100 thoughts on “Roasting Your YouTube Videos”

  1. the ''You'll have to fight'' phrase reminds me of the today happening Final Showdown event in Fortnite Battle Royale

  2. Having done exactly this with a broom i can honestly say; its possible. Idk how, but it most certainly is.

  3. You probably get this a lot but you like like the eldest brother in wizards of waverly place with the glasses on😂😂

  4. 5:10 My sister would make movie trailers like this when we were little, so I know these transitions by heart. Someone using the iconic iMovie editing!

  5. Ok what
    When I was watching the heading out video I was like I think that kid is jack Stewart from elementary school turns out it was

  6. Danny: this is all the time I want to spend on this

    Danny immediately after that: this was fun, I wanna do this again, comment when can I do this again?

  7. wait how old is danny, i thought he was like 19 but apparently he has a wife so he’s probably a little older

  8. I’m so thankful that I watched this bc it just reminded me that when I was in high school one of my friends (a pretty female- just so you can picture it) LITERALLY got a black eye by stepping on a rake. During gym class one of the custodians had left it on the field, so it was camouflaged and she literally stepped on it while walking quickly so it slammed into her face and gave her a full blown shiner. Like a cartoon.
    So- I know what happened in his video couldn’t happen, because physics, but next time you see that stepping-on-a-rake joke happen in a shitty movie, and you think, “That’s never actually happened.” Think again! Because it has happened at least once. To my friend. On Long Island. In the mid 00s.

  9. Other YouTube intros:
    states what the video is
    tells people to subscribe
    gets people to buy merch
    has a sponsorship

    Danny’s intros:
    laura sneezes

  10. I’m going to learn the sponge bob opening thing on my flute then post it so… watch it 😀 ~ when it comes out and if it is good like iitttt and maybe subscribe ÙwÚ :)))

  11. Directed by: ME
    Production designer: ME
    Casting by: ME
    Director of photography: ME
    Music by: Something else but who cares when it's not ME
    In the role of Me: ME

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