Roti Canai | Roti Pratha | 马来千层饼 [Nyonya Cooking]

Roti Canai | Roti Pratha | 马来千层饼 [Nyonya Cooking]

Hey guys, welcome to Nyonya Cooking. This video is a very special one because it is part of the playlist, Breakfast in Malaysia If you are interested to know what we Malaysians eat during breakfast Just check out the link in the description box below It should give you more information and also give you more recipes to the food that we have during breakfast Now, in this video, we are going to prepare something that is at the top of the list of most Malaysians This is how to prepare roti canai. This is a flat bread that is crispy and flaky I like to make this because it’s really one of the most favourite dishes of Malaysian cuisine when it comes to food So, some recipes you may find them using eggs or condensed milk. I like to keep mine simple and yet I still get this really flaky, soft and also crispy roti canai If you want to know what the ingredients are, let’s check it out You’ll first need a bit of flour, water, oil, some salt and also sugar That’s all, simple and easy to prepare. Now, let’s go into making the dough First of all, we are going to add the salt and sugar into the water It would be really helpful if the water is slightly warm to dilute the salt and sugar I would use gloves. Just going to create a well in the flour Once it’s mixed well, I’m going to pour half of this into the flour and then carefully mix it. All we want to create is this dough that is workable Knead the dough until it is smooth like this and then it’s time to divide it into portions of equal weight/size. Here I have a plate which had already been oiled earlier So, what we are going to do is try and separate this dough and just to ensure that this dough would not stick to each other. I’m just going to oil it first before putting it on the plate This is just plain vegetable oil. Now, some of the recipes would also use margarine If you like, you can also do that or even use butter but I do not really like this buttery smell or taste to my roti canai That’s why I’m just using plain oil Now, that’s the end to preparing the dough I’m going to show you how to flip the roti canai the next day We are going to keep this in the refrigerator with a cling wrap over it The oil we have in this plate is going to help the dough to rest and also to stop the dough from drying up So, tomorrow we are going to show you how to prepare this flaky, fluffy and crispy roti canai Stay tuned The dough had already rested in the fridge all night and now I just brought it out from the fridge So, to prepare roti canai, you need to have enough of working space. That’s number one Number two is that you will need to oil your working space to flip the roti canai Spread it as much as you can. With your right hand palm facing up and the left hand palm down Just flip it like this Then, move on to the other side and do the same again We are just going to fold it in. Holding the tip, I’m just going to create a circle Place a few drops of oil and let it rest for 3 to 5 minutes before you flatten it again Meanwhile, have the pan ready and heat it up Once this is done, place it onto the pan Keep flipping until it is slightly brown. That’s when the roti canai is ready We are going back to the work place. We are going to release the air in the roti canai and this would actually help to give this texture and also make it really fluffy All you need to do is just clap your hands You’ll really get these layers between the roti canai, as you can see. It’s really beautiful Lots of layers, really beautiful and I cannot resist. I’m so sorry. Delicious…Nothing beats freshly made roti canai You cannot, just cannot buy the frozen roti canai and substitute it with freshly made roti canai Making roti canai is really simple. I hope you enjoyed this video For those of you who had already tested our recipes, remember to take a photo and upload them on Nyonya Cooking to inspire others to also cook them. Till then, I wish you, happy cooking!

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  1. Thank you so much, I made these last night and left some for today and have just cooked up the rest. They are so easy to make apart from the art of flipping lol….. but hardly any ingredients and you end up with these yummy crunchy flaky treats that I used to scoop up my curry. I am so glad you showed us how to make without all the extra ingredients. Thanks once again. Yum.

  2. You right Grace, we may add magerine too, I think my mum add it, so, the softness will last longer….but, she did for frozen one.

  3. YAY!! We now have English, German and Chinese subtitles. 😀 Thank you!! We welcome contributions in other languages too

  4. Hi Grace, do we need Ghee? I tried making prata years ago, using flour and the taste came out bland and floury.

  5. Malaysia actually didn't have their 'original' cuisine, this roti canai is the example, it's originally from india right? Since malaysia is a multi-racial country..

  6. Actually in chinese we call it 印度煎饼 instead of 马来千层饼. The origin of roti pratha is from india not Malaysia. :3

  7. I love roti canai, thanks for make this video. now I can make my own roti canai and eat it with japanese curry.

  8. Thanks. You are great but to do IT better you got to be An indian. You are doing IT better then me. I still learning to master this

  9. Ive tried this 3 times and cant get the light flakey-ness! wonder what Im doing wrong. Ive measured out ingredients etc. mine turn out thick and doughy like a fat tortilla. any suggestions? Thanks

  10. In Kerala they have a flaky spiral bread called Parotta. I believe that was the inspiration for this Malaysian dish.

  11. I just wanna say, thanks for the video. i was stayed in Malaysia for 5 years, i miss Malaysian food so much! this is awesome video

  12. I made Roti Canai for the first time using your recipe and it was DEEEEEElicious! I served it up with a yummy Dal curry. Perfect! 🙂

  13. thanks @nyonya cooking,,i am trying it now,,done with my dough,i hope tomorrow i made it perfect and delicious…. ..

  14. Which flour to use for roti canai? Must I use so much oil? How long should I rest the dough? How to eat roti canai? Get your questions answered with the tips we have for you:

  15. Hi, thanks for sharing the recipe.. I like roti canai! But my roti canai turn out rubbery.. I left them overnight like yours..i would be happy if you share what should i do to improve it?.should i increase the water,or shorten the kneading time etc..tq❤️

  16. The recipe is almost exactly that of " Malabar paratha" very popular in the Indian state of Kerala and Tamilnadu.

  17. Dear Grace, the kneading part when you make roti canai is very very important. You need to knead at least 15-20 mins using a lot of elbow grease. Otherwise, use a dough kneading machine for at least 7 mins. No mention of this in your video.

  18. Can you please tell me the recepie for the sauce that comes with the roti canai? I absolutely loved it when I visited Malaysia ( my first try was in the perhentians islands )

  19. Very tempting. What curry you like as an accompaniment. I love fish curry. Can you make it and upload

  20. I got a lot respectful of this young chefs she spoke highly about Malaysia food,She is amazing chefs, That was lovely of you,Tanks

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