RuneScape Month Ahead (Feb 2019) – Elite Dungeons 3, Chef’s Assistant, Double XP

RuneScape Month Ahead (Feb 2019) – Elite Dungeons 3, Chef’s Assistant, Double XP

Now we’ve turned 18 and feel all grown up, it’s perhaps fitting that this month we’re casting our minds back right to the very beginning of our journey, with a sequel to RuneScape’s first ever quest! However, that’s just a taster compared to February’s main course. Are you ready for the arrival of the third and final outing in our epic Elite Dungeons trilogy, The Shadow Reef? Also on the way this month are some great new cosmetics and some less obvious but actually very cool improvements to how we build quests. And a tiny little thing called Double XP Weekend. THE MONTH AHEAD
FEBRUARY Yes, it’s that time once again. Double XP kicks off on February 22nd and runs until February 25th offering delicious XP returns for RuneScape members, although non-members also have reason to cheer with a 20% XP boost. If you have not done so already, and even if you have, Double XP is also the perfect time to get stuck into the Mining & Smithing Rework. Twice the XP for every bit of ore mined and every weapon forged? Yes, please! The third and final entry in the epic Elite Dungeons Trilogy is nearly upon us and at long last it’s time to face the Ambassador. By now you’ve likely conquered the sandy pillars and steps of the Temple of Aminishi and successfully traversed the burning depths of the Dragonkin Laboratory. But even if you haven’t, the time has come to take the plunge and tackle the watery challenge of The Shadow Reef. This story-driven adventure takes you to the realm of the dreaded Ambassador, although he is just one of three bosses and loads of minibosses, all of whom are voiced, that players will have to face if they are to emerge triumphant. Also look out for the miniboss named by a charity auction winner, we suspect you’ll know it when you see it. Players must descend ever deeper into this multi-levelled underwater abyss and prevent a ritual designed to summon an ancient evil to Gielinor. Successful adventurers can lay claim to a new tier 92 two-handed crossbow, three pets and three sigils, among other new things. And those who have been paying close attention to the narrative threads weaved through the Elite Dungeons thus far may find a few loose ends being tied up. Also keep an eye out for our special Elite Dungeons video releasing on YouTube on February 22nd which will recap all the Elite Dungeon fun so far and give new starters an encouraging nudge in the right direction. To get started on The Shadow Reef, head to the boat east of Daemonheim. There are no level requirements, although be warned that the combat is aimed at higher levels. Note that you no longer have to complete any of the Elite Dungeons to access the others, although there are bonuses available to those who complete each dungeon in consecutive order. We’re also introducing a new spotlight mechanic that sees one of the three Elite Dungeons offering additional bonuses each day on rotation. The Shadow Reef launches on February 25th. We want to correct a very grave oversight. Ladies and gentlemen, we are guilty of gross negligence. We have knowingly created a world in which cheesecake does not exist. For nearly two decades the fine denizens of Gielinor have been forced to endure this injustice. But now our new quest, Chef’s Assistant, is here to right this wrong. Cook’s Assistant was the first ever RuneScape quest, released way back in 2001. Back then players were helping to make a birthday cake for Duke Horacio. Chef’s Assistant works along the same lines, with players helping Head Chef to perfect a new recipe for a top secret dessert to show off at the next “Cooks, Apprentices and Kitchen Experts Society” meeting. Cheesecake! Chef’s Assistant is relatively short and combat-free. One does not fight when cheesecake is involved. It’s a free-to-play quest that’s available to all players with access to the Cooks’ Guild. Once your cheesecake skills have been mastered, you’ll be able to make six different varieties, some of which make use of the flavoured milks from Player Owned Farm. They offer Prayer restore and healing effects. Plus there’s some very cheesecakey post-quest content and a new achievement to grab. To get started, players must have firstly completed Cook’s Assistant, which we presume you’ve already done. Then simply head over to the Cooks’ Guild and speak to Head Chef to begin the quest. Chef’s Assistant launches on February 11th. Those with a penchant for fashion will also want to keep a close eye on Treasure Hunter this month. Crystal Capsules will offer the first chance to get hold of the new shadow gem helmet and weapons, along with deathtouched darts and assorted sizable large cash prizes. Look out for that from the week beginning February 7th. Also keep your eyes peeled for Boneyard, which will for the first time offer both the Bone Master Outfit and the Skeletal Bear pet. These arrive on the week beginning February 28th. February also sees the introduction of several under-the-hood changes to how we put our quests together. The impact for players won’t be immediate or huge, but it will make the lives of our developers a little easier and allow them to better bring their fantastic ideas to life. Alongside this are a few tweaks and tucks to how quests operate in game. Changes so far include better quest sorting, including by start area, release date, quest series, chronological order, and combat difficulty, more information on the quest overview screen, improvements to the While Guthix Sleeps and Children of Mah quests. We’re over the moon about how many of you have joined this year’s Premier Club. And we have good news for those of you yet to take the plunge. Due to popular demand, we have extended the opportunity for you to grab 2019’s Gold Premier Club package. Bronze and Silver Premier Club packages will be unavailable from February 4th. Also landing shortly are the introduction of farmhands and an animal barn to Player Owned Farm. The former will be purchasable with beans and will help look after your pens, while the latter will give much-needed space to store your animals. That’s it for this month, other than to remind you to join us for our Month Ahead livestream on February 5th, our Q&A livestream on February 12th and our Elite Dungeons story livestream on February 19th. You can check out all of our RuneScape livestreams on Twitch. And that’ll do it for February. And much like my hair, we hope it flies by very quickly. Boom. There you go. How’s that? Does that work?

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  1. Not 100% sure how i feel. I can reproduce 3 months of my childhood making rune plate bodies on summer break in 1 day of DXP weekend. XP rates have skyrocketed. Makes me regret the xp gains in my childhood now that i can literally make the same gains in 1/10th the time.

  2. Glad he at least cleaned himself up considering he is the COMMUNITY MANAGER!!! At least we are making progress now :))

  3. Man I should really stop reading the comments in these videos, people are so cynical all the time. Yeah some things aren't exactly what you want or what you want isn't being worked on actively but that doesn't mean the video or upcoming content is bad. relax

  4. 3:57 as cool as these cosmetics look…
    A) They're just reskins of the crystal peacock weapons
    B) No full armor set? Just a mask and weapons?

  5. February is looking like an AMAZING month, and a great followup to January's Mining/Smithing rework. Amazing job! I wish new Elite Dungeons would be released each year. They're great.

  6. I really enjoyed the questing update for it for new players when they join it’ll be easier for them to get the lore down even though I’m fuzzy as heck on it.

  7. God ironman is so fucking good on RS3 right now keep it up! Please don't remove group bosses needed for ironman comp cape though… I don't have comp but the group requirements for it forced me to socialize and make friends which has positively impacted my life. Reminds me of my vanilla wow days…

  8. You guys are great! Recently switched to RS3 for the first time and am having such a great time. Community is amazing! 🙂

  9. Neat, now can you adjust crafting and fletching to be more in line with smithing? Still need 80 fletching to make that t50 bow. Kinda lame.


  11. Gotta promote your mtx in the month ahead because theres no other updates this month. Man im glad i stopped playing this game its mtx system is just as bad as EAs and Activisions.

  12. Wow. Double fucking standards. 'No women's shirts larger than a medium.' Your whole 'no fat chicks' crusade should lead you to a fucking mirror.

  13. Will treasure hunter have a protean/bonus xp only event coming up for double xp? I need as much protean as I can get for 99 lol.

  14. Definitely excited for this month, but I also gotta point out:
    "One does not fight when cheesecake is involved" 3:15
    Also same video: "They offer prayer restore and healing effects…" 3:29

  15. Lol good as always but just a light tip : BREATH…. so frustrating to listen to when there’s almost no pausing. 😉

  16. Can we have a new runescape that's kind of like Minecraft but not blocky, I like the combat system and player view and inventory more, but keep the leveling system and the items the same.

    It would be the ultimate game.

  17. Treasure hunter should not be advertised during the month ahead. Hate to be one of these people, but not a great deal of content lately either, which adds to the frustration of micros being shoved in my face. This kind of shit is hurting the game when you start to advertise it in place of content. You also claimed th would be getting better and guaranteed prises wouldn’t return, despite this the frequency of TH based promotion and their severity are only increasing. I’m starting to distrust the intentions of the people making the game.

  18. Amazing movie! Sitting here at Y&S FOOD! we all love to catch this style of content. We make Travel & Food videos as well, across the globe, so we are continually seeking out inspirations and so approaches. Thank You.

  19. Sighhhh. Can you guys not give out paid instant boss kills? The hell is wrong with you people? Who is running this game? Fire them. Fire them now. The management has ruined this game in the past couple of years. And for Christ sake release an open beta for mobile for iOS. You’re well over a year late going on 2. Who cares if it’s not ready yet. That’s what a beta is for. You have to do SOMETHING to keep RuneScape 3 players around. That’s the only update I see actually getting players back for more than a week.

  20. Doesn't enforce the same rules for all, use to love game but it all depends who you are with Jagex, that is why I stopped playing a very long time ago. Sparc mac uses his viewers to gain wealth many times through the game and he has never been banned, that is real world trading but yet nothing!! Jagex doesn't keep the same rules for everyone, all you have to do is look around. Sorry to hear A Friend.

  21. thanks for the update, dxp sounds great, I hope I can find a spare minute. I cannot wait for the next quest, I love a nice dessert <3

  22. got back into the game and wanted to watch the upcoming content and jesus christ if your gonna present something at least clean your face.

  23. @2:43 I though you were going to mention the bot problem that has grossly resurfaced and has been ignored. Instead I got cheesecake.

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