Rohu Fish Fry Recipe by Mom | Indian Fish Fry Recipes | Dr. Mala Sinha

Rohu Fish Fry Recipe by Mom | Indian Fish Fry Recipes | Dr. Mala Sinha

Hello Mummy What are we cooking today? Rohu fish Oh this are small size rohu fish? They are medium sized So are you making a curry? Or rohu fry?We aew making rohu fry today taste that as well and see So tell me all the ingredients for this This is nearly 700 grams of fish I have 4 pieces Now we will see all the spices that we are going to add Here we have yellow mustard seeds-3 tbsp Ginger piece around one inch 4-5 green chilies 2 pieces of garlic See here we have prepared a paste of all of this This has been made by grinding all of this together and we will mix this in the fish So we don’t need all the spices again This is mixture of 5 seeds Fenugreek seeds+mustard seeds+ cumin seeds+ beet seeds+ flax seeds This is asafotida This is turmeric powder This is salt and this are green fresh coriander leaves We are using mustard oil over here We use mustard oil for cooking fish Nearly 4 spoons of oil. We will use oil properly so that my fish can be fried We will use this on a tawa Be careful that the fish doesn’t stick to the tawa My flame was on high which I have reduced and we will let the oil heat now Till then we will add the masala to the fish See we have washed the fish properly and there is no water Now we will mix the fish and masala I have used all the masala or paste that I had shown earlier Now we will add turmeric around 1 spoon Salt is also around 1 spoon We will add a little more salt since fish is preferred to be eaten a bit salty Now we will add the mixture of 5 seeds approx 1/2 spoon We will also add coriander leaves with this Less that 1/4th spoon asafotida Now we will mix all of this Now we have mixed the masala well in the fish This step should be done well All the empty places must be filled All the places from inside which have been cooked After frying it tastes really well Now slowly we will add the fish on the tawa for frying And we will add the masala from above on the fish We will keep the flame on low so be careful of that My oil is hot so the fish is frying and we will add the paste on the top Now add one more fish to the pan After adding the fish how much time should it be fried on one side? Around 4-5 minutes on one side On very low flame Within 5 minutes one side will be fried Sometimes it happens that the fish sticks to the base of the pan To prevent this what precaution must be taken? Main precaution is to be careful with the flame See here my flame is on low So my fish is cooking as well as my masala is also cooking Now when the time will come for flipping this we will increase the flame One minute before flipping the fish So the fish gets cooked and intakes the masala Because a lot of people don’t have non stick pans It is not necessary that everyone has non stick pan so we can make this on this tawa as well And the tawa fish also tastes really good See my fish has turned golden brown on one side So has the fish cooked? Yes it has got a nice brown colour as well So I will remove this now So total how many minutes have passed? Around 12-13 minutes Yes the fish gets cooked in around 10-12 minutes We will keep this fish in a pan now Okay see you all in the next video.Bye all of you

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  1. Soooo yummy 😋 😋 😋 😋 Lalit ji yahan pr yellow mustard nahi milta only black milta he mummy se puch kr batayen na mustard paste use krsakte hain kya aur kitne

  2. Wow yummy
    Please check out more recipes on my channel and to get new recipes subscribe to me m sure u gonna like it Thank you very much

  3. I like the way ur Mom cook it's different from others but I observed one thing why Hing in all most all the dishes..

  4. Wow…Good one… But choti rohu me kaante bahut hote hain … But mustard marination is wow …. My mom makes curry with this paste which is only way I can visualize a fish curry …. Will try this definitely

  5. Ma'am my masala never used to stick to fish after your suggestion I tried it the way u said to keep on high flame while flipping and it helped me. Thanks

  6. Yeah fish unique tastes comes from Bihar only. This recipe is authentic and the spices are the key to the unique taste. My ammi prepares with same ingredients and the taste must be same. Just post all authentic recipe from your location. We should preserve our recipes.

    Thanks for nice video having all crucial details.

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