ROASTING WEIRD MASCOTS with Grace Helbig & Mamrie Hart

ROASTING WEIRD MASCOTS with Grace Helbig & Mamrie Hart

and, we’re still rolling okay you guys ready? yeah I almost went for a dorito and I didn’t You could be the Syracuse orange, cuz you’re just covered in dorito cheese, literally yeah exactly show your hands I tried to wash them so much this Some of its fake tan which I don’t think is even better Okay, I’m sorry I just put you on blast like that Yeah, look at this, oooh, someone’s good at self-tanner Sports! Yeah we’ve heard of it before – Hey, I’m Grace I’m Mamrie, and today this might get mad but not like aggressive we’re talking, about march madness it’s basketball season y’all We could give a sh*t about basketball I used to give sh*t about march madness because I went to Carolina And we were like state champs but really like at the end of the day, I cared about partying I like watching the mascots Yes, we’re both fans of human cartoon characters Yeah, we don’t think they get enough attention We’re gonna get into the, the wacky the wonderful world of mascots today I think you’d make a good mascot have, did you ever try to be a mascot? I’ve never tried, I feel like I have long limbs that can like move comically but I also, feel like I’m my, own mascot for my life, I feel like a human muppet I went on a date with a mascot in college What?? I was impressed it was a panty-dropper but then i thought about it afterwards and i was like there’s actually no way I could know if he was lying So I would go to the game and I was like there’s what’s-his-face But, like, he could have just said he was a mascot and that could have been completely false How did the date go? Hmm, I wanted him to bring the head OOOOOOO It’s all, about that mascot head Wait, what was that what, was the mascot? Well I went to Carolina, so he was a ram so it was very horny *air horn* I’m sorry I can’t stop doing this But at least that’s kind of a cool mascot my college mascot in this tiny liberal arts college in northern New Jersey was a roadrunner Are there road runners in NewJersey? Haven’t ever seen one and I never actually saw the mascot Huh I know so it’s a little…. Did you leave your dorm though? Mmmm… Well there’s some really weird college mascots so, we pulled some I’ve got three, Grace has got three and we’re gonna share them with, each other yep, here’s this mascot, what is it? Your first guess? okay, I would say that this is either an orange or a scrotum Or an orange scrotum? Or an orange scrotum Basket balls I mean there’s a big ‘S’ on it No this is the Sara-Q-Orange Oh, okay, wait Sara-cue or Syracuse? Syracuse! They voted on who their mascot should be and they chose an orange A gender-neutral orange In the grand scheme of what you could choose as a college… Just like a round thing It’s not the worst, it does bring joy look at It does, I love an orange You know who said like f*ck y’all when they chose that? the cheerleaders cuz they’re, like you choose the one thing that doesn’t rhyme And if they’re just the orange, why did they give the mascot a nose? It used to be a man? That orange transitioned? Here is, um, I don’t even know presented without comment You get the visual of what it’s supposed to really be Horny toad! Yeah it’s a horned frog, I mean you know your horny animals *more air horns* Who could you think would be the horniest group of people? It’s Texas Christian University is the horned frog shoots blood out of its eye when it’s threatened, it’s about the tradition of being the small guy with a lot of fight if you’re a small guy in a bar fight and you start squirting blood at me, uhhh, I’m not gonna fight you anymore They squirt blood from their eyes?? That’s a fun fact It looks cool as hell, it looks like a Pokemon, it looks like he’d hang out with Sonic the hedgehog. Like I would date this mascot That’s not… Horny frog…..let’s do this We asked you guys if you had weird mascots for your high school or college and you sent in some doozies, we haven’t seen them yet but let’s uh, let’s see those let’s take a look Oh my god no veto veto But, why, is it so bad? Why is that kewpie queen of side-eye? Is it a boy or girl though? I mean it is a queen regardless girl let your eyebrows grow back in Yeah, kewpie, someone has told you wrong about your eyebrows Where do you commission a costume like this? Maximus the titan, he looks like someone’s like really angry uncle who Who like went to the museum of natural history and like was drunk and decided to try on like the armor and then got its head stuck in it was like We gotta, go, we gotta run out Tracks? He’s supposed to be a smokestack The baseball team is train themed so I think it’s supposed to be a…. .. a smokestack? That’s what I just said! But, no, but it’s supposed to be tracks I would think train tracks You look like you’re a turd and overalls Okay, so this is supposed to be a viking but it looks like a flamin hot cheeto in a horned hat I like them cute though I wouldn’t, want to see a mascot that just looked like a real human viking I don’t like mascots that look kind of like built dudes, it confuses me No then you shouldn’t have a costume, just have a guy I mean if you’re gonna, be like the ‘trojans’ or whatever like have a guy, dressed up like… sorry, fantasies coming up Jesse says, my, high school were the Freeport Pretzels If this is real..! I’ll tell you what, this, was a twist *BOOOOOO* Also, what’s up with all the mascot eyebrows? Also its tongue is a heart, but I don’t know if i want my food to be like.. personified You don’t like to anthropomorphize your food? I just wanted to brag that i knew that word How can you say that word anthropomorphize and mispronounce like then other things?? I would love to be a part of the pretzels, you love pretzels!! Are you talking to me or projecting right now? Thank, you guys for sending us all of your weird, confusing, and kind of embarrassing mascots we appreciate it and I feel a little bit more comforted about a road runner now I’m…this is my new, nightmare Ciao! Hey, Mamrie, who do we have a gratitude problem with today? Oh I got a real, big problem with this wonderful person So all our graphics; all the chomping, all the opening, all the stuff you see is made by Cody Bond. Cody Bond who is an illustrator, just an amazing person, in Ohio, and he’s so talented And he’s been a fan of ours since back of the day and now he’s working with us It’s awesome, make sure you go check out his instagram his twitter, all of his social media profiles he’s got all his other repertoire of art on there And hire him if you need something He’s great we can, I mean this is basically our letter of recommendation after for him Also hit subscribe! We’re coming at you five days a week Yeah and if you want to be featured in a segment of gratitude problem tag us on instagram, twitter, the others with your art, with your words with your any of it One day we’ll figure out how We have no idea how to do this!! Why is it always like this, bye! subscribe! I’m gonna go look up that mascot guy Hit the bell!

39 thoughts on “ROASTING WEIRD MASCOTS with Grace Helbig & Mamrie Hart”

  1. My high school mascot was a confederate soldier… (I mean technically it was called a “Rebel” and he was dressed up like a cowboy but we all knew what that really meant)

  2. whats worse is that my HS is the rival of the Kewpie HS (Hickman). So were afraid of the bald baby.

  3. This was funny, I can't think of any though, but my school mascot was a Pirate. 😂💀Love y'all so much. ❤

  4. I live in quite the odd area for mascots. We play against the Freeport Pretzels, the Rock Island Rocks, the Morton Pumpkins, and we ourselves are the Maroons (the color, but also sometimes a man wearing the color).

  5. I had a friend in college who went to a small S.T.E.M. high School and their mascot was a Unicorn. A freaking Unicorn?

  6. Depending on when the Salem State mascot picture was taken, there is a chance I might be the person in the costume!

  7. At my high school we were the Hurricanes and our colors were purple and silver……….we didn’t have a mascot lol

  8. Mamrie’s aggressive “you love pretzels!” (@5:32) pops into my head at random times (usually at work) and I just start hysterically laughing 😂

  9. Indiana University has the "Hoosier" as a mascot. As a Hoosier, myself, I have no idea what a Hoosier is. And no one I have ever met can give me a definition either.

  10. hooooly shit the kewpies are from my city, i have a pic with the mascot and we are posed like its announcing that i'm pregnant bc he has his hand in my belly

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