Salt Block Pizza | Grilling Pizza On A Himalayan Salt Block | Salt Block Cooking

Salt Block Pizza | Grilling Pizza On A Himalayan Salt Block | Salt Block Cooking

today we’re making a pizza and we’re
gonna make it on a salt block oh yeah hey everyone welcome back to Baum
grillinz today we are going to attempt to make a pizza on a salt block what’s
it supposed to do I have not a clue I just thought it would be cool something
to try something unique to see if there is any difference to the taste of the
pizza so let’s get right into it okay so the first thing you’re gonna do is
you’re gonna put your salt block into a cold grill now you want it cold because
that salt block needs to come up to temperature slowly with the grill as you
do it so what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna
be turning up the temperature about every 10 minutes or so
very slowly if you get it too hot too fast you’re gonna break your salt block
no good so make sure it is slow take it slow get that salt block really hot now
I’m using a pellet grill I don’t know that I’m gonna get the temperatures that
I want out of it I’m gonna get that salt block as hot as I can and we’re gonna
attempt to put this pizza on there and cook it should be good I think it’s
gonna be good okay so to start out with this pizza we’ve got our dough here now
I’m using a recipe I’ve never done before
basically this dough has sat overnight 24-hours kind of fermenting and it’s
really sticky and kind of wet now the reason behind that the salt block really
doesn’t pull any of the salt out of it unless you kind of have some moisture on
top of that salt block so I’m hoping that with a wetter style of dough that
it will actually take some of that salt out of it otherwise I don’t know what
it’s gonna do I’ll leave a link to where I found this recipe and you guys can
check it out and try it yourself I’m really excited to try it this will be
the first time for me our salt blocks just about up to temperature we’re
around 320 345 in some areas on the salt block so
I’m I think that’s where I’m gonna be so let’s let’s get to building this pizza
okay so we are ready to build our pizza I’ve got little pizza peel here I want
to make sure I can get this transferred over to that stone without any problems
hopefully I can now we’ve got some really nice ingredients here I’ve got
some mozzarella I’ve got some pepperoni we’ve got some tomato basil and onion
I’m gonna build a couple of different types of pizzas today so we’ll see how
that goes but the first pizza I’m gonna do I’m gonna dedicate it to one of my
subscribers you know who you are thank you so much for watching I really
appreciate all the support you give so this pizza is for you buddy so we’re
gonna start out with our dough now I’m gonna throw down that flour this is
really really sticky I tell you what very sticky stuff get that right on top
of there just start pushing it out now I’m gonna make it into like I’m up a
little square so I’ll take up as much as I can of that salt block that’s
basically it make sure she slides that’s what you
want did not want this thing to stick you will have troubles and if you’ve
seen any of my other videos Pizza videos you know that I’ve had
troubles with pizzas before okay a little something like that I think
that’ll do alright we’re gonna add some marinara to that thread it around that looks pretty good
oh yeah all right now we’ll go I’ll do pepperoni first these are some big thick
slices look at those puppies one two three all right well just get six of
them on there and then mozzarella make sure she still slides okay she’s still
sliding there we go all right there we go got our pepperoni pizza we’re gonna
throw that on that salt block all right here we go see if we can get that Pete’s
all that salt bomb something like that I guess all right we’re gonna let that pizza
cook for about ten minutes or so we’re gonna make sure we check it though I
don’t want this thing to fry you know gotta have a good pizza okay I think
that pizza is ready to come out let’s pull it out oh yeah
look at that puppy right there that looks really good really good smells
amazing too huh all right well well cut into it in a
minute I want to make some more pizzas too so stick around okay so I’m going to
set this aside real quick just kind of push it out of the way and we’re gonna
make another pizza we’re gonna do a margarita pizza
let that cool make a margarita okay I’ve also got one other idea that I want to
try just in case this doesn’t really I don’t know how this is gonna turn out I
don’t know if it’s gonna add any salt to it or whatever but we’re gonna we’re
gonna try to get there got to make sure this thing ain’t gonna stick once again
you’re a marinara on there this one’s just gonna consist of
mozzarella break this one up a little bit and some fresh basil and then you got to
hit a little bit of extra-virgin olive oil on top of there – just a little bit
mister spritzing of it go still slidin pizza margherita I don’t know if that’s
how you say it let’s throw it on the soap block whoo beautiful pizza pizza hey Dad okay that next pizza’s ready
we’ll pull it out Aling looks good we’re gonna let that one cool down now call my
third pizza what I have done I have frozen one of the dough’s it froze it
the reason I did that is because I want to see while it thaws out if it’ll pull
that salt out of that salt block we’ll see I don’t know
it’s an idea right all right let’s get to fixing this thing up but this one I’m
going all out just going marinara pepperoni mozzarella gonna go onion
tomato and of course some basil oh this is
gonna be good just looking at it looks so good we’ll
do a little bit olive oil on top of there too there you have her what are you doing crazy can’t get out
of here okay that final pizza is ready to go we’ll pull it off let it cool tear
into all of them looks really good now this one it was a little more
difficult just because it was a frozen crust but kind of broke up on me a
little bit grew a little bit larger I think it’s gonna be okay though so I’ve
got the other ones in a warming oven I’m gonna go pull them out and we’re gonna
bite into each one of these and see how they taste okay we got all our pizzas
here we got our pepperoni got our margarita and we got our everything with
all the other stuff let’s tear into it now they’re all nice and warm still they
should be really good we’ll start well I’m gonna have to kind of move some pull
them around here get the pepperoni here just go ahead and I’m gonna cut it in
half sounds really crispy there’s that pepperoni for you give it a shot real
quick hmm my head is really good really good dress
looks good it’s a tasty crust I don’t know that I taste any salt or anything
the pepperonis very very salty actually so I don’t know all right let’s try the
next one all right here’s the margarita okay here
we go that’s really good I like that the basil is excellent there’s an olive oil
there there’s that crutch to I don’t know I I really don’t notice anything I
mean it’s just good pizza but I don’t see any difference with the salt block
No next is the everything okay sorry guys
it’s getting really dark out here take it too long to cook my pizzas here’s the
everything didn’t focus I think I got everything on there got basil got some
onion tomato crust looks like all the rest
really you go Wow that’s tasty hmm oh I love tomato on
my pizzas hmm that’s good that’s an excellent pizza that’s so good
all right so there you have it Pizza on a salt block you can do it does it do
much I don’t really know you’re gonna have to try it and let me
know hey thank you so much for watching I’ve got other salt block videos so make
sure you go check those out as well if you’re not subscribed please consider
subscribing and make sure you hit that Bell button so you can be notified every
time I upload a video or go live all right I’m gonna go share this pizza with
my family and I will see you guys on the next episode Baum Grillin’z out!

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  1. The salt block wasn’t hot enough. Also using corn meal instead of flower to coat the bottom of the your pizza paddle might work with the frozen crust to extract more salt from the block. Generally you don’t get too much salt from the block unless you cook either longer or hotter.

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