100 thoughts on “Saigon Street Food in Berlin: Chef’s Night Out with District Mot”

  1. This is interesting, because veganism is expanding exponentially in Germany and specifically Berlin, you wouldn't get a clue of that in this…. strange since the whole is supposed to be so "chic" as he says in the beginning– the "chic" in Deutschland  is veganism actually 🙂

  2. oh lets see some people who have nothing to do with berlin. maybe show some real berliner with döner. to show people from frankfurt making a berlin episode. is something like blasphemie. 

  3. DON'T YOU ROTTEN KRAUTS EVER TRY TO MAKE A FUSION BURGER AGAIN. voted berlins best burger 3 years in a row? on bao?! with fruit? yes i'm american and ignore how frustrated I am getting with the thought of even eating fruit with my burgers.

  4. 2:25 : "this is you…" but if this is me then who am i…the clone? No i'm the clone , you're you….but if i'm you who is he? the CLONE!!!

  5. Love seeing how diverse other countries are with Asians speaking German.   #mindisblown  More of this please!!!!! #munchiesaddict

  6. Thats Berlin at its finest! Its such a diverse city, there you can taste the world! I`m from Germany, and I know what Berlin can offer you! Very nice episode!! Next stop… Berlin

  7. Vice mag zwar eine cooles Coverage sein, aber das District Mot ist totaler Mist. Der Service ist unter aller Kanone. Man wird schlecht empfangen, die Qualität des Essens inst Mittelmaß bis ausreichend und der Sitzkomfort mies.

    Bloß weil man ein Coverae bei VICE bekommt (bzw über eine Presse Agentur eine Coverage gekauft hat), ist man noch lange nicht gut.

    Ich sehe VICE (nur Muncheis, der Rest ist immer noch super), jetzt mit ganz anderen Augen!

  8. Saigon street food?  This foo better at least be as good as that old lady all the 'foodies' say you have to go to in Saigon to eat Pho.

  9. which episode was the one with a chefs wife and him eating at the super expensive tasting menu place and it was really awkward?

  10. Hab das Gefühl bei Muschis dass die Leute sich derbe selbst feiern .sry wenn ich mit meiner Meinung jemand auf die Füße trete

  11. Angst level of American culture showing in comment section again. Relax shitheads, we all know your not an old culture and you act like newborn children, when threatened even by the slightest thing. We are trying to get used to you, so hey maybe appreciate that.

  12. Chef's Night Out always blows my mind…how do these people eat and drink so much? If this were me, I'd probably have food at the beginning, drink a shit load and then eat at the end. But, kudos to them.

    Also, these places look great and I can't wait to visit Berlin.

  13. District mot is THE overrated location in Berlin. Mainly by hipsters who've been to Vietnam or Thailand once. Food is rubbish, atmosphere is ok. Dirty place as you can also see in some shots! Don't go there, don't believe the hype.

  14. they are just hipsters … like u see everywhere in berlin
    he speaks intentionally so relaxed and tries to put less effort in his pronunciation so it seems casual

    what a douche …


  16. The location looks really nice. Food stalls in D1 used to look like this one. But dude… his Vietnamese is so bad. Literally nothing was spelled right. So much cringe if you are Vietnamese or goc Viet.

  17. Kinda freaked me out when I saw an Asian in Saigon serving Vietnamese but speaking German. But then I realized he wasn't in Saigon.

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