21 thoughts on “Roblox Roasting Bullies [Roblox Bully Gets Roasted] | Roblox Rap Battles”

  1. Bully: haha you poor your making trash xd Idiot: i don't make trash i make clean Bully: i guess your a garbage man idiot: i know you are but what am i? —Damaged coda– Music

  2. Im a bacon hair and Im rap battling pros but I beat them and I talked to a girl and I wanna rap battle her and she sadi no noob to me and I followed her and I wear my pro outfit and I joined her again and she was shocked that Im wearing my pro outfit she was like Im sorry I laugh so hard I was like lol XD

  3. After seeing this video. This channel is my favourite Roblox channel. Make more Ree and Yeet sounds for me please! 😀

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