AUUUUHH!! I dunno why I yelled, I just felt like I needed to yell something. MAC! Here we go again! Back in an empty ass apartment. I now have a shelf and a light! (WELL DONE MAC) So we’re making progress. Also have a TV over here, but you don’t need to see that. You don’t need to know that I’m actually spending money in this apartment yet. (honestly that’s a moOD) *Oh He’s A Goose Now* So, Coachella has erupted in the pants— —of everyone in the westcoast, that make sense? I don’t think it made sense, but that made sense in my mind, it made a lot of sense in my mind. Beyonce was there, And I guess that there was like a shit ton of opening acts… But, Beyonce was there (we ONLY care about BEYONCEEEEE) And one of the most infamous things about Coachella, other than the amount of drugs that everyone takes there on a daily basis,
(if that ain’t a mood) is what people decide to wear when they’re there, because they’re taking a lot of drugs on a daily basis! I’m just saying, I’m just saying (preach it sister). Over the past few days I’ve been getting a lot of tweets from you guys telling me to: “React to some Coachella fashion!” “Have you seen what so-and-so was wearing!?” “Have you seen what so-and-so was wearing!?” “Have you seen this person’s outfit?” “James Charles’s butt was out!”(TEA!!!) And so now I guess I’m reviewing some Coachella fashion. So I tweeted out telling you guys to send me pictures of Youtubers and celebrities and what they wore to Coachella. Hopefully you guys also send me some names because I don’t know who is who in this world. But let’s get into it because I have to pack and catch a flight— —to go to the East Coast for my tour. I’m going on tour. Buy tickets to my tour! Buy tickets to my tour. (Please do) I’m desperate at this point. (We can all see that) *Tana Mongoose comes out and says her iconic “toothbrush”* My main bitch Jessie, looking like a cute rainbow trout. YASS girl! What is on your face? (ROOOOOOOD) Are those jewels on your face? Does that hurt? Are you okay? Did you cut yourself? It looks like you’re crying wealth. (cant relate) Like Donald Trump’s dream? (daMN) and look at all those crystals on your chest*casually zooms in on boobs* Who you conjuring? Do they start glowing and vibrating in a full moon and will you start levitating? (my dream) And everyone’s high out of their minds already cause everyone’s just like “Yeah girl, go ahead”. It’s kind of like Sapphire. Like if Sapphire from Teen Titan decided to go to Coachella This is what she’ll look like. So go ahead. Do your sh*t. Nikita Dragun *shook silence* Uh… uhm BITCH…. *Mac laughs off to the side” I forgot how to breathe for a second! Go ahead with that pink hair, with that belt with your name on it. Tell them who them who the hell you are b*tch. We get it, you are beautiful. STOP. How can she… how can she do this? —and then still decide to be a human, like what? That’s not fair. COME THROUGH PINK COWBOY GODDESS. COME THROUGH WOODY’S SIDECHICK! YASS!!! Pink on pink on pink on pink. Like this BUSSY… I get it. We decided to stan. (always) Tyler Oakley! *confused gay silence* It’s an attempt. I appreciate the nipple though, I appreciate the nipple. There’s nothing more holier in life than a nipple of a white gay male. Apparently, because that’s all you see on Twitter. Also, fanny pack. It’s… a decision that was made. David Dobrik and Liza Koshy. Stop it. Stop it. You guys are just cute. Can I have…? … just a piece of that??? Not in a sexual way! Not in a sexual way! I meant like that happiness and cuteness. Can I h- I’m just – I ruined it. I’m gone. It’s done. The bridge is burnt *laughs* Cute. We chose to stan. Next we have.. *shook/confused silence* Okay. We get it. *laughs* We get it. You’re James Charles and you have to let the world know. *laughs* I mean this is a look. This is a look that I can never pull off.. That’s all I’m going to say, for reasons. and that reason is blubber in my stomach. BUT.. I wish. I wish. And there’s another one. *confused silence* We get it. We f*cking get it. OKAY?! WE F*CKING UNDERSTAND. WE F*CKING KNOW THE CHORUS, F*CKING KNOW THE BRIDGE. WE F*CKING KNOW THE ENTIRE… ALL THE LYRICS OKAY BITCH? Like how– are you comfortable wearing that? Because I’ll be like, if I wore that the entire time, I’ll just be walking around picking out a wedgie, every two seconds. But that’s just me. That’s just me. I have hips and a lot of fat. OKAY? (s a m e) And come through… gay ninja! Represent. We love the flag. We love the flag! We read the gay agenda in this household. lit : ) Beyonce… YASS… bitch.. I already know. I’ve already seen it. I’ve already soaked it in. I’ve already watched it TWICE BITCH. COME THROUGH ALL YELLOW, COME THROUGH HIPS, COME THROUGH THIGHS, COME THROUGH CHRISTMAS TINSELS LOOKING BOOTS. YAS WE LOVE A QUEEN. We’ve chosen to stan forever. We chosen to stan for life. Do I have to say more? Cardi B… OOOHH… bitch? (MY MOTHER) This is a look.. bitch.. go ahead. This is like something somebody wore to the VMAs in like the 1990s. Also are we sure this is from Coachella? Because I thought she was pregnant. She does not look pregnant in this. Did she have the baby? Has the baby already been had? Did it or did it not the baby come out rapping? That’s all I need to know. That’s all I need to know. Ethan and Grayson Dolan… Oh… this is dangerous Oh… this is DAN-GER-OUS (MAC RELAX) How old are you? How old are they? (Like 18 I think ;-;) Because I just had a lot of inappropriate thoughts. Honestly… I don’t want to say more… But if you guys are ever just wondering… Just have a few questions? You can email me and I can… Help as best as I possibly can. Keep this from getting demonetized. OKAY? Who is this? Who’s this? Who are you? I don’t understand. Is this Beyonce? Are you Beyonce? Are you Beyonce? Who is that? Is that Rihanna? Who I am looking at? First of all, the pants… We love a good snake. Second of all… what?? *gay wheeze* Is this Rihanna? I think this is Rihanna. I am going to say this is Rihanna to make myself comfortable cause only Rihanna would. I just love how… whoever the hell this is added earrings to the mass, like it’s a casual Friday night. Go ahead. Come through. Beat it up. Throw it in the trash. My Bussy. Exactly. This is demonetized, I’m sorry. *insert another meme of a girl laughing* This is Bella Thorne. OOHH… *silence* Choices were made and I’m not mad at it. I’m just- observing it? It’s like the Emperor’s New Clothes: Bella Thorne edition. But you know what? We love a good hat. Okay? Ump… and there’s the back. You have a tail. We’ve chosen to *confused silence* We’ve chosen to- We chosen to stan? Who are you? *laughs* What, porno? (N O) Is that Charlie Puth? I’m going to say it is Charlie Puth. It’s probably not Charlie Puth but I’m gonna say it’s Charlie Puth just because I can. Wow. Charlie Puth. Congrats. You made it. Next, Oh my god. Is that the yodeling Walmart kid? We love a ‘King of the South’. OKAY? i LoVe yOu whEn yOu caLL mE sWeEt daAaaAaAaAAAAaaA— Honestly. I’m not gonna say anything else. He is nine years old and I’m gonna leave that there. Rihanna. Yes bitch. Yes bitch. Bitch yes. Yas bitch. *repeats bitch a bunch of times* With that cross bitch. Hoop earrings SWISH. I need… to go outside. Here’s another one: BITCH. Okay. I don’t know actually…. I don’t know about this one. Those boots I don’t think were made for walking. Tana Mongeau . Wow… We love an Illuminati Princess. Did you go to Coachella? I swear I thought I saw you at Target a few days ago. I don’t know. I don’t – how long is Coachella? Go ahead girl. Congratulations. Yess.. bitch. Go ahead… Go ahead. Lele Pons. I’d rather not. Iggy Azalea.. WOW… Go ahead girl.. honestly tear it up. Halsey! *Contemplates on whether or not this is a good look*. I’ll accept it. And last but not least! We’ll end it on BROCKHAMPTON. AKA, woke One Direction. We stan. Honestly. Tag yourself! *wheeze* And there we go! That was Coachella 2018. I still think there is one more weekend actually. But I don’t know how Coahella works. (same mac, same) I’ve never been. Also I wore my flower shirt. Just to feel like I’m included. But I’ve never felt more out of the loop. Than right now. *laughs* Who was your favorite Coachella look? Mine was… I think you know who the hell mine was. I’m not even going to repeat it. Anyways, I am going to go look at some people’s YouTube videos. That I am not going to mention right now. But, you know, email me… My name is Mac and do not forget to like, comment, share, and subscri-be BWAHHHHHHH!!!!! (outro music)


  1. Mac either loves girls with HUGE BOOBS AND BUTTS or just loves anyone with amazing fashion, based on this and his met gala 2018 video

  2. "it's kinda like if Sapphire from Teen Titans went to Coachella"
    First off, it's Starfire.
    Second off, you right.

  3. The Dolan's are assholes but cute af assholes who aren't as bad as jack Paul or any of the Paul bros

  4. When Mac looked at the picture of James Charles, he took a pause like he could see into the future seeing James lose all his subs

  5. Mac , oh Mac , you see the Dolan twins are almost 20 so release your inner thoughts or don’t because honestly I already know what your thinking because I thought the same thoughts 😉

  6. are we just gonna not talk about the one guy in the corner of the last one with all the bullet proof vests
    Ya know it kinda had a WoRd written on it

  7. No one:
    Macs shirt:🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

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