School Lunches You’ve Probably Never Heard About

School Lunches You’ve Probably Never Heard About

(Intro) School lunches you’ve probably never heard about Every country has its standards for school meals. Some schools offer convenience food and snacks for lunch, and some cook set meals for students. What do you think the most popular ingredients of school lunches are? Well, how about octopus, kimchi, or chili? Are you curious what kids eat in South Korea? What they prefer in Turkey? Some of those lunches are quite unusual. Watch and try to find your childhood meals! South Korea The system of planning school meals in South Korea is one of the best in the world. Lunches are served on special trays. The two biggest sections of the tray are usually for soup and rice. Smaller sections are for salad, seafood, veggies, and fruit. Thin children are given fish oil in a measuring spoon. Traditional dishes are kimchi, sesame leaves stuffed with rice and covered with honey sauce, pumpkin potato soup, pancakes with green onions, pepper, and octopus, and a cucumber and carrot salad. Sounds like high cuisine! Japan Japanese school lunches are almost the same as South Korean ones. Hot soup, rice, poultry or fish, salad, and milk. Students are not allowed to bring their food with them until they reach high school. There are no vending machines in the canteens, and what is even more surprising: Students don’t eat in the canteen! They put on special white coats, take their lunches to their classrooms, and eat there. Turkey It’s interesting that, though children in Turkey have one hour for lunch, cafeterias are rare in this country. So, students either go home for lunch, (which might be hard to do if you live on the other side of town), or take food from home. A typical meal may include rye bread, walnuts, grapes, apple, pomegranate, and kefir. Looks very tasty, and healthy! Moreover, it’s the food which helps to increase brainpower. Thailand Students in Thailand don’t eat in the canteen, just like their colleagues from Japan. They are usually given soup, pork in sweet-and-sour sauce, rice, and a pudding wrapped in banana leaves. After getting their portions, they can add sauces and spices to their liking. Then, they go to the classroom and wait for everybody to sit down. Only then do they start to eat. France A typical lunch served in the west of France looks very healthy. It is fish, spinach, potatoes, cheese, and bread. It is quite big, as the French consider lunch the main meal of the day. The lunch break is one, or even two hours long. Students are also allowed to go home to eat during this break. Finland Finland takes school lunches very seriously. Every student is offered snacks during the morning and evening classes, as well as lunch. Children eat their lunches in a canteen where they can choose whatever they want from a large variety of dishes. Every school offers lunch for children with special dietary needs, whether in connection with health issues or religion. An example of a school lunch can be meatballs with sauce, potatoes, salad, and muesli. Russia In Russia, students can have free breakfast from 9 AM ’til 12 PM. Lunches after 12 PM are paid. Children sometimes have lunch at home, if they live near the school. If it is a school lunch, it is usually soup, fish or meat with a side dish of rice or buckwheat, and compote. Hungary Hungary is famous for its big portions and restaurants and cafes. Same goes for school lunches. Children have several courses, with, for example, noodle soup, baked beans with chicken, and nuts for dessert. Israel Israel schools have the policy of a healthy diet. The government banned fatty and sugary things from school lunches, but the thing is, that children mostly bring their meals from home. Anyway, the food they take with them is overall quite balanced. Flatbread sandwiches with white cheese, eggs or tuna, fresh fruit and vegetables, granola bars or sweets. That’s a typical content of a kid’s lunchbox. Columbia Sixty to seventy percent of children in Colombia are given free nutritious lunches. Students of state schools eat one hot meal a day. Their typical meal consists of soup, rice or pasta, salad, meat, and fruit juice. There is another option when kids have several snacks. For example, fruit, juice, a sandwich, or a small cake. Italy Surely, lunches in Italy vary from region to region. But, they all have one common feature: They are tasty, and well-balanced. Before lunch, in the morning, children get snacks: crackers, breadsticks, fresh fruit, or homemade cookies. For lunch, they get two courses. A first course is often pasta, or rice, with seafood or vegetables, a second course: fish, meat, or cheese. A picky child might dislike these lunches. No choice of food is given. Students can have special meals only because of religious or medical reasons. Australia Authorities in Australia fight against children’s obesity. That’s why products rich in sugar, salt, and fat are forced out of school menus. But you can find their healthier replacements, such as sandwiches, sushi, corn, and fruit available at any time. Children buy their lunches themselves, and many schools give them a lot of healthy options, sometimes as many as eighty, represented in a school tuck shop. Chile Students in Chile have nice and varied lunches. An example could be a meal with rice, beef roll, french fries, salad, avocado, orange juice, and fruit in a sauce for dessert. Lunches can be a bit higher quality, without processed food, in private schools. But the students in state schools don’t suffer either! Have we mentioned the lunch you used to have, or still have, at school? If not, write to us in the comments! By the way, do you like school lunch, or do you do anything possible to skip it? Remember to like the video to encourage us. 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  1. Hey guys! What does a typical school lunch look like in your country?

    Btw, these foods are really bad for children

  2. In poland you don't eat lunch at school.
    Your day is usually like this:
    Breakfast – cereal/scrambled eggs/sandwich
    Second breakfast??- sanwich + fruit/sweets
    Lunch- soup, potatoes and meat (it sometimes may be something different)
    Dinner – sandwiches
    Plus some kids may eat snacks during the day

  3. In India they gave two breaks one of 15 mins and one of 10 mins and there is no cafeteria we have to bring our food from home

  4. In our country Kenya;;;
    Lunches vary….but in our school…..we take:: rice and beans with cabbage… times rice and veggies…..or githeri( beans and maize with stew of potatoes and gravy

  5. I live in America and trust me if your live outside of America PLEASE IT TASTE LIKE PLASTIC DON'T COME HERE DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOU

  6. School lunches in my school include fake pizza and vegetarian sausages and you don’t have to pay. You get trays with plates and a cup with cutlery, some desserts get a bowl.

  7. 90% percent of other countries: We try to keep our school lunch menus as healthy and varied as possible. What about you, America?

    America: *eating pizza and chicken nuggs* Wut?

  8. I’m from Italy and my lunch at school was: a plate of pasta or lasagna, a plate of baked potatoes with salad or salad with a slice of fish or meat or idk, and a fruit

  9. In Australia most schools require students to pre-order their lunch in advance that morning. How students order food is that they bring a paper bag with their chosen lunch meal written on the bag, and inside the bag is the exact money for the meal (they don’t give change). Then at the time the store (they typically call it a canteen) is open to hand out food, you wait in line and the canteen workers hand you your food.
    Typically the meal items are limited, and unlike this video I never saw sushi being offered or heard of that! Typical Australian canteen item is a beef pie, or a sausage roll.

    But there is typically an option to buy non-hot meals such as ice cream, chips, fruit, drinks, by just going to the canteen when they are open not in advance.
    This really all depends on what school you go to….

  10. In my school in Albania we can eat what we buy like gum but for some schools they don’t allow snacks in my school a lot of kids sneak snacks or buy in the near shop
    *and in my school we eat in the class there is no cafeteria 1 like = 1 upgrade for my school ;—;

  11. I'm going to school in Lithuania you have to first give money and then eat there are different meals and different prices I almost always take fish steak or something like that:)

  12. I live in the USA and my lunches are great. The two oldest grades are allowed to get seconds, and the kids eat their food fast, and then act like animals to get seconds.

  13. Our cafeteria sells only deep fried food and oily rice
    But our lunches our great,
    Paratha(flat bread)
    Btw I'm from india

  14. Omg i cant belive u missed out England they do: mince and dumplins,potatoes,and peas plus gravy but thats only somtimes . And for puddindg we have cake or fruit or even jelly

  15. In the u.s. we don't get salt everything is properly portioned but not fancy nothing is washed and non reusable usually plastic and paper we get sauces and recently butter or margarine we do have food suggestions Wich means different cultures or types of food

  16. If I could bring my own school lunch, it would be;

    • Seedless white grapes

    • A banana

    • A mango bar (you can buy them in Bangladesh)

    • A packet of Walker crisps (any flavour)

    • A KitKat

    • Orange juice (no sugar)

  17. Thats all great but try to bee in croatia or balkan countries you get every day 1 thing the best to get is french fries bowl and hot dog (only meat)

    Worst to get is bread that is like a stone bruh

    There its like eat or be hungry

    Balkans will understand me :'(

  18. In pakistan wich is my home country we bring mony to shcool and by stuff from the canteen and prices can range frome 10 to 130 rupees

  19. In maldives schools
    There are no canteens. and the students have to bring thier own food and eat them in the classroom
    For other grades like 7-10 graders just go to the food place and they actually buy the food there and eat them in the bench

  20. Students in India get a canteen but not like others we usually get to choose lunch and each have a different amount we have no full course meals and each item along with juice is not free

  21. He's lieing! Kids in Australia don't eat that! And I know for a fact cause I go to an Australian school!! We have unhealthy options and we HAVE to bring food from home! And no we don't sell sushi or corn or sandwiches or fruit!


  23. Bro in pakistan you can bring healthy food from home like sandwiches sausages but in the school canteen you can buy chips,juice,candies,chocolate and sometimes fries and I am a pakistani so I know how it is in school

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