43 thoughts on “ROBOBREW V3 Review 2018 USA All Grain Brewing System | First Impressions And New Features Review”

  1. Another good video. You point out all the good things. And, the not so good things. I like that. Your very honest Brian. I love watching your live brew days. I tuned in a little late, but enjoy watching you and Kelly. Not sure if I missed any mishaps in the start of your brew day in the beginning, cause I thought I heard you mention something about it. The little mishaps are a normal thing for me, so, I'm glad I see someone else have them as well. Keep up your great work Brian!

  2. Great video. I was looking at the V3 just yesterday at my local brew shop. I am thankful for your input about all of the improvement that have been made.

  3. I just got my Robobrew V3 on Friday. I'm brewing a New England IPA today. Thanks for the review, I subscribed to your channel.

  4. can you send an update (or post to advance homebrew) some more photos/reviews of the drain pipe's pins and the quality of the welds on those two little pins that slide over the other section of the drain pipe. v2's were breaking all over the place curious if there is an improvement there

  5. Thanks for the Robobrew V3 first impressions Brian. The unit looks and sounds very good. Looking forward to seeing your first brew in it. Cheers from Oz.

  6. Im a v2 owner and after seeing this i would be more then happy to say ill get a v3 in the near future.I love seeing all the changes and great to see kee coming to the robobrew page on facebook and listening to what issues the v2 had, to make this happen great job .

  7. Seems like a decent unit… good video. I have a grainfather and just judging by your video I think I like the grainfather better. But that’s just my opinion.. cheers 🍻 great video thanks

  8. Did I notice an issue with the included silicone hose? With my V3 I could not get it on the recirculation arm. It is like they included a 3/8" bit of hose, when it needs a 1/2". In fact, I put a piece of 1/2" hose on without issue after not being able to get the included piece on at all.

  9. I've been meaning to try one of these! I have a mash n boil and grainfather at the store I've been wanting to break into – but I haven't brought the Robobrew in yet… I'm slacking…

  10. Great overview. Certainly looks to be much improved. Looking forward to see how to program it. Does it have a remote app for it like the Grainfather?

  11. Really nice video! Saw your comment in the chat on the VideoCreators live stream and thought I’d check you out 🙂

  12. Nice video! As I am a small batch brewer 1-5 gallons, could you tell me what would be the minimum batch size you could make with this unit? Thanks

  13. Thanks for your thoughts on the Robobrew v3. I haven’t heard anything truly negative about it so far. So, I bit the bullet and bought one just now while eBay was having their 20% discount sale. Hoping for great beer out of this thing!

  14. I have a question on my V3. I want to preheat the water so I put 2 hrs in S1 for instance and hit play. The heating elements come on right away. I watched a keg king video and he demonstrated the same thing but had his switches off so they didn't come on right away. I thought mine would start counting down from the 2 hrs I put on the timer. What am I doing wrong? The manual is a little lacking.

  15. what are the specs on the new 2nd screen? what is the mesh count or wire diameter or whatever the correct term is? I would like to put one in my Mash & Boil

  16. You're lucky you get so many cool free things lol I'll take you're v2 off you're hands for ya😉😂

  17. Not sure the excuse on the silicon tube is acceptable. If you don’t need it, why is it included. If it is included it should fit

    Good review though, it does sound like they are trying to improve things. I have always been fairly anti due to the negative feedback, and the way over the top support from the fans.

  18. I had the original Robo brew for a couple of years. It was fine. I upgraded and I've had 2 Robo brews with pump. I've returned both of them under warranty because they broke. The first one leaked, the second one the pump failed. The quality of the stainless steel is more like "stainmore" tin It's a shame because the features are great but the quality is awful. They are cheaply made imitations of the Grainfather. The supplier said that most of the 40 that he had have been sent back and he said he won't sell them any more. I have now bought a Grainfather and the build quality is excellent

  19. Thanks for the review, great video! I like it when people doing review are prepared, know their stuff and are not there just to hear their own voice! 👍

  20. A tip from Chris Graham in BeerSmith podcast #107 says to improve the efficiency of an immersion chiller, return -pump the wort directly to the side of the chiller. This gets movement on the coils and creates a whirlpool too.

  21. Nice product review! I’ve been hearing that the stainless chillers don’t work as well as copper. Heat displacement is different between the 2 metals.

  22. Excellent videos, I am getting more and more excited to purchase a Robobrew. I notice you use different terms for the output pipe from the pump. Sometimes you call it a recirculation arm, sometimes a sparge arm. I don't fully understand this terminology, but doesn't sparge involve running the wort through the grain bed, which cannot happen until you raise up the malt pipe? That arm doesn't look long enough to read over the top of the malt pipe in the upper position. Can you explain? Thanks.

  23. Okay, so I am in the midst of my second brew. The first went reasonably well (a dubbel), however this time I am doing a very low OG beer (a british mild). Some observations: The temperature of the mash seems to be 6-8º below the temperature on the screen. It took 15 minutes and some adjustments to the target temporature for me to raise the mash temperature to my target. More of a problem was that the calculations of mash water led to a over thick mash. The problem seems to be that the ratio is going to change because of the liquor under the mash. I would suggest that you up the water for low gravity beers and correspondingly reduce the sparge water.

  24. Any idea when we'll see Brewzilla stateside? I've been interested in a V3 for a while now, but I might wait for Brewzilla – mostly for the 1mm wall construction more than the 65 Liter capacity.

  25. Big fan of all your reviews and demonstrations. Have you heard anything about the 65l BrewZilla coming to the states? I'm tempted to use a freight forwarder just to get my hands on one. Cheers!

  26. I just used my robobrew for the first time yesterday. Is there supposed to be a silicon ring around the false bottom? I found that all the trub was getting sucked around the side of the false bottom which defeat the purpose of having one! Also I had 5.5 gallon after boil and found that a couple rings of the chiller was exposed which is useless. They should improve that. I'm still happy with the overall unit. Thanks for your videos and helping me decide to buy one.

  27. Do you still have the unit? What do you do with them after you review? Currently deployed overseas and looking for one.

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