make the most of it
because you don’t know when the honors gonna be taken away from you. until next time Asalaamu Alaikum you


  1. Pakistanis are such a great and important part of the ummah in terms of military and faqh,Respect to Pakistan and their great people from an Arab ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Military training and self defense will even be handy when you get old.
    Jazakallah uncle. You saved lives and Allah will reward you for that.

  3. That coward looks like a fagot after the beating he got Too bad nobody chopped his faggot head off too bad but he will going to jail and be somebody ‘s sweetheart for a long time

  4. Just wondering why do most pakistani army officers settle outside pakistan after they retire? Some buy properties worth a small empire. No just a question.

  5. My respected and dearest brother, Asalaamualaikum wah rahmatullahi wah barakatehu. With all do respect my brother, it is not ok to mock someone for their shameful act. As Muslims we should never mock people for any reason for it was prohibited by the Holy Prophet Peace be upon him. This kid attempted to commit a disgusting crime against mankind and he will be held accountable in this court and in the Court of The Most Merciful in here after inshallah. My only advice is the same as The Prophet Peace Be Upon Him, let's not mock anyone and let's not belittle ourselves by doing so. Asalaamualaikum, peace be with you.

  6. So you guys wanna as same as that terrible terrorist done ??
    Is it right ??
    You are not taking it seriously because they did it to opposite people, not beared,
    So you want to experience that same thing terrorist done to others, ??
    Use your mind, eternal has more options,

  7. May Allah Give Him Hidayah Just How The Companians who Used To Oppose the Prophet and killed his followers but eventually they embraced Islam..

  8. What a tale for his grandchildren…

    "At 20 I got mowled by a 65 year-old!"

    (Three and a quarter times older!)

    His grandkids may be MULATTO!
    95% D A R K !

    Super-excited by the story, they go:
    "Awesome, grandpa!"
    "Did you too, like in movies, turn BLUE ?"

  9. And after maul that rat, uncle said: give me 15 minutes, little bit water and i can fight anybody, putin or trump doesn't matter

  10. This terrorist was rich He had several apartments and right before He go to the moscue He killed his sister she was 17 years old…..sick sick motherfucker and now He look like Robin from batman begins🤣🤣🤣

  11. Pak Army is the best in world 👌🏿. Pak Army is in war from last 18 years and won. And another war is coming again cowered India about Kashmir.they killing thousands of innocent Muslims in Kashmir.whole word silence.but pak Army is ready for that also with whole country passion ..Allah o Akbar

  12. Waaaw this brainwashed puppy looks like ugly girl I bet that old man felt like a sissy after hitting this ugly brainwashed sorry basterd. Honestly he was probably too kind to go that extreme with him, he’s very luck because if that was me I would’ve shoot that ugly thing and call the coroner to come and collect the F***ing!! corpse. Or put him in a body bag and drop it in the river: splash!!!? That’s that ass. I would’ve rip his body up and crush his organs one by one and then pull that cold hearted stupid motherfuckers heart out with my bare hands, rip it out separate it from his body making sure he dies a slow pain full death. That’s the only way to put people like him to death and let them feel what they tried to impose on other innocent human life’s. Give them a taste of their own medicine but with a stronger dose. They seriously sick motherfucker brainwashed and zombified.

  13. in 1.65 you cant do that . that maybe haram . cuse this riligin thing and you cant make funny or mock on hem . ALLAH KNOW والله اعلم

  14. Roasting the Norway terrorist? The only thing I can think about is whoa! The only ayat in the Quran that comes to my mind is the ayat where the only time we are to humiliate someone is when they perform the action of Zina. So that they may feel embarrassed. Here we are not recognizing that this person a 100 percent without a doubt has a demon alias a shaiyateen jinn look at his face before and after pictures his eyes it's even beyond that and needs help from Allah if anything. Instead what are we to busy with mocking schofing thinking we can help people when ended while we are at in our minds thinking we can help people we are making it worse. You have just made it not better but worse why don't u start reading Quran instead of this and spreading it in lively way. Question your material as in the way you release that's a very big big big responsibility to spread news and not carry the right news in the right way. If you only knew the importantance of the bird in the story of Solomon Al asalaam. We as humans never truly ultimately needed news carriers Allah says the Quran is the Naba the news beyond that he gives us a few examples of how the true news and warnings are brought to us through dreams suggestions and even beyond that when your a true believer Allah strengthens you with a ruh from himself which is mentioned in our Quran and you actually get to be guided through your actions that are bad for you in avoiding that..indeed Allah is sufficient for us alone as a guide and a helper. Indeed looking at this individual act of roasting reminds me humans and you or whomever has no Rahman and Rahim only Allah does and hence why even to pharaohn Allah commanded Musa to go and speak gently to him..our Deen was spread by the best of example and examples not joker's that mock others…there were enough joker's in the kingdom of pharaoh they were called jesters …you wanna be an example be a good one not one whom is an example for Muslims and ends up being an evil one. Evil is what you had sprout forth in your title on this video. Peace

  15. If only he would've been successful….just like the hero in
    New Zealand. Islam will be wiped clean from western civilization. Freedom and truth will triumph. Europe was a place of art, creativity, freedom, and prosperity…now Islam is weighing it down. Soon the next crusades will happen ✌🏻
    goodbye islam. allah is not real so it can't save you.

  16. Sadly he did manage to shoot one person.. his little sister who was adopted from China…. I’m glad no other lives were taken but one life is one too many…

  17. الحمدلله والشكرلله الذي نجاهم من الأسوء عن طريق هذا البطل …. فلك الحمد ولك الشكر حمدا كثيرا وشكرا كثيرا طيبا ومباركا فيه كما يحب رب العرش العظيم ويرضاه

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