13 thoughts on “Roasting the WORST YouTuber Halloween costumes of 2019 (just wow James Charles)”

  1. Jaclyn Hill gets my vote for best on this list especially since canceled/cancelled can be spelled either way. Just iconic. I’m hoping that’s not Tyler’s actual costume cause he’s done some amazing looks in the past so we know he can do way better

  2. AHHHH OMG Thanks for adding me at the end of the video!!! AHHHHHHH!!!🤩😱

    Sorry about that weird last name! It's actually a fake ass name. That's the tea

  3. Romy and Michele is literally that movie where I know every line. I won a Romy and Michele pub trivia night for it! Haha

  4. OMG I love that BF Beau made the costumes! I was wondering why I couldn't find similar/as good quality online. His are some of the best I've seen!

  5. Brad, you need to become besties with Heidi Klum. She always goes nuts with her costumes doing halloween like rich people should. lol

    Love your energy in this vid, you and Beau look awesome as Romy and Michelle- love that movie heaps… and OMG little emo Brad is fricken adorable. Stay gorgeous and be good to yourself hugs

  6. OMFGGG your own look for this viddy is better than james charles harry potter look wingardium leviNOsuhhhhhh Lmfao 😂😂 you look lovely in pink daddy 😍 and im living for your fantasy for your, "if i had millions of moneys" halloweeny look…

    Scenesters unite, im also an ex emo…never really left me tho, ive been permanantely branded… hehehehe lolrawrXD xXxX whats your live journal? 😅😂☠👻

  7. technically both canceled and cancelled are correct. it is the same situation as favorite (american) and favourite (uk/europe)

  8. Oh my gods Brad!! You didn't know Sally ?? juding hard Shes Jack Skellington's love! Ok..that's it , you need to grab boyfriend Beau ,kuddle up somewhere and watch The Nightmare Before Christmas !

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