roasting your ocs -hELL YEAH-

roasting your ocs -hELL YEAH-

I’m sorry if this quality isn’t the best it’s 2 am, I’m sorry welcome! to “a random person roasting, quote on quote, your ocs at 2am” yay! I was going to do a bit where I sing a song of 21 pilots! at the disco but, I can’t, hah you know Poison is, hum, is a common name for an oc you should change it to 20 panic! at the chemical romance it would be better Ok but why people in the comments say it looks like Undyne this doesn’t look like Undyne. It looks like a weird looking sardine in my opinion and sardines aren’t like piranhas, you know? ( i USED YOU KNOW AGAIN FUCK ME) You know he doesn’t look like Undyne but he looks like a fucking drug dealer or something. It, it, it scares me “Hi my name it’s Akito I’m a badass who kicks people’s ass and I do?? if I have to” (GREAT I DON’T KNOW WHAT I SAID-) But I also like kittens and kawaii anime girls but I’m gay, I’m probably gay” Oh god I thought his name was “School Casual Hero” but then I see his name is “Ryoma Valor” (Trying to pronounce that name) How do you say that name? Also wtf is he eating a popsicle? he has fire powers, or something I think, explain. I- I have questions with this character, I have only questions Wow Samantha congratulations, you made me more sad! now I wanna go to kill myself! But Jesus Christ, this bio! I mean, in those eyes I can see the sadness of Hot Topic not being open and you cannot buy your 21 pilots t-shirt or something “Hi my name is Nicholas Eugene Winchester (Can’t pronounce that name either (: ) and… I have too many words in my bio and… I also look like a human with a furry head” And no, that is not how furries work, I know how furries work Oh great, finally! A normal looking- for fuck sake you have to be fucking kidding me Can we have a NORMAL looking furry, for once? with no demon stuff? please, im begging Also the snake isn’t a furry? Like it’s a normal looking snake There are furry snakes, you know? You can make it like a furry. You don’t have to make it a normal snake I mean, you have a… demon cat? Why you have a normal looking snake? make it a furry, thank you. “Hey guys, it’s me: Generic furry number 8022 and I probably have a dark side because you know every furry has one… JK I҉̥̠̤̰M͇̗͇̬̤̩ ̦̰̬͈̭̹ͅT̟̪H̱̲̹̬͕É͎̳͎͙ ͕͔̰͈͔D͔̻͙̱̪ͅA͔͕̩̘R̡̬͎̞̹͖̻K̛͎͚͖͍ ̜̪̖͓̲̬ͅS͜Í͉̺̮͕̣̲̝D̳͖̯̱̪̕E̩͙̤̲͟” I only have one problem with this character and it’s THIS outfit, like He looks a woman to me I mean, maybe if he had some tits I’d be better, let me see… ok no, regret I know this character belongs to “The binding of Isaac” universe, yeah cool, but see this picture of “Night in the Woods” and don’t tell me they don’t look alike Also this is better in a furry form Also (TAKE A SHOT EVERYTIME I SAID ALSO) why are you put all question marks in their bio, like it’s ALL QUESTIONS MARKS. WHY DO YOU PUT A BIO IF IT’S GOING TO BE ALL QUESTION MARKS. DON’T. DO. THAT. I think you didn’t get the memo I said: “I want your ocs” not Bendy from the “Bendy and the Ink Machine” game. Please, give me your character not, not Bendy Oh nevermind, this isn’t Bendy, this is Happy, the… not evil demon… yeah…cool… Are you sure this isn’t Bendy? Fuck! It’s another generic furry oc with no personality whatsoever and blue neon hair… just a tiny bit WHAT AM I GOING TO DO? shit now I want to buy some bitcoins ANNND finally, the last one! This oc which is a “moon”, like, again, Where do you see the moon here? Honestly? it looks like more like a green sad sausage with some spikes around it yeah this, this doesn’t look like the moon, I’m sorry And WELP! We have no more ocs! I had so much fun doing this, thank y’all for the ocs, I’m sorry if this hurt your feelings this isn’t meant to be serious and yeah, um, see’ya guys!

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  1. Tbh I need to replace some of the question marks in the bio
    When I made their ref sheet I didn't actually have all their info completed-

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