100 thoughts on “Roasting Your YouTube Videos #3”

  1. WHAT'S UP GREG! Hope y'all got your notifications on. If you want to be in a group chat on twitter with me and a bunch of other Greg's consider checking out my Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/actualdannygonzalez

  2. These warp sounds really irritated me. My alarm clock makes those sounds and when I Here those sounds I’m in some sort of dream state

  3. I finally decided to turn my notifications on today cause I wasn’t getting notifications and I was mad so I looked at it and I realized it was set to sometimes or something like that so long story short I turned my notifications on and I am really greg now. #notifacationsquad

  4. Oh my god, is the skeleton in skeleton 1 the same skeleton upset with his boss in skeleton 2, and his boss is the guy tourtureing him 😱

  5. "The kinda bar where people jus kinda poke their heads in, look around and leave right away."
    So any bar im seen at

  6. The deformed Sour Patch Kid one, was literally the greatest thing I have ever watched, I give it 110/10 bc omg, why is it so good XD

  7. 5:13 a bone to pick with him ! I’ve seen this so many times and just realized that. I realized Danny knew that but I didn’t 😂

  8. This was the first Danny Gonzalez video I ever watched. I was on set for a new Netflix show called “Raising Dion,” (Coming out in October) and I was playing an extra. I was trying to be as quiet as I could be since they were filming while the extras were on break, but I was still quietly snickering throughout the video. When the skeleton video played I DIED then when he talked about extras, I thought it was pretty funny since I was literally on set playing an extra. Anyways, I found Greg that day. I found… my family.

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