Sake Brewery Tour! Learning & Drinking at the Same Time!

Hey everyone welcome to this new 2min Japan video! Today let’s talk about Sake! Aaa sake, this amazing Japanese alcohol That is both really soft and really easy to drink WHAT?? Did you just say “easy to drink”?? In Western Countries, the “sake” we drink in cheap sushi restaurants is usually cheap disgusting crap If you ever come to Japan Try some good sake and taste the real taste of sake So, about Sake I was invited with my friend Aala
to go on a Sake Brewery Tour in Chiba Prefecture After a short and comfy bus ride we arrived at the first Sake Brewery: Nabedana which has been making Sake for 324 years Now that’s a lot! After putting on our sexy uniforms We started the factory tour but exactly: How Do You Make Sake?? How do you make Sakeee〜 Making wine requires only one process Whereas Sake requires A MILLION DIFFERENT PROCESS First of all the rice is polished up to 35% of its size We got a chance to taste the rice which really tasted like Well..rice! Then there’s the process of the Koji Making Koji are fungi that can be found in blue cheese CHEEEESE!!!! Koji rice is made by sprinkling Koji
over the steamed rice and then let it sit for 48 hours The next process: Shubo Shubo is made by adding Koji rice, steamed rice, sake yeast, and lactic acid into purified water Then there’s the Moromi, the final Culture where they keep adding more Koji rice steamed rice and purified water And after 20 to 35 days the level of alcohol in Moromi reaches the right point Then Filtration, Pasteurization, Storage and….. VOILA! That’s how you make Sake Now let’s get drunk!!! I mean “let’s have a tasting session” After that we headed to the town of Hakkou No Sato which is super famous for its fermented food At this stop you could buy a lot of fermented stuff souvenirs and really really cheap award winning sakes So I didn’t hesitate!!! All of these areas are a 15min
bus ride from Narita Airport and an hour from Tokyo So if you’ve got some time to kill at the airport,
you could definitely check it out! After that it was then time for lunch.. ..and we headed to the beautiful city of OH Time’s up! Shit!! I guess this is gonna be a 2 part video! How will the trip end? Will they make it alive??? Find out on the next episode of

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