SDSU Dining: Vegan Cooking

SDSU Dining: Vegan Cooking

To me chefs are the future. Chefs are the
heroes right now they’re the ones that make the decisions of what goes on the plate. We
came here today at the invite of San Diego State University to work with chefs in the
kitchen and show them how to make really amazing plant-based food. As a chef I am interested
in learning and opening up my mind to see where I can go with that and maybe do some
stuff around campus. I know that something I need to do to make myself grow as a chef.
New skills, new ways to cook. I think that this training period is great for our growth
year Aztec Shops. So we have a vision of hopefully helping chefs really embrace this trend that’s
been happening over the last few years to bring more plants to the plate. So we’re here
with vegan items to try to emphasize use a lot of vegetables and seasonal product. We
have to change the way we’re eating, so meat really is right for reinvention so chefs are
reaching out for tools and resources in ways to make this food, not only delicious and presents well, but also satisfy their student population. Also bouncing ideas off of the other chefs in
the training and really networking and really learning what their idea might be and then
what my idea might be and then put it together. Whatever inspiration you might get. Today
has been a great learning experience so far. What I hope to get out of the chefs is camaraderie
and also to show them something new.

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  1. Hats off! I urge all food service managers, directors and registered dietitians nutritionists for create seasonal dishes that are delicious and plant based!

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