Rosemary Roasted Chicken With Brussels Sprouts |

Rosemary Roasted Chicken With Brussels Sprouts |

Hey what’s up Soldiers! Chris here at vibes and up in the kitchen is usual! A request via Instagram @CaribbeanPot follow me if you’re not if you’re not already doing that you’re missing out you are really missing out on the vibes man ”Chris we want a quick roasted chicken in the oven” we’ve done many. Today i have some drumsticks, a couple ingredients one tray a nice little meal. You’re going to love this one man, and I believe it’s gluten free too. Let’s check it out! What’s up Soldiers! Don’t forget to click subscribe, if you’ve already clicked subscribe, hit that Bell notification thing and you won’t be missing out on the new videos man. Come on click! I’ll just quickly show you how we are going to prep the brussels sprouts… just going to snip off the bottom part there They’ve been washed you really want to wash them really well and drain. And all we going to do is cut them in half like that so one more time Cut out that sort of root, the bottom sort of piece there Brap brap and it’s easy like that. So I’m just going to continue doing those And set them aside. The other thing you want to do I have the fresh rosemary here you’re just going to grab a couple of them and pull back So we all that rosemary the bottom there Top parts, I’m just goint to save and ain’t trying to fight up with that too much So we got that Rosemary there(set this aside for a second) All you going to do is pretty much give that a rough chop Don’t want to over chop it because I want some of the bigger pieces of the rosemary as well That’s basically it. I’ve got some olive oil. I’m just putting into this bowl here. You need about half of a cup of olive oil My oven is preheating to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. So four zero zero degrees Fahrenheit and all the ingredients we use here today, they will be listed down in the description of the video Some salt We will need some lemon juice Juice of one lemon and this recipe will be posted sooner or later on If you’re not following me yet on Instagram you can jump on there as I said. That’s where a lot of the recipe requests comes from Just going to finish squeezing that in a minute in there, you need some fresh ground black pepper Nice big dose of that and since this is not necessarily a Caribbean recipe i’m not going to go in with my typical scotch bonnet pepper or Caribbean sunshine in there. That is the rosemary that we chopped up earlier there. And I like using a lot of garlic in this rosemary and garlic especially with chicken. Yooo, that’s a classic combination. So I’m going to use about two four six cloves of that garlic. And I also like adding a bit of parsley to the mix now if you want to add a bit of fresh thyme in there, you can certainly do that. And we’ve got a lemon seed that tried to sneak in there. And basically all you would do now.. I’m not going to add any thyme in there because I really want that rosemary to really star as well as the the garlic. Give that a good mix Just to bring everything together Pretty much I have my chicken drumsticks they’re already clean and everything pretty much all I’m doing you now is just putting it all onto the roasting tray that I’ll be using and you’ll notice I have some carrots there that I found in the fridge. As I said, it’s going to be a one tray kind of dish Some more of that fresh ground black pepper We’re going to hit it with some salt now And next up we’re going to pour that dressing all over it. It’s Just a matter of pouring it on We’re going to go in with our hands after and we’re going to massage everything make sure everything is coated in that rosemary garlicky goodness that we have here. Be sure to get it all out Ain’t trying to waste any of that off-camera, I went ahead and I i mixed, I tossed everything in there If you notice the tips of the rosemary I put them back in here as well because we really want that to perfume the dish as it grills off. Just going to go in with a slight bit more on this olive oil and into the oven, middle rack 400 degrees Fahrenheit It’s been in the oven now for about 20 minutes and one of the things I forgot to mention I don’t know if I mentioned maybe I did maybe I didn’t You will notice that I have all of the brussel sprouts with the cut side down on a flat surface, the more you can do that that will sort of caramelize the bottom of there and it’s really going to get nice and sweet, you know One of the things about Brussels sprouts people don’t like it because it have a sort of a bitter aftertaste. Not this one here, trust me. Back in the oven and there you go fresh out of the oven it took 40 minutes anywhere between 40 and 45 minutes and I flipped some of the Brussels sprouts to show you what I meant about the caramelization which will happen. These carrots are nice and sweet. We’ve got a nice little golden color on the chicken fully cooked all the way through. Here’s the thing I’ve got two massive lights here so chicken won’t look as golden as I am seeing it but I assure you Chris here at CaribbeanPot.Com always a pleasure to have you all here in the kitchen with me. A lovely one tray dish and it wasn’t really hard to put together. We just made that quick marinade We tossed it in there in the oven 400 degrees Fahrenheit and u have something nice Man bless it up alright! My little baby is here. We’ve got cookbooks guys get your copy today!

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  1. Ah boi keto friendly vibes. That beautiful caramel color tho. And bro give us a mini update on the gram with your procedure today. All the best. 👍🏼👊🏼👊🏼🇹🇹

  2. Hi I had a rost rosemary chicken that I bought in the village NY years ago and loved it I am going to try your recipe look good

  3. Dear Sir I love watching you cook sir. Do you have a Facebook page? Bring a Belizean American I support all cultures and would love to support you.

  4. Chris that looks yummy! I'm a big fan of brussel sprouts. The hubby didn't like it because he said they're bitter, that is until I cooked it for him!! I wash and prep it just like you and then sauteed them with a litter olive oil and butter with minced garlic on a medium to high heat, toss in a little bacon bits and it's absolutely delish. Thanks for this recipe, definitely going to give it a try. Blessings!!

  5. I had a craving for what in trinidad we call as "sa-wine". It's a sweet soup made made-to-order with vermicelli noodles, milk and spices. If you know what madness I'm rambling about hook the recipe up for me please!

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