ROASTING YOUTUBER COACHELLA 2019 OUTFITS (Hannah Meloche, Nicolette Gray, Tana Mongeau and more)

are these youtubers gonna sue me for
judging them because my bank account really cannot handle that right now hey guys what’s up
it’s Amanda and welcome back to my channel if you’re new here my name is
Amanda and I make lifestyle travel LGBTQ different type of content and I hope you
enjoy your time here so it is finally cloutchella time and you know what that
means time to judge people’s outfits that probably cost more than my entire
life so if you guys don’t know what Coachella is it’s this a big-ass Music
Festival held in California and instead of actually being a music festival it’s
more of a like go to Coachella tea and surround pictures and show off your
outfits and show off your money tech festival
so I decided since I’m not there being in that type that shows off their money
because I don’t have money I decided I’m gonna sit in my room and judge people’s
outfits because what’s more fun than that I kind of screenshotted about 20
outfits that I saw on my Instagram feed or the Instagram explorer page and I’m
gonna show them and we’re gonna react to them together I really react to them to
rate them I think I’m gonna give Alden like rating on 10 and I guess you can
see if our Styles kind of men together so the first one is le two men le fou
Minh I don’t really know how to actually say her last name but what should we see
here is she’s rocking this kind of baby blue 2-piece set and it looks kind of
uncomfortable to wear but I think it really suits her it kind of gives me
like some space why because I don’t really know why maybe it’s those two
little think she has up in her hair I like it but Li I wouldn’t personally
wear it but I like it it suits her it suits your skin tone it’s kind of like
really her vibe and I like that I like how her little fanny pack is white so it
kind of pops out a little bit right to the blue I would give this a nine out of
10 it’s super cute it’s super her and next one is henna Melosh so I personally
always loved tannaz clothes but this one just gives me kind of like a gym workout
vibe I mean I kind of get it because it’s like the Sun and like the I don’t
know what else is on it but I don’t know I think the material just kind of makes
me feel like it’s a workout vibe tough outfit at the
super cute I can’t wear hats like that but something I’m gonna have to give it
a 7 or 6 honestly 6 or 7 I don’t know I’m just not feeling go tell the wives
for it the next one is Danielle Carolyn she’s wearing a peachy dress I think
it’s super cute it’s really really her like I watch her all the time and this
outfit is very Curt and I think it’s super cute on her I lift the color I
like how it’s tied and then there’s a little opening in the middle and it kind
of come to like a country vibe but I kind of feel that in her oh this one I
was given a doll again the next one is of the beautiful Marla Katherine I
didn’t love this I don’t know I don’t know I fuckin love all her office she’s
literally like my outfit inspiration Queen type of person I love how it’s a
one-piece it doesn’t show much cleavage at all which is very big at Coachella
people like to show their booty a lot I really love how she’s very true to
herself and I love the color of it I love how
she’s a fanny pack I love how the she’s I don’t know if it’s a nylon thing or
she just made sparkles on her legs but it kind of it’s suiting her and I like
the pink shoes I think it just all around goes together really well and I
love it I would be this at 10 out of 10 honestly prime shit the next one is
Mario Spellman Mario is literally an icon I love his stuff I love this outfit
I don’t know if he was sweating in this or maybe you’re sort of shirt off
because that’s how it looks like it is but I really loved it really chic really
cool honestly I really think he is probably sweating in those dogs but
we’re gonna let that slide because it’s Coachella time to show off your best fit
I’m gonna give this a nine out of 10 I think you want to see my sweat works in
this I don’t know I really think he would see my sweat in it next one is
summer Shiki so this outfit literally I saw it and I was like damn I like this I
would never wear it personally again because I don’t know don’t shine that
much body skin I don’t know I literally fuck with the colors colors are so nice
they augment together they’re kind of like pastel colors I love that it’s so
cute and the glasses that she has with it kind of match it away I don’t know if
it’s just the lighting or fatah she edited but I really love how it all
blends together it looks super cute all together I do this
902 I feel like the material is really pretty and it’s very unique so we love
that the next one is Audrey naeun and I liked the outfit and I don’t have the
same time I like the pads super cool white love white pants I like the shirt
but I think I just don’t like how he’s wearing it without one button in the
middle it’s really pissing me off they’re having a little bit or have it
all clothes countable can’t have the best of both worlds but I don’t know I
don’t like the scarf around his neck – I feel like it’s very cliche like rain
furs always have that and I don’t know why but I don’t like it I like what he’s
going for but I don’t like how it turned out so I’m gonna do this is seven out of
ten the next one is Griffin Ireland so I don’t know why when I first looked at
that often I thought of meat I don’t know why maybe it’s cause like the
middle part isn’t white and the breast is red I really don’t freaking know I
mean it’s cute on her but I hate being mean even though they are never gonna
see this because I’m gonna be really irrelevant but like I hate being mean
but I really don’t like it I don’t know just it’s not the vibe that I like so
I’d give this a six out of ten I really don’t know why I’m seeing meat so but I
don’t know next one is Emmett ambulance so usually like I said in my last video
Emma Chamberlain I want her whole closet if somebody I don’t want this outfit I
don’t know I just really feel like we’re at a disco club the pants are really not
my tight kind of look like a disco slash candy-cane vibe and I’m not feeling it
the top it’s a black basic bathing suit top I like the glasses the glasses are
my favorite part of the outfit I don’t know I just really don’t it’s not what I
was hoping for honestly I mean I’m sure she has more off that’s coming but it’s
really not what I was hoping for so I would give this a 6 out of 10 next one
is laurdiy jeans blowing she’s flaunting I really like the outfit it’s really
cool it’s really cool cello vibes I think the color beige is really nice on
her skin tone I like how it’s flowy a bit I mean I personally would feel like
I have nothing covered but if that’s what she’s going for we like it I like
the pattern on it – it’s really cute oh do this an 8 out of 10 next one is roses
cloud so I like the burette trend going on I like how it’s blue and yellow
I like how our shorts are blue I like sure it is white and it’s kind of like
off-the-shoulder I love off-the-shoulder shirts even though I hate wearing
strapless bras I really like this outfit except for the boots it’s really
throwing me off I don’t know why maybe it’s just cuz I don’t like cowboy boots
but I feel like it just doesn’t go with the outfit like if you wanted to have a
good cowgirl type of vibe you gotta go the whole way can’t just do half I don’t
know I’m gonna give this a seven point five out of ten just forgot I really
love the top but the shoes ain’t doing it for me this one is a Maggie McDonald
I love this outfit this is so something I would wear I love the pants I love the
pattern of the pants I love how she’s wearing a basic black top but the
bottoms are really popping in it and again talks look it’s really hot there I
don’t know it’s Californian isn’t a lot everywhere there but I don’t know I
really like how her fanny pack is awesome red I fuck with the color red so
I really like this really pretty and I would give this a nine out of ten
so I know I already spoke with Mr you but this outfit was swaying it reminded
me of a minion kind of but I really love how he’s working it and again he’s
wearing boots again so I really don’t know if his feet are literally sweating
balls in there but I really like it it’s really it’s really Coachella I don’t
know I love one pieces like this so I’m really a fan of that I love how you had
a red belt to kind of accent it and I love the glasses 9 of a cent for this
next is a Teemo so I love this outfit I love two pieces in one pieces I don’t
know I love the pattern of it I love how it’s very simple but it really pops at
the same time I love how she’s wearing a pink hat so it’s not all white or all
one neutral color so the Hat really pops out and I just love this tooth piece I
love the powder of it I love how its flowy at the bottom I love it
9 out of 10 the next one is strong toned referee’s if you know me you know that
yellow is my color ello is literally the happiest color and
I love it I love it on her skin tone she is glowing and I love I think it’s a
jacket that she has I love the pattern of it very vintage very thrifted type of
vibe and I’m just living for it I mean I wish I look like her she has the brush
I’m going on to the so we love that I’ll give this a nine out of 10 the next one
we have is like like grey it’s so crazy to see like people that I’m friends with
going to Coachella as an Walter it’s really cool really proud of
her I really love how it’s neon and black makes things either I feel like
they kind of accent each I’m gonna make sure pop out even more and I was
watching her and snaps and it was literally belong in the dark so that’s
super super cool I love neon color I love how it’s not too much it’s just
enough I like so I’d give this a 10 out of 10 it’s really something I would wear
too if I want to go tell us so next one is Tana mojo and David over David is
cute Tana how many nip-slips did you have that’s all I liked I would give
this combined a five out of ten you do the rest of the laughs then we have your
girl means Nina I love her outfit I’m literally such a fan of her clothes and
I found her because my friend Andrea and I’m literally I’ve been obsessed ever
since her outfit coordination SuperDuper amazing and then her boyfriend they just
go together so well they go on did they both know how to dress so I we love it
I’d give this combined ten on a ten I am obsessed with that skirt she’s wearing
and I just love how everything matches I love it next one is Tyler Oakley and I
guess who’s a boyfriend his boyfriend’s often I mean it’s very plain it’s like a
bathing suit shorts and then a tropical shirt with a cowboy hat a Tyler did you
get that other your mom’s lip glosses I don’t know I feel really bad I can’t say
I hate being mean but like what is that shirt combined six out of ten I just
really want to know what that shirt is what we’re aiming for the last one I
have on my list is Sheila done so I love this I love how simple but poppin it
looks I love how it looks on our skin color I love how she has try to put the
large race that’s on her one arm the other one has a very simple I really
love the pattern I love the color I love how to do base again we love to pieces
that is the trend right now yeah I really like it I’m nothing else
there’s shame about it I really like where she took the photo really
aesthetic I’d give this a 10 out of 10 I love that you love it so I hope you guys
enjoyed this video I would love to hear your comments about certain Muse outfits
if you want to give them a rating of all the ones I gave and we can compare them
that’d be super cool if you don’t want to do that that’s also cool tell me your
favorite Coachella outfit of 2019 so far because there’s also more weekend let me
know what you think let me what your favorite was and yeah I don’t really
know what to say you never know what end you know if you liked it thumbs up
subscribe to me below and I’ll see you next time and remember it live life
don’t think twice about a year

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