77 thoughts on “ROASTING YOUR FAN ART!!!”

  1. Fo anyone who was wondering its pronounced chih bi not cheebee coz japanese ppl dont emphasise vowels
    (that means its Kah tah nuh not kaa tar nar)

  2. "…though the octopus is kinda cute tho.."
    "…and the eyeliner is quite perfect……."

    Omfg lol echo I love how you just.. cant be mean.. XDDD

  3. I've been subscribed for over a year yet your videos never pop up on my subscription feed !!😤😡 fjdhdksjsksbdks I only remembered I was subscribed because this came up as a suggested video 😫 YOUTUBE YOU ARE MAKING ME MISS OUT ON QUALITY CONTENT!!!!!😣

  4. I still have like, 8,000 awesome points from watching your vids. I remember the first time you gave awesome points, you said, “Here’s five awesome points, that’s a lot, so don’t lose them.” And today you gave 500. Inflation of awesome points…

  5. I don't like to compare people normally, but you sound so much like Jenna marbles in this video it's interesting. I mean that in a voice kinda way, and I like her voice. XP

  6. 5:51 I drew that at 3 in the MORNING and I was on an at craze drawing anything I could think of… don’t mind how bad it is…

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