– [Host] Hey guys and
welcome to another week of fun lunch ideas for school. This week was all about trying new things. Every lunch this week
had a really cute theme and I included at least
one or two new food items for the kids to try. But you guys, all of the lunches this week
were really easy to make so if you’re looking for some fun school lunch inspirations, stay tuned. Now if this is your
first time here, welcome. I invite you to hit that
red subscribe button and get this video a big thumbs up if you love fun lunch ideas too. Now let’s get started. Hey guys and welcome to Monday. So for today’s lunch, I’m gonna be including as many
heart-shaped foods as I can. And because it’s Monday, today’s lunch is also
going to be meatless. The first thing I’m
adding into today’s lunch are some cute little sandwiches. For this, I’m using several
slices of wheat bread. Next, I’m adding in some good
old chunky peanut butter, my favorite. Of course, feel free to
swap this out for WOWBUTTER if you can’t have peanut butter. And now to change this up a bit, instead of adding jam to these sandwiches, I’m gonna be adding
slices of banana instead. Now believe it or not, some people would actually
really like to add in mayonnaise or even bacon at this point, but for my kids I’m just going to sprinkle a little bit of cinnamon right on top. Let me know in the comments down below if you’re a fan of this. Then I’m going to use this sandwich cutter to cut out cute little mini hearts. I’ll go ahead and add
these into the lunch boxes and then move on to the fruit. For today’s lunch, I’m going to start by
opening up this cantaloupe and I’m using my melon baller to make these into little balls. To go along with the cantaloupe, I’m also gonna throw in
just a few strawberries. And to make these into heart shapes, all you have to do is cut
the tops off in a V shape and then slice them down the middle. And then just for fun, I’m also gonna throw in
a cute little heart pick right into this section. Moving onto the back section, I’m going to add in some colorful liners and them I’m going to fill these up with some cucumber slices. Now I want these cucumbers
to be heart shaped as well so for this I’m using a
medium-sized heart cutter, that way I’m really just taking off the skin of the cucumber. I bet a lot of you know
what’s coming next. That’s right, I’m adding
a cute little container of ranch dressing to
go with the cucumbers. McKenzie is getting the bunny. For Lily, I’m adding the panda. And for Jackson, he gets the tugboat. In a separate container, I’m going to add in the kids’ snack and a little sweet treat. For the snack, I’m adding about half a cup of these white cheddar corn puffs. These are very similar to Pirate Booty if you’ve ever tried those. These are just the Trader
Joe version basically. For the sweet treat, I’m just adding in a few of these pumpkin
spice yogurt pretzels. I found these at Target. And even though they do smell really good, they’re kind of already melty so hopefully they’re
not gonna be a big mess in the kids’ lunches today. And then finally to
complete today’s lunch, I’m also gonna be packing
up the kids’ water bottles. Good morning friends
and welcome to Tuesday. For today’s lunch, I’m switching things up and using my Goodbyn containers. I’m going with a pineapple theme today. And today’s lunch is also
going to be nut-free. For the main course, I’m going to be trying a new recipe. For this, I’m starting with
half a block of cream cheese. This is room temperature. And then to this I’m going to be adding two tablespoons of crushed pineapple. Next, I’m adding in some green onion and I’m just using my
kitchen scissors for this. I think it’s a lot easier than
getting out a chopping board and doing all of that. I’m just snipping these
directly into the bowl. And now I’m just going
to mix this all together. Next, I’m taking a very
large flour tortilla and I’m going to add about
half of my cream cheese mixture right on here and then
I’m going to spread it out just as evenly as I can. And I do wanna make sure
to get this cream cheese all the way to the edges of the tortilla. Now to this I’m also adding
several slices of honey ham. Now like I said, I’ve never
made this recipe before, but generally my kids
really like the combination of ham and pineapple so I
think they’re gonna like this. And then I’m going to
slice them into pieces before I add them to the lunchbox. Now for the fruit today, I’m also gonna be throwing
in even more pineapple which my kids will totally be fine with. They love pineapple. Then to go along with these, I have the cutest little food picks. I get these at Hobby Lobby. And I’m just gonna stick these
right down in the pineapple. Now I think it looks really
pretty just like this. But of course to get
the lid on the lunchbox, I am gonna have to sort
of tuck it down in there a little bit more. For our veggie today, I’m
adding in some crinkle carrots. For this, I’m just using a whole carrot. I went ahead and washed it and peeled it and now I’m using this new crinkle cutter, cut these in little bite sized pieces. Now these lunches are already looking so bright and colorful, but there’s still a few
things that I wanna add. In this front section here, I’m going to start by
adding some pretzels. I think these will be a really good snack to go along with today’s lunch. And then to go along with these pretzels, I’m also gonna throw in a little wedge of Laughing Cow Cheese. This is in the garlic and herb flavor which really just tastes like ranch. Surprisingly, all of my kids like these. These fit perfectly into
the lunchbox just like that. And now the idea is that at lunchtime the kids can open up these
little cheese packets and sort of dip their
pretzels in that cheese and it’s a really good combination. Now before I forget, I’m also throwing in
some ranch containers. I know the kids will be happy to see these to go with the carrots. And then for the sweet treat today, I’m keeping it tropical. Now unfortunately I couldn’t find any pineapple flavored fruit strips, but I know my kids are going
to love these mango ones. Now I actually find these at ALDIs. And it’s basically a
fruit leather you guys. Now I like that these
come individually wrapped so they’re perfect for
throwing into lunches. And then lastly for the kids’ drink today, I’m just sending their water bottles. Welcome to Wednesday. Now for today’s lunch, I’m
going with a Toy Story theme. And I try to pack a warm
lunch on Wednesdays if I can. So for these lunches, I’m using the OmieBox because
it has a built-in thermos. Now for today’s main course, I’m gonna be making something
I know the kids love. They haven’t had these
in such a long time. These are mini corn dogs. These ones actually have
a turkey hotdog inside and they are so good. So now these corn dogs are fully cooked, but they are frozen so I’m just gonna pop
them onto a baking sheet and then pop them in the oven. They really only take about 10 minutes. They are super quick. So now that the corn
dogs are nice and hot, I can go ahead and add
them into the lunchbox. And then of course, I’m also gonna be packing some ketchup. Now I know a lot of you
would probably prefer mustard to go with your corn dogs,
but most of my kids would not. They prefer ketchup. So I’m just gonna squirt
a little bit of ketchup in these separate containers and then add them into the lunchbox. Now to go along with the Toy Story theme, I’m also gonna throw in one of these yogurt smoothie bottles. These ones are so cute you guys. Each bottle has a different
Toy Story character on the outside. And they’re nice and little so they’re perfect for
throwing into lunchboxes. Check out all these cute
characters you guys. Let me know in the comments down below who your favorite Toy
Story 4 character is. I really think that the Porky
character is super cute, but I also think that Ducky
and Bunny are really funny. So I’m gonna add these little
smoothies right into there. They fit perfectly just like that. And then I’m gonna add in some fruit. For today’s lunch, I thought
it would be perfect to add in some of these Carnival grapes. The packaging says that these
are white seedless grapes and you guys these are the kind that taste like cotton candy. My kids love these and I think they really do
taste like cotton candy. They’re very good. Then I’m gonna be adding some
cute Toy Story food picks right into the grapes section. These are so cute and I actually
found them at Party City. Now to go along with this lunch, I’m also gonna be throwing
in some Goldfish crackers. These are the Toy Story ones
so it’s perfect for today. But I have to tell you guys, these are getting really
hard to find in the stores so I think these might be
going away really soon. And you guys the same thing goes for the Mickey Mouse Goldfish crackers. So I’m not sure if they’re going to be discontinuing these or not, but if you’re a fan of these, you better go find some right now just in case they stop making them. Personally, I hope they still make these because I think they are adorable. So now I’m gonna pop the lids on these so they can stay nice and hot. So that’s everything in today’s lunch. But since it is Wednesday, I’m also packing a snack for later. If this is your first time here, you might not already know this, but as a family we just moved
from California to Florida and we live really close to Disney World. So once a week, we try to go there as a
family to spend time together. Now as you can guess,
Disney food is pretty pricey so I like to pack snacks
we can bring with us. So for today’s Disney snack, I’m going to pack these really cute Laughing Cow little dipper packs which is basically just
cheese and breadsticks, but you guys these are
so cute because right now they have some with the Toy
Story characters on the outside so they’re like the perfect Disney snack. And then in this other
section of the snack box, I’m also gonna be adding
in some Trail Mix. So this is kinda like a snack and a treat because this Trail Mix also has a few Reese’s Pieces in there. I’m just adding a
scoopful of this Trail Mix right into this section so these snacks are
ready to go after school. We can just grab them and go to Disney. And then for the kids’ drinks today, they’re just taking water. Hey friends and happy Thursday. Now today’s lunch is going to be inspired by the movie Abominable which is such an adorable movie you guys. If you haven’t seen it, I
definitely recommend it. So without giving too
much of the movie away, I will say that this
movie was set in China. And that in this movie, they make and eat a lot of pork buns. So when I was at Trader Joe’s,
I made sure to pick some up. Now I’m not quite sure
how authentic these are, but they sound really interesting and I think the kids will be
excited to give them a try. Now I’m just gonna make these according to the
directions on this package. I’m gonna start by
removing this little paper that’s on the bottom. I think that’s there so
that these don’t stick. And then the directions say to wrap the bun inside a paper towel and then pop it into the
microwave for only 45 seconds. So that’s really quick and easy. Now when these come out of
microwave, be careful you guys. They are super hot so I’m gonna
go ahead and use these tongs to get them into the lunchbox. I just love that little design on the top. I think these look so cool. When I was living in Japan, I used to buy little buns
like these all the time and they were like my
favorite little snack. But the ones I bought actually
had curry chicken inside and some of them even had a pizza filling. They were so good. Next, I’m going to be
adding in some blueberries. Now if you’ve seen this movie, you’ll already know why blueberries are perfect for today’s lunch and specifically these
blueberries because look at them, they are ginormous. They’re like twice or maybe even triple the
size of a regular blueberry. Now one of the main characters
of this movie is a yeti, also known as the abominable snowman. But unfortunately, I
couldn’t find any napkins or picks with that theme. They just don’t seem to make them. But I do have some of these really cute movie theater food picks so I’m just gonna go ahead
and put those right in there. For our vegetables today, I’m just adding a combination
of carrots and celery sticks. Next up, I’m going to be throwing together a really simple yeti themed treat. For this, I’m just using some
store bought blueberry muffins and to these I’m adding just
a little bit of cream cheese mixed with some powdered sugar. Then I’m gonna take each little muffin and I’m going to dip it into some coconut. This coconut definitely
reminds me of the white fur on the outside of the yeti. And then since the yeti in
this movie has great big eyes, I’m gonna bring out my
container of eye sprinkles and I’m gonna add two
to each little muffin. And there you have it, really simple blueberry
and coconut yeti muffins. My kids are going to love these. And then for the snack today, I’m going to add a scoop
of this cheddar popcorn. Of course, popcorn always goes great with a movie themed lunch. And finally for the kids’ drink today, again they’re just gonna
take their water bottles. Hey guys, we made it to Friday. Now the theme for today’s
lunch is going to be breakfast. I love making breakfast
for lunch on Fridays and I’m going to be including as many pumpkin spice
flavored things as I can. Guys, let me know in
the comments down below if you like pumpkin spice too. Now for today’s breakfast lunch, I’m gonna start with some pumpkin spice flavored pancake mix. I found this one at ALDI
and it smells so good. There’s definitely cinnamon
in there and nutmeg, a little bit of ginger. This definitely smells like fall. Now to make these, I’m just following the
directions on the box so that means a little bit
of water, an egg, some oil, and then I’m going to mix
it all up until combined. Now with this pancake mix, I’m not actually gonna be making pancakes. I recently found this really
adorable silicone pan at Target and it’s basically like a muffin pan but instead of a muffin shape,
these make a donut shape. So to make this a little bit easier, I went ahead and added my
pancake mix to a Ziploc bag, that way I could just
squeeze in that batter and it can go right where I need it. I think this makes it
so easy to fill these without making a mess. Now I’m going to pop these into the oven for about 10 minutes
and when they’re done, they look like this. And this is what I’m left with. One of these completely fell apart. And some of them did
stick just a little bit. But then again, that might be
because I used pancake batter. Now I do have to say that
these are smelling delicious and I did taste test that broken one and these are not very sweet at all. Now to go along with
our pumpkin spice theme, I’m also gonna be adding in some pumpkin spice flavored yogurt. This is from Trader Joe’s. And I think it has just the
right amount of pumpkin flavor. I’ll add those right into there. Over in this back section, I’m gonna be adding a little apple sauce. This is a mixture of apple and peach. Then for our veggies today, I’m just doing a combination
of sugar snap peas and baby carrots. And then for the kids’ snack today, I’m also gonna be adding in some cheese. But instead of just adding
the regular Babybel cheese, I got these rolled up ones. My kids think these are really fun. And to get these to fit in the lunchbox, I think I’ll go ahead
and stack up the donuts and that leaves me with just
enough space for the cheese. And then last but not
least for today’s lunch, I’m gonna also be throwing
in some low fat milk. Okay guys, let me know in
the comments down below out of all of the lunches this week, which one was your favorite? If you’d like to see even
more fun lunch ideas, you can click on the link right here. And if you’d like to see some
really easy dinner ideas, you can click on the link right there. Thanks for watching guys and we’ll see you in tomorrow’s video. (soft music)

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