Roasting Youtubers 2 Ft. Nate Garner, TMZ & more (Diss track)

Roasting Youtubers 2 Ft. Nate Garner, TMZ & more (Diss track)

ching ching chong wang bang bung chung One video, [and] it turned out so good. They did two million views in under a week Which is absolutely crazy, so I was like you know what let’s give the people what they want and let’s drop a part two. So I hope you guys enjoyed please don’t take this too seriously. We’re just having [fun] out here Let’s begin [so] the first one on the list to catch the flame. This guy goes by the name of Nate Garner He has three million on Instagram don’t know how but okay But [on] the video when I was reacting there Jacobs new song he actually commented How are you scared you were going to get copyrighted for putting Taylor song in your video? But can make a full [youtube] video with Jacob song constantly playing get paid to promote, LOL Ok first off Jacob Did not pay me alright second off is he trying to call me poor that like I need to do paid promotions and third off Why is Crimson chin trying to call me out on top of that here are some? Private DMG sent to one of his fans But later on the fans sent those messages to me so are they really private? Anyways, he said rice thumb hurts people’s images And they said I asked him about copyright. Oh I thought he was trying to call me out for being a sellout, or oh You’re getting paid by Jacob to make a video I thought he was trying to call me out on my bad [homie] [on] so basically Some songs on YouTube are copyrighted and some songs aren’t right So for instance this song you can use this some in [your] next video if you want to [cuz] it’s not Copyrighted stop asking if I got paid it’s really none [of] [your] business like Joe Nick is taking your chin look like Crimson You have the nerve to walk outside with big easy’s once I saw your chin I knew this shit would be so easy like After this L yeah, you should stop asking questions Chin is so pointy could be used as a weapon What are you big for I get a mattress like [d’oro] career on decline of your chin like California Okay, so on to the next this guy used to make vines But now he switched over to making the videos on Facebook for his 7 million fans, and I’m just like Who the heck still use this Facebook am I right, but anyways I kind of sneak dissing on Snapchat pigs pigs Who are you Gonna? Go in [with] bars that is? [oh], I don’t even know the guys name. I saw a red videos. [oh] [God]. What’s his name? What’s [his] name. I don’t know what his name is oh my God plays video Are you sure are you sure you want to do this literally his friends are warning him like are you [sure] you want to do? This and he’s just not listening I don’t even know the guys name. That’s all relevant is Stop calling me trash. Now. You bout to get cook up You know your ass hold when or uses Facebook your friend said that be quiet yet You shouldn’t just listen next time just keep your old ass in the kitchen Can’t look [like] a great marcus all in the face got a mail, but don’t get in like you know I am so why’d you lie don’t call me trash boy. You look like a thumb How am I all relevant two million six months now? You know my name here that shit is raised um but if you ever cross me. Yeah [-] its race gun All right so this [next] guy is Also a sneak dissing on Snapchat as you guys can see he has like a filter on his eyes and I think he’s making fun of my asian eyes when I’m not really sure so [I] didn’t go off on him quite yet cuz I really do you ever know who you was right? And I found out. He’s one of these musically kids This what the fuck this kid must be stopped, [but] anyways the other day he posts another snapchat It’s clear that he is sneak dissing my asian eyes alright that that’s not cool, but wait art He goes overboard with this one Stop clowning my eyes. You should know that’s wrong. Holy. Yeah, you are lucky I haven’t emailed your mom head look like [uh] [neg] you got crooked teeth [gotta] [ask] for Permission when you start up your street life could have been avoided but you had to be Racist at least I’m not the one who stuck with braces right is wrong with your gums You should see a doctor. Hope trump doesn’t win her say bye to your father and The last one to catch the flame all right this happened live on TV, right? TMz. Yes TMz did a segment where they’re reading people’s instagram comments And they’re reading rob Kardashian’s comment for one over the other he looks great. I’m proud of him since Kimberly aguilar They make a great couple Um I hate rice gum So don’t even know what that means. I’m gonna. Go ahead and move on it’s free I don’t even know what that means don’t even know what that means You don’t know who I am. I’m the most liked youtuber yeah all tMz do is start up their rumors Oh like, [I’m] [on] the yeah, your content is poop Brian. Hi wasting my time. I’ma go whoo but yeah guys is going to conclude part two of roasting YouTubers if you guys want to part three And you enjoyed make sure to comment below and before you leave make sure you guys thumbs up the videos that helps out a lot This was actually the first video of summer 2016, so I’m very excited for the whole summer I’m just going to be constantly dropping content So be ready this [videos] going to set the mood of what’s gonna be like you know it’s going to be hot fire Whatever, but if you guys are you make sure you subscribe? We’re almost at to melt somehow I do not know how but new [videos] soon. Have it plugged my twitter in a while? so there it is please follow you boy, but I will see you guys very soon and Don’t roast my gray hair, please

100 thoughts on “Roasting Youtubers 2 Ft. Nate Garner, TMZ & more (Diss track)”

  1. Idk why you think this is funny… this isn’t even a joke bc it has to be hurtful… Nate Garner helps so many people and unlike you he’s nice… so keep in mind all of this is so god damn hurtful… and you not the most lit YouTuber…. that’s only awarded to nice people… #GarnerGang

  2. Honestly you can't rap for fucking shit
    Your ass
    And why you hating on Nate's jawline its sharper than yours will ever be
    Ur an ass for hating on little kids ur like 15 years older than them
    There is so much things I could say about your fucking rude disrespectful ass but I'm not tryin to wast my time on you. And you say your the most lit youtuber….. Bitch on what universe
    And just cuz someone doesn't know who u are doesn't mean u have to talk shit cuz ur salty

  3. Only watched part of your video because of nate 🤷‍♂️ you're a dork. Thats why you put him first, because he's the whole reason you knew you'd get views. I dont want to be a bully. But you started it, you know you're a dork talking about his BIG W's when youre not actually winning. Who even are you

  4. your a horrible, sad person.. and u say that kid was being racist to u and start crying bout it but then ur racist to his dad,  pathetic

  5. I was watching ur roasting you tubers in the end I was laughing hard then when I saw ur hair in this part 2 I got sad


  7. Honestly what is the point of this damn video your telling everyone not to be racist about your Asian eyes when you CONSTANTLY MAKE DISS TRACKS wtf do you expect Jesus you going after KIDS how childish can you be? Stop starting shit god damn

  8. You should look in the mirror before talking shit about anyone you are a loser that doesnt have better things to do other then saying bad stuff about people you should be rewarded for the worst human being on earth

  9. wow ricegum congrats u can make fun of people (acc u dont but ok) u wanna a cookie? Like wtf. EW UR RAP IS SO TRASH I ALMOST THREW UP

  10. This is shitty you roasted nate garner ????
    well First check ur fuckin face then talk about the best youtuber ever
    your videos suck man

  11. Can I call you Sushi from now on😂 I swear to God I hope you see this if I could start laughing

  12. Please stop trying to diss people cuz you're so off a beat and you're giving yourself embarrassment I swear no joke that's why people make fun of you you get it Asian jokes

  13. Nate Garner is the best. Maybe you should try to be nice sometime, cause that song about his chin was not a big W.

  14. Do not talk to Nate like that. He is way better and nicer then u . So don't talk about Nate garner like that. @GarnerGangForever

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