School Lunch TAKEOVER! πŸŽ‚ Lily’s Birthday Lunch – Bunches of Lunches

School Lunch TAKEOVER! πŸŽ‚ Lily’s Birthday Lunch – Bunches of Lunches

(loud drums) – [Jennifer] Hey guys, and
welcome back to The Family Fudge! Today I’m back with another fun week of school lunch ideas to share with you, but this week’s going to
be a little bit different. This week, in honor of her birthday, Lily got to pick out
all the lunches herself. She picked out the themes, and the food, and of course some special
birthday treats as well. All of the lunches this
week are super cute, but they’re not difficult to make at all, so stay tuned and I’ll show you
how I put them all together. Hey guys, and welcome to Monday! Now if you didn’t already know, Lily’s favorite color is purple so I went ahead and collected all of my purple lunch accessories to use this week, but I think for today’s lunch, I’m gonna go with the Bentgo box. Now for today’s lunch, Lily
chose a “Frozen” theme. We are super excited for the new movie coming out this month, and we have been seeing
all kinds of “Frozen” merchandise and toys in the store. We are super excited. You guys, let me know in
the comments down below if you are planning to see this movie. In honor of today’s lunch, I’ve added a little bit of
“Frozen” flair to my nails. I’m not sure if you can see this, but I have a little tiny Olaf on this one. Now for today’s lunch, I’m going to get started
with the main course first, and this is inspired by one
of Lily’s favorite foods at Disney World. It comes from a restaurant
called “Sleepy Hollow,” and it’s called the “fresh
fruit waffle sandwich.” So of course, you can’t
have a waffle sandwich without waffles, right? But instead of just using regular waffles, I thought it would be really fun to use these “Frozen 2” themed waffles. Now I actually found these at Target, but I’ve also seen them at Walmart, and you guys, these are so cute. There are actually three different
designs on these waffles. Of course, there is one with Anna on it, there is one with Olaf, and there is also one with Elsa. I’ve got a question for you. – [Lily] What? – [Jennifer] Okay, for your lunch today, would you rather have Elsa, Anna, or Olaf? – [Lily] Olaf! – [Jennifer] Olaf? Who’s your favorite? – [Lily] Um, I like all of them. – [Jennifer] Okay, thank you. So I’m gonna go ahead
and pop these waffles into the toaster for just a few minutes, and while that’s happening, I’m gonna go ahead and prepare the fruit. I’m going to start by slicing
up some fresh strawberries, and then when you order
this from Disney World, it also comes with bananas,
but check it out you guys. These bananas are way too green, so I don’t think I’m gonna
be using these today. Instead of banana, I’ll just go ahead and add in some blueberries instead. And then the last ingredient in these waffle sandwiches is Nutella. Lily absolutely loves Nutella, I think it might be her
favorite food, in fact. And check out these
tiny bottles, you guys. I actually found them on
Amazon, they are so cute, and I actually think I’m
gonna be able to refill them and reuse them for a long time. So, when it’s lunchtime,
the kids will be able to spread the Nutella on the waffle, add the fruit, and then
fold it into a sandwich. For her vegetable today,
Lily picked out carrots, which actually goes really
well with today’s theme. These definitely remind me of Olaf’s nose. And then this next part
is super important. Lily is a huge fan of ranch dressing, and she pretty much won’t eat
any vegetables without it, so I’m gonna make sure to add
in a little container of that. For her snack today, Lily
chose cheese and crackers, but I thought it would be
really fun, instead of using regular cheese, to throw in one of these “Frozen” themed string cheeses. I found these ones at Walmart and they are so perfect for today’s lunch. And then instead of using
regular Ritz crackers, I found these snowflake ones. These are the limited edition ones that pretty much only come
out around Christmas time, but I think the little
snowflake design is perfect for a “Frozen” themed lunch. So I’m gonna go ahead
and nestle these crackers right in the back of the lunch box. I think there’s just
enough space for them. Now for Lily’s drink,
I’m gonna be adding some good2grow juice, but
check it out you guys. This package has a mystery topper, but as you can see, there’s
already an Anna and an Elsa, so I’m guessin’ it’s gonna be Olaf. I’m gonna go ahead and
open her up so we can see. Yup! It is Olaf, but this
one’s a little bit different. In fact, all three of
these “Frozen” toppers are a little bit different
than the other ones that we already have. So for her lunch today,
we’re gonna go ahead and use the new Olaf topper. And then I’m definitely gonna
need to throw in one of these little spoon-fork-knives,
so that the kids can spread the Nutella onto their waffle. And there you have it! There’s everything in today’s lunch. (Energetic playful music) Alright guys, lunch is
over now and it looks like Lily did really good with today’s lunch, but she didn’t touch the
string cheese at all, but since it’s still unopened, I’m just gonna go ahead and
put it back in the fridge and she can eat it later. Good morning guys, and happy Tuesday! So today is Lily’s actual birthday, she turns six years old today so instead of packing a lunch for school, I’m gonna be packing her
lunch to take to Disney World! That’s right, the girls and
I are headed there today for a special girl’s day in
honor of Lily’s birthday. So for her lunch today, I’m going to be using
the Sistema lunch box. These are my favorite lunch boxes for taking into Disney World, and today’s lunch is also going
to be Minnie Mouse themed, which is perfect for a day at the park. Now for her lunch today, I’m
gonna start by making a PB&J, and I thought it would be really cute to use this Minnie Mouse sandwich cutter, and since it is Minnie Mouse, it also comes with this
really cute bow piece as well, and I think a PB&J is
perfect for bringing with us because it doesn’t have
to be refrigerated. Because you guys, here in Florida, it’s still 90 degrees outside. Now moving on to the fruit, in this little section over
here I’m gonna go ahead and add in some grapes, and these are the carnival grapes, those are Lily’s favorite. They do taste a little
bit like cotton candy. And I’m gonna go ahead and throw in some blueberries as well. Now unfortunately I don’t have any Minnie Mouse food picks, so I think that this pink
elephant will do the trick. Now in this back section,
Lily requested edamame. She absolutely loves these. Now I usually buy them just like this, they’re still in the pod, but I think for her lunch today I’ll go ahead and take them out. I’m gonna add these
right into this section, and I’ll also go ahead and add in a few little pieces of carrot as well. Now for her snack today, I’m gonna go ahead and throw
in some cheese and pretzels, but I thought since this
was a Minnie themed lunch that a mini babybel
cheese would be perfect. And then, instead of using
regular pretzels today, I thought it’d be really cute
to use these mini pretzels. They definitely go along
with the Minnie Mouse theme. I’m gonna go ahead and
put just a few pretzels right in this section. I wanna make sure to leave enough space for the special treat. This little treat box is so cute, it has Minnie on the outside, and inside I’m gonna go
ahead and add just a few mini marshmallows. Then I’ll go ahead and fill in
the rest with more pretzels. Now for the drink today, we’re all gonna be bringing
our water bottles of course, but I’m also gonna be bringing
a caprisun pouch as well, and I actually put these
in the freezer last night so these will be nice and cold. I know Lily loves mangoes, so I’m hoping she’s gonna love these. So now I’m gonna go ahead
and pack McKenzie’s lunch and then we’ll be headed to the park. (upbeat electronic music) Okay guys, so I’m just gonna insert a few clips of our day at Disney. We really did have a
very special girl’s day. Lily got to have her birthday button, she got to go on lots
of her favorite rides, for her birthday presents
she got to choose a cute charm necklace, and she also picked out
a huge stuffed kitty toy. It was a really really hot that day, but we ended up having a lot of fun. And then when we got back
to our house in the evening, we had a pizza party, and we finished the evening
with a huge Moana birthday cake! It was so much fun. Hey guys and welcome to Wednesday! For today’s theme, Lily chose unicorn. She absolutely loves unicorns. Her room is full of unicorn toys. Now for today’s lunch, I’m gonna go ahead and use the OmieBox, and for her lunch, I gave
Lily the choice between having unicorn pancakes, these
definitely look super fun, or good ol’ unicorn mac and cheese. This was kind of a hard decision for her, but in the end she went
with the mac and cheese. So for this mac and cheese, I started by cooking the noodles, but I’m going to do things
a little bit differently with the cheese. A lot of you suggested to make
the cheese sauce separate, and then add it to the noodles, so that’s what I’m going to do. I’ve set the cooked noodles aside, and then to my pan I’m
adding the milk and butter. Once that’s completely melted, I’ll go ahead and add
in the cheese powder. Then I’m going to whisk this together, and when it’s all combined, I’m gonna add the noodles
back in and stir it around. Guys, let me know in
the comments down below if you make your mac and cheese like this, or if you just follow the
directions on the box. That’s usually what I do. Now for her fruit today Lily
requested more strawberries, so I’ll go ahead and
slice these up just a bit, and then add them to her lunch box. I have a few different
kinds of unicorn picks that I can add in here, but I think I’ll go
ahead and use these ones. They’re definitely my favorite. For her veggies, she requested carrots, so to make these look really special, I’ve used my spiral cutter. It really does kinda look like
a unicorn horn, doesn’t it? And of course I’m gonna
be adding in some ranch for her to dip these in. For her special treat today, she requested some unicorn pudding cups. They come in pink and blue. And then, for her snack, she
requested goldfish crackers, and I thought it’d be really
fun to add in the pink ones. These are the princess goldfish crackers, but they really do just
taste like regular ones. (upbeat piano music) Hey guys, and welcome to Thursday! So for today’s lunch, I’m
bringing back the Yum box. I haven’t used this
lunchbox in a long time, so I thought it’d be really
fun to change things up. But since today’s lunch is
actually going to be a hot one, I’m also gonna be needing a thermos, so I’m gonna go ahead and
use the blue Ellie thermos, it is super cute. Now for her main course today, Lily requested pigs in a blanket, and this is exactly how we
make them here in the U.S., it’s just a little hotdog with
some dough wrapped around it, and then I just bake them
until they are golden brown. So I went ahead and added
four pieces to her thermos, I think that’s gonna be plenty for her. And then in the small
section of the Yum box, I’m gonna go ahead and add
a little bit of mustard. She’s my only kid who likes mustard, so she can dip her little
hotdogs right in here. Now moving on to the fruit, for her lunch today, Lily requested mango and it’s absolutely her favorite. Lily is a huge fan of all
kinds of fruit, really, but I think mangoes are
probably her favorite. So I’m gonna pack as many
mango chunks in here as I can. Now to go along with these, I’m also gonna be adding in some cucumber. When it comes to veggies, Lily likes cucumbers,
and she likes carrots, and that’s pretty much it. And that’s only if I’ve
included some ranch for her to dip them in. And then before I move on, I wanna decorate the fruit
section with this really cute “Happy Birthday” pick. Next, I am going to prepare a very special treat for this lunch. I’m gonna make something
called “fairy bread.” Now, I’ve actually made this
several times on the channel, but if you’ve never heard of fairy bread, it’s very popular in Australia
for birthday parties. So to make this, I’m just gonna take two pieces of white bread, then I’m going to add a
very thin layer of butter, followed by plenty of sprinkles. Now last time I made fairy bread, I actually used these
little round sprinkles, but so many of you suggested I use the bigger sprinkles instead because they’re a little bit softer. Now I think that’s a really good idea, so I’m gonna use these
ones this time instead. Now for my other piece of bread, I’m gonna take this really
large six shaped cookie cutter, and I’m just gonna punch out
this section of the bread. Now I do wanna make sure to hold on to the center of the six, I’m definitely gonna need that later. So now to the backside
of this piece of bread, I’m just gonna add a little bit of butter right on here just so
that it will stick better. I’ll place that right down on top. Then I’m gonna take the
center part of the six, add a little bit of butter onto that, and then stick it down
into the center of the six. So basically what I’ve made is a peek-a-boo fairy bread sandwich. Now for her snack today, Lily requested her favorite
kind of potato chips, which, believe it or not, are the classic Lay’s potato chips. Nothing fancy here. And for her drink, she
requested some chocolate milk. This lunch is seriously all
of her favorite things in one. (upbeat pop music) Hey guys, and happy Friday! Now today’s lunch is
going to be tree themed, and that’s because for
the last couple of days, Lily has been asking me
if we can go plant trees. Now I wasn’t really sure
what she was talking about until she showed me a
video that she watched over on the channel, Shot of The Yeagers, which is one of her favorite
channels by the way. Well, basically the Yeagers and a lot of other YouTubers
are coming together, they’re joining with the
Arbor Day Foundation, and their goal is to plant
20 million trees by 2020. So I think this is an awesome cause. As a family, we’re gonna go
ahead and participate in this, and if you want to, I’ll
go ahead and leave a link in the description box below. So now back to today’s lunch, I thought it’d be really fun
to bring back the PlanetBox. And for Lily’s box, I’m using the tree
decorations on the outside. Now I get asked about the
PlanetBox quite often, and I have to say, I
really do like the box. It is kind of pricey though, and it’s not exactly leak-proof, so I don’t use it super often. Now for today’s lunch, I’m also gonna be using the
Bunches of Lunches thermos, and that’s because I’m
gonna start by making some mac and trees. Now all of my kids love
mac and cheese in general, but this one is perfect for today’s lunch, because instead of regular noodles, in this one you’ll find
little tree shaped pastas, Earth shaped pasta, there’s a little bicycle, and there’s also a little recycle symbol pasta in there as well. So now for this mac and cheese, I started by cooking the noodles, then into my hot noodles
I’ve added some butter, some milk, and the cheese powder. Then I’m just gonna mix it all up, and add it into the thermos. And would you guys check out my epic fail. Sometimes it is so hard to
get the noodles in there without them spilling. So I’ll go ahead and clean that up, and then move on to the rest of the lunch. In this front section here, I’m gonna be adding some apple slices, but I thought it’d be really
fun to make these apple slices look like leaves, so I’m gonna go ahead and take
a really really large apple and I’m gonna cut off either end. Then, using my leaf shaped cookie cutter, I’m just going to punch out a leaf shape. Next, to make this look
even more like a leaf, I’m going to very carefully
take a paring knife, And I’m going to cut
little lines into the apple to look like the veins of a leaf. Now surprisingly, I think
these turned out so cute, but I don’t want them to
turn brown in the lunch box, so I’m gonna go ahead and soak them in a little bit of water
mixed with lemon juice, and that’s gonna help them not turn brown. So in this back section, I’m
going to add some veggies, and for a tree themed lunch, I think broccoli and
cauliflower are perfect. They really do look like
little trees all by themselves. I’m gonna go ahead and add just
a few pieces right in here, and then of course, I
have to include some ranch for dipping. Now in this back section, I’m gonna be adding some
cheese and crackers. You’ve probably guessed
that cheese and crackers are one of Lily’s favorite snacks, she requests it all the time, but for today’s tree themed lunch, I’m going to use a little
Christmas tree cookie cutter to cut the cheese, and then I’m going to place
these in the lunch box with some plain Ritz crackers. Now in the large section of the lunch box, I’m going to add a special treat. For this, I’m going to
start with a toasted waffle, and using my large Christmas
tree cookie cutter, I’m just gonna go ahead and cut this out. Next I’m going to add a thick layer of strawberry cream cheese all
over the top of the waffle. Now already this is looking so good, but I’m not quite done yet. I’m gonna go ahead and add this
directly into the lunchbox, and then I’m going to
cover the top of the waffle with slices of kiwi. And then, at the top of the tree, I’m going to add a strawberry, which I cut into the shape of a star. And then last but not least,
in this tiny section here, I’m just gonna add a little
handful of trail mix. Not necessarily tree themed, but there are some tree
nuts in that trail mix. Of course, this is to go
along with the mac and trees, and then for their drink today, the kids are just gonna
take their water bottles. Now if you’re looking for
even more school lunch ideas, you’re gonna click on these
videos right over here. Thanks for watching, and – [Lily] See you next time!

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