School Lunch Ideas | Preschool Snacks | Cooking For Kids

School Lunch Ideas | Preschool Snacks | Cooking For Kids

Hi my name is Marisa and if you haven’t seen any of my videos yet i’m one of the operators of preschool learning online dot com and activity school bus dot com %uh stuff huh so a nation first preschool recipe
today and damage is pretty common one minute
he don’t know it it game delicious and preschool children love it and
actually a great way to incorporate cooking in with the children
your day care because this recipe so easy the preschool kids can make it eat it for lunch salinity me the lead redoing is M homie English muffin pizzas now I
changed 180 ingredients make it a lot more
healthier kids so they’re not getting heavyweight
flower and pepperoni is actually tears in her and
everything like a chance you have roomies you cannot tell the difference
between czechs pepperoni or Park Hermes and r-calif like this checking her out Italy forty gallery angiograms that so I’ll it so they’re in love had pizza that key much so one anyways let for ski-doo is a but the whole wheat
pita only eat as much as I don’t play and
then on the EU is ghastly the tomato sauce I
ever heard and tomato basil because it’s not his face he and it’s not it doesn’t have any less strong
garlic flavors or she is that children like so if the kids
reading list but I think he was given Justin and I put a little love sauce on
the English muffin and then let s friend yeah man I just go
ahead and just but at his place is a pepperoni on
it and again I was doing the this for the children
and give them about three or four slices and peppermint and I’m and if they wanted more cable
more and then that’s it and then just at the cheese on top and
then again with the kids just give them a little higher and cheese any a while more unless they can use
whatever they want so let’s say and I we just put them on a cookie sheet
are baking sheet and that in any event at $3.75 per event by minutes or so going to you like them if you like the
more holding might need to be a little more to have them ready not even have the
event justly get chance see I action take this so let me and director think there are
many kisses at the just in case and I am is linked to certain he is with Asia carrots cucumbers are selling on sorry on-site and his service with water mill RGS so I
hope you enjoy the rest piano try it and a DJ in peaceful last in making him an email can’t right
now let alright I’ll be back in a recipe

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  1. Never thought of using English muffins but that's a great idea, especially wheat ones. Thanks!

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