ROASTING Your Fav KPOP Idols’ Parrot Handling Skills

ROASTING Your Fav KPOP Idols’ Parrot Handling Skills

that’s right from blackpink to NCT to
j-hope to IU – no one is safe hi welcome today’s video is super
exciting because I’m going to be roasting your fav k-pop idols parrot
handling skills and I know what you’re thinking
”didn’t you get a false copyright claim by YG Entertainment the last time you
made this video” and the answer is yes but I’ve decided to use this photo of
Lisa that I printed six months ago I wish I could say I printed it for this
occasion but I did not and no I’ve never been to Mexico, that makes me the biggest
BLINK out of all of you! so enough of my shenanigans let’s get right into
this actually I’m gonna stop you right there to remind you to subscribe to this
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there to help sustain this channel like asking me why I pronounce the Rosé like that or sharing my videos with people that you can hate them with, we’re
gonna start off with the major Mitchell’s cockatoo that can be seen in
blackpink’s ”ddu-du ddu-du” music video obviously this bird gets a 10 out of 10
because parrots are objectively the best animals in the world, are they the best
pets in the world? absolutely not. do they terrorize people and destroy things in
Australia? yes but that’s a human issue because though there are some species of
colleges that are native to Australia they’re not native to every part of
Australia so people move them around and then of course to become an invasive
species and attack your cats let’s talk about her actual handling of the parrot, so
we can see that she is quite stable, her elbow is propped up on a chair and her
hand is very stable, she is not moving she is rapping but she’s not moving her
body in a way that could make the parrot lose balance, the way she’s holding the
parrot is not the most ideal when you’re holding a bird of that size it’s really
important to have them perch on your hand and not on your wrists like this
the thing with parrots is that they’re really sketchy they’re always on edge
because they constantly think someone’s going to eat them so though she makes up
for these balance issues by being super stable, I do take issue with the spikes
on her gloves I take parrot perches very seriously
obviously this parrot is not going to spend days in days on end on her spiked
gloves regardless I stretched it out that much so I could tell you that if
you do have parents at home it’s important to have different sizes of
perches and different textures of perches so make sure your perches are
clean, they vary in texture and sizes and you
should be good in theory, along with so much more other information! also it’s
probably best not to wear jewelry around your parrot just because parrots are
attracted to shiny things and like to destroy everything in your life, I used
to have a septum piercing, it’s happened three times with three different
cockatoos who have tried to get near my piercing luckily I stopped them in time,
even if you have a pimple on your face they will try to groom you so that your
smoother and so that you can fly with more efficacy, they’re really just trying
to look out for you but is doesn’t really translate that well, given all
that information I think I’m gonna give her a 6 out of 10 because yes she could
be holding the bird in a less aesthetic way but she does have a lot of stability
so I have to give her credit for that we are going to move on to the major
Mitchell’s cockatoo in NCT u’s ”yestoday” this is the same species that we saw in
”ddu-du ddu-du” but I can’t confirm whether or not it’s the same parrot, maybe it is,
maybe they all know the same parrot people, God knows we like to stick
together! except for this one time where I saw this lady who had a shirt that
said ”I heart my African Grey” and I am a very awkward person and I don’t approach
anyone but I thought this is a parrot person, might as well try my shot and I
went up to her and I told her ”I love your shirt” and she was like ”thanks” I
didn’t know what to do so I just said ”I love parrots” and I walked away
admittedly there’s not much to say about this particular parrot handling because
there’s not much technique that goes into it however he’s stable, he’s really
calm, this parrot looks super chill, I’m actually really jealous of him because
I’ve never gotten to hold a major Mitchells cockatoo before, I have seen
one through FaceTime with a friend who went on a trip to Australia, I was
essentially a tour guide for her and five other strangers for 20 minutes
straight and she told me when she came back home that those people were like
actually listening to everything I was saying, I was like ”oh good thing I only
spit facts” Cockatoos in particular have a thing on top of their heads called a
crest that they can lift up and down and it’s very dramatic, so iconic but they
also have a thing called cheeks floofs which is a scientific term for the
feathers around their cheeks that they can lift up and down and this is how you
can tell when a cockatoo is comfortable so if their cheeks floofs are up, that means
they’re comfortable, that means they’re relaxing so I’m gonna have to give him
an 8 out of 10 because
though this isn’t maybe the most ideal way to hold a parrot, it is still a fair
bit more stable than the way Lisa was holding her parrot and we have the
evidence of cheek floofs which gives me a bit more confidence, now we’re moving
on to darker things first of all this is not how you pick up a parrot on the run
if a parrot is unwilling to be picked up by you, the least traumatic way to pick
them up is to towel them, it doesn’t have to be a towel it could be just a piece
of material that you put over the parrot and then you grab them from under their
jaw and then you transport them like that, it’s a lot less traumatic than
almost breaking their wing or leg with a box and it’s important to do it the
right way as well because if you hold a parrot around their body not only can
you suffocate them but they could also bite you, can still breathe while you’re
holding it under it’s jaw so for parrot safety I have to give them a
zero out of ten because what if they crush the bird’s wing or they break the
bird’s foot and budgies are very very tiny and therefore a lot more fragile
than let’s say a macaw would be, I still would not try to catch a macaw like that,
the cage is also terrible and I know it’s for aesthetics but it’s important
to note that if you do have a parrot and your cage looks like this you need to
upgrade your cage, you need toys and if you don’t have toys already you need to
introduce them slowly because if you introduce too many toys at once it can
be overwhelming, you need to give your bird the opportunity to forage because
Parrots are so incredibly intelligent they’re not meant to be in cages all day
in our homes right, they’re meant to be in the wild flying around that does not
mean release your bird into the wild, because they will likely die. the last
thing that concerns me is the fact that the parrot keeps on biting him, now it
doesn’t matter how brave you are you never want to put a parrot in a position
where it feels the need to bite you parrots biting other parrots or
attacking is actually fairly uncommon in the wild because they generally will fly
away unless they’re a cockatoo, those are some brave *******, so I don’t like this
and I don’t appreciate this because it shows me that he’s pushing the parrot
way past its boundaries and in the wild they can simply fly away but in
captivity they don’t have a choice but to put up with your bullcrap, just
imagine if this was not a budgie but instead a hyacinth macaw, those
beaks are meant to break open nuts so can you imagine him losing a finger over
this, over the aesthetic of a music video it’s very possible to train budgies but
unfortunately they’re a dime a dozen and people do not take them seriously
because they’re so small but if Norman Barett can train his budgies to go
through hoops I’m sure you could have gotten a well trained budgie and
prevented a lot of the stress that this bird had to endure, so this gets zero out
of 10 I’m so sorry, we’re gonna move on to the various parrots that can be seen
in BTS world notably the interactions between j-hope and this eclectus parrot
j-hope is my bias but don’t tell anyone by the way we can tell that this parrot
is a male eclectus parrot because the females are purple and red with black
beaks that’s just a long way to say that these parrots are sexually dimorphic
there are clear physical characteristics that distinguish males from females and
this is actually fairly uncommon in the parrot world, usually to tell the
difference between a male and a female you would have to take a DNA test, they
also have very hair like feathers which is really cool and they’re kind of
polyamorous which is also a bit different in the parrot world, I got into
a lot of hot water last time I talked about his parrot handling skills because
for some reason you think that because you know someone who dated a girl in
high school once who had a cousin who once stepped foot in a zoo that you know
a thing or two about parrots, but here’s the thing,
parrot people wouldn’t do me dirty like that, that’s a lie I’ve been in a parrot
scandal before very traumatic, toxic blinks who? I called out the situation
because I saw that the parrot was outside without a harness and people
were telling me that you could train a parrot to not fly away, this is true
however I have experience with parrots who were trained to sit on a perch who
have then consequently still flown away and surprise surprise I’m part of a lot
of parrot groups and the most common post I see is ”I lost my parrot” you need
to be careful with these things I don’t care you could train a parrot to not
bite your face off, it does not mean that the most professionally trained parrots
won’t bite your face off under certain circumstances, I’ve seen people with the
most parrot experience still get bit it’s- it happens, you cannot train a wild
animal to be predictable, losing your parrot is preventable
they make harnesses for your parrot, you can make a little buggy with a cage
and a baby carriage and you can bring your parrots outside these are all very
preventable ways to not lose your bird you cannot train a wild animal to be
predictable, we are going to be talking about the Catalina macaw in IU’s ”good
day” I’m just assuming that this is a Catalina macaw
but I am going to confidently say that it’s some type of hybrid macaw
so her parrot handling initially is questionable because she herself is
outside too in the open without a harness for her parrot, which runs the
risk of the parrot flying away and you losing that parrot forever, we see the
parrot lose balance and you see its beak in her hair, I don’t know if they
thought this was cute the parrots just losing balance but then the most
questionable thing in the entire world is that she just leaves the parrot there
so then she dances on roofs, and then suddenly she’s home and this random guy
brings her back her parrot, here’s where things get even more questionable, this
must be an alternate universe people don’t do this in real life, they put the
parrot on the lamp which is a huge no-no because the bird of that size would
require a perch much thicker than that second of all electricity! did we not
just discuss that parrots like to destroy everything mmm
you know most people who have birds of that size or just most parrot people,
people who love parrots and have parrots have entire rooms dedicated to their
birds they have big wooden perches they have rope hanging from ceiling this does
not look like a parrot person’s house, my point is that lamp is not an ideal perch
and that bird will destroy it, I mean again you could train your bird to not bite
into a lamp but it doesn’t mean the bird won’t bite into the lamp you could also
train your bird to not make holes in the damn wall doesn’t mean it’s not gonna
happen, it’s just avian science don’t @ me parrot responsibility gets a big fat
zero out of 10 because you -you do -you do not leave parrots alone like that- it’s-
this was probably the sixteenth most terrible thing but I will never forgive
yg for, actually I’ve kind of forgiven them because they did put out a
statement apologizing, so first of all I think the only way that she could get
away with this is by the fact that this is a baby
and I can tell it’s a baby macaw because it’s a lot smaller and its eyes are
pitch black, so here is an example of a parrot who is well trained who is
trained to not fly away but this doesn’t make the situation any more ethical, the
parrots body language is very visibly showing how uncomfortable it is, how much
balance it’s losing you could see it flapping its wings- that’s the parrot
trying to regain balance you can see the parrot nibbling at her ear, that’s the
parrot trying not to fall off, overall as a parrot person this is just very
painful to watch, and I think it’s a very irresponsible use of a wild animal in a
live show, so unfortunately this gets a zero out of ten, that’s it for this video
it’s so long I’m gonna try to keep it as long as possible because I feel like you
guys like making fun of me for being neurotic so like here you go don’t
forget to subscribe and click that bell to be notified I will see you guys next

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  1. Ok idk why but i think this video is really cute since you talk about Parrots with so much passion.
    Pass some of your passion onto me and we can talk about pandas the whole day🤡💚

  2. You know u Stan Angelina
    When you watch her talk about parrots for 12 minutes straight, and you are not a parrot fan😂😂

  3. Someone once said I was a parrot in a meat suit using Kpop to spread bird propaganda but I have a theory that was just YG trying to ruin my reputation. Thumbs up for Cockatoos though because they are objectively the best animals in the world 💕

  4. Finally someone understands my frustration with parrot handling. Parrots are like children. Don't use them as props, they are living beings. Be careful with them.

    When Angelina was talking about parrots liking shiny things, it reminds me of my Fischer's lovebirds stealing shiny objects.


  6. After watching this video, I feel the need to apologize to the budgie I had about 5 years ago. I really liked it, but I really didn't have experience with birds, and I think that's why he hated me. I'm sorry, Blue.

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