Roasting Violinists in 4 Words

Roasting Violinists in 4 Words

See this guys? Freaking horn spit. Why is it on a chair? Hey guys! So we just made a post an hour ago, by the time we made this video, Asking you guys what your favorite violinist is. and this is gonna be a sequel to the one we did recently, which is… Describe our favorite classical music piece… in 4 words. So we’re gonna describe… your favorite violinist in 4 words. Also this time we don’t have paper, because we decided to be environmentally friendly. Heifetz. Itzhak Perlman. I was gonna say… I don’t know why. When I hear his tone… it sounds orange. Ray Chen. Who is you… Okay guys. English time. Who is your favorite violinist. At the end of What does that mean? It means you can only select one violinist. He’s your only bae. That’s pretty cringe worthy. Do re mi. Haha.. That’s a good one. Ready 4 words describe Ray. Well done. Julia Fischer and Vengerov. Julian Fischer will be like… Vengerov. That YouTube recording of his is… James Ehnes. Yeah. *inaudible mumbles* All of my students. Best teacher this year. Joshua Bell. OhHHhh!! Sprinkle some burns guys. So the piano guys’ cellist. Cool lightsaber cello. Nathan Milstein. Oh! Kyung Wha Chung, Modiri. Too many, sorry! I wanna do Midori though. Why? She seems like a strong independent woman. She does have that kind of fi… fiery… Yeah. Like don’t mess with her look, hey? She did break a string as a little kid, she just dealt with it like a boss. Janine Jansen. Paganini. OhHHhHh!! Why would you do that? Get your life together. Yeah, man. It’s cause you’re talented… – doesn’t mean…
– You’re a wrong model. Just becuase… yeah, you’re a wrong model to future of violinist. Just because you’re so good at the violin, doesn’t mean you can be an irresponsible human being. And what the hell is up with those 24 caprices, man? How dare you sell your soul to the devil? Was is worth it? Tell us! Cause I wanna sell my soul for- David Oistrakh. I like his playing. OhHHhHHhh!!! Like, you just can’t live up to that. You can’t. Elmo. David Garrett. OhHHhH! Fritz Kreisler. Nicola Benedetti. I’m kidding… Put that in. – Um, she’s a Baroque violinist.
– Put that in. – Yeah, I will put that…
– No, she’s not Baroque violinist! Oh, she’s not. Anne-Sophie Mutter. Ryu Goto. Rachel Podger. Isaac Stern. Gil Shaham. Oh! He seems like the type of violinist who’s kinda like really… dependable. Like he’s playing won’t offend anyone. That’s Gil Shaham. Hilary Hahn. Please? Kovakos. Ah ha! I like that. Lindsey Stirling. Lindsey Stirling, um… Did you see um… Who’s the guy on YouTube? H3h3. He met DJ Khaled. No, *inaudible*. He’s like “hey man look who we are.” And he’s like… No violinist. What does that mean? What does that mean? Menuhin. I have a perfect one but that’s five words. Say it anyway, I will give you a plus 1. Where’s, where’s this dark stuff coming from? I’m serious, why I’m… – I have a really bad personality.
– It’s alright. – Like I’m just a terrible person.
– You gonna let it shine on YouTube. Henryk Szeryng. Kogan. But then he nails everything, like completely. Maybe relaxation is overrated. Yeah, the tension is key. Yeah, every guy… everyone. We’re starting a new school of violin playing. It’s called tense your neck. If you want a good fast vibrato just tense. Disclaimer if you get injured. Don’t blame my- – Michael Rabin.
– Oh, Michael Rabin as well. Cool story on the Youtube. Who is Thomas Bergersen? Let’s just go through all the ones we don’t know. Who is Alex DePue. Who is Pamela Frank? Oh, I know Pamela Frank. She’s a teacher. – I feel like I’m just…
– Who is… Showing my ignorance and offending a lot of people in this video. Who is god’s fiddler? Who is Malin Broman. Oh, Christian Ferras! Oh, Christian Ferras! Brett. That’s weird. 4 words for yourself. I don’t know. I don’t know. What a wanky name. Sounds like a bunch of losers that can’t play violin. If you enjoy this kind of video, please leave a like. – Um, let’s see…
– Comment and subscribe. Let’s see if we can get to… 4 likes on this video. And um… Every like and every violinist will be practicing. And also thank you guys for making us hit 20000 subscribers! That is huge milestone. Because YouTube is like the craziest thing ever. And… We plan to make more videos, so stay tuned and keep practicing.

100 thoughts on “Roasting Violinists in 4 Words”

  1. Love how Eddy simply roasts on everyone and Brett tries to be nice, lol.

    For words for Brett: Smol Cute Dead face

  2. Menuhin! He did the actual violin playing for the 1946 film THE MAGIC BOW, the Paganini biopic. Free on youtube.

  3. I'm surprised that nobody from Yanni made it into the video (that I know of) Karen Briggs, Mary Simpson, or at least Samvel, I mean he's famous for his unique armenian style and precision.

  4. Got to meet Henryk Szeryng when he was in San Diego in the 80s. My teacher was in the SD Symphony and got us in during practice. She wanted me to ask him for a lesson but I was fairly young and rather embarrassed to ask. He did give me one of his albums though (vinyl record).

  5. Interesting fact, paginini had Marfan syndrome giving him long fingers and extreme flexibility… although also other issues as well

  6. For Brett:

    Can’t do perfect pitch.
    14yo Brett had dreams.
    Well, I have memes.
    Makes videos; doesn’t practice.

    I love this so much.

  7. A strong independent male violinist: a violin gold.
    A string independent female violinist:
    A strong independent woman.

  8. Thomas Bergersen composes for Two Steps from Hell, along with Nick Phoenix, making music for video game/movie trailers – fairly niche, didn't think he was a violinist.

  9. Evelyn:
    Her Magic Violin
    Extremely Talented!
    Member and Concertmaster of Phil Spitalny’s All Girl Orchestra

  10. Listen, two set violin, since you think roasting other violinists is so funny and enjoyable why don't you ask world class soloists to roast your technique and playing properly ?? Make sure you ask people to record that if it happens.

  11. Thomas Bergersen is a composer. If you have seen action/epic movies/trailers in the last ten years, soundtracks are by Thomas Bergersen or Hans Zimmer LOL

    For Brett: you are so AMAZING!

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