Sexy Thai Basil Beef ft. Timothy DeLaGhetto | Cooking in the Crib w/ Snooki & Joey | MTV

Sexy Thai Basil Beef ft. Timothy DeLaGhetto | Cooking in the Crib w/ Snooki & Joey | MTV

– Eww! Eww. Ahhhh! – Unless you want to shoot
fire out of your (beep) take out all this. (upbeat music) – Hey guys, welcome to Cooking
in the Crib with Snookie, – And Joey! – Yes! So today we have a special guest, Timothy Delaghetto from Wild ‘N Out. And Basic to Bougie. – Yes! – And we are gonna be making his favorite Thai dish of his mom’s,
we’re making Thai Basil Beef. It’s gonna be spicy and – Yum.
– Yummy. – Yes.
– Cheers girl. – Cheers, whoa!
(glasses clinking loudly) It’s like a gong! – Tim Delaghetto!
– Tim Delaghetto! – Why’s it gotta be a
gong, because I’m Asian? – Oh my god. – Racist. – We’re gonna get shut down. (coughing) – Oh Jesus!
– You okay? – Sorry I just get really excited. – Wait, so do you trust Joey cooking your mother’s meal today? – I think so, I mean, hey man. – You always trust a fat
person in the kitchen. – This is true. – You fat (beep).
– Very true. – We will not steer you wrong. – And plus you’ve got nice eyebrows. – Thank you! – Anybody with nice eyebrows can cook. – We have some weird ingredients that you might never have had before,
there’s fish sauce involved. – Fish sauce is like, it’s
really good but it’s so, like, it’s stinky. – Like a vagina. – Yeah, I was just gonna say sometimes the stinky stuff you just gotta eat. – Eww! – We have all our four
sauces, but for the first step in our Thai Basil Beef is the beef. (meat slapping board) – [Tim] Damn. – That’s a nice chunk of meat. – Lay that beef down. – So we have our flank steak here, and we’re gonna cut it super super thin so it kind of cooks really quickly. And you always want to
go against the grain, it breaks down the fibers
so it’s easier to chew. – [Tim] Is that why?! – Look at you, what’s the fiber? – Yeah, if you cut this way it’s like, pull the strings out of your mouth. So I’m gonna cut it on an angle like this, I just wanna get thing strips like this. – [Tim] Damn, you’re good at that. – Yeah.
– He’s so good. – Are you a good cook? – Not at all. – Same, I make a banging grilled cheese. – I make you a fire PB and J, I throw a little bacon in my PB and Js. – Eww. – While I’m cutting this up can you guys make my sauce for me? So you take the oyster sauce, – [Tim] oyster sauce. – [Joey] Fish sauce. – Oh my god! That smells like an armpit. – [Joey] Dark soy and regular soy. And then we’re gonna do
some chilies after this. – I’m from Chili! – Not that kind of Chili.
– Oh. Thai chilies are some of
the spiciest in the world. – My dad always said Thai
chilies are like Thai penises, aight, they’re not the most biggest ones but they’re the most powerful. – Alright. – So you wanna hang out later? – (laughing) – So now we’re gonna
have these big peppers, they look like witch fingers,
what are these called? – Ummm, I don’t know. – These are called big red peppers. (laughing) I wanna show you how to
make a pepper not so spicy. Peppers have a core in there, like that. And they also have seeds,
that’s where all the spice is. – [Tim] The seeds. – So do you take the seeds out? – It cuts the spicy by
like 50%, this stuff here. – Don’t rub your eyes later,
or touch your pee pee. – Your pee pee?! – No, it’ll burn your (beep) right off. So unless you want to shoot
fire out of your (beep) you wanna take out all this. I’m gonna show you how
to do my onion next. Just gonna cut it… – Oh, this makes you cry. – Not me, I’m Asian, my eyes aren’t as big so it’s not hitting me as hard. – I think I’m crying. – When the wine runs out I’ll cry. – So now we have our onions
like that, thinly sliced. Nicole, can you please preheat my wok? Is it hot enough? – I don’t know. – Test it with a little onion. – Can I throw it in?
– Yeah. (screaming) (slow motion screaming) (laughing) – Oh my god. – Okay, it’s ready. So I wanna do the onions first. – Oh my god, I don’t
wanna stand here anymore. (sizzling) – Ooo, come on. I did the garlic a little bit after because I don’t want it to burn. So I want to just bring the temp of the pan down a little bit. – [Tim] Okay. – And then you… – Ooo, that smells delish! – Good. – [Tim] Damn, we didn’t
even do nothing yet. – Oh my god, relax. – Oh damn! – That’s how you say, we used
to do it on hibachi, all. Okay, let’s throw our garlic in now. Bam! Next we’re gonna use our Thai basil, this is the name in the dish and we’ve gotta make sure we’re using it. So if you guys pick these leaves and pack them into my
cup little thing here. – Yeah, sure.
– That’s what she said. – Here, you want one of these? – Aww, thanks, you gave me a flower! – [Tim] I know, happy birthday. – Is this poison ivy? – And then we’re gonna throw
our beef in and our sauce. Yes, beef! – Check. – [Tim] Daaang. – Just leave it there for a minute and let it get a little sizzle on it. And then we’ll start stirring it around to introduce our sauce. – [Tim] Oh, hello, nice to meet you. – Hello, my name’s Carmen. – Not yet.
– Carmen. – And then we’re gonna fry two eggs. – Yeah, let’s do it. – Watch those big nails. – I’m sorry I’m a woman! – Oh that’s good that’s good that’s good. – Ooo, look at that,
that looks like Texas. – Our sauce mixture in,
get all that goodness. And this is where it just starts smelling real good up in here. Up in the crib. (screaming) (screaming) – Hands up! Cooking stop. Tim it’s your turn. – Okay, let me make my eggs. You wanna oil my (beep)? – No, I’m a married woman. – You guys are sick. (screaming) – Yeah that’s pretty.
– That’s oily. (oil popping)
(screaming) – Lord have mercy!
– I hate that! – If I get burned… So my beef is a little thin, the sauce, I’m gonna thicken it up. So I’m taking a slurry, just
a little cornstarch and water, and you put the slurry in. – Oh god, it’s popping! – Can I have the Thai basil please? – Oh that looks delicious Joey. – Now I’m gonna just tear these in. Basil you don’t want to use
a knife cause it bruises it. You wanna use your
fingers just to tear it. – Calm down. – That boy been goggling! – I’m just gonna tear in. – Ooo, that looks really good. – A nice hot liquoricey
kind of smell of the basil. – I smell something good. – We should all clean this shit up, so we can eat like a family. – Oh, relax.
– Thank you. So we have our rice in our dishes, can you guys give me some
leaves to decorate with? – Get a garnish before
he has a heart attack. (laughing) – I’m gonna kick your asses. So here it is.
– It looks beautiful. – [Joey] It’s a lot of garnish, yeah. – Damn, that looks great bro, good job! – Does it look authentic? – It looks really good! – So now we’re gonna top
this with a fried egg. – That’s what you do? You put an egg on top? – And you just, like, bust it. Let the egg (beep) marinate
throughout the whole thing. You know? – Eww, (beep)? Doesn’t that look like a $200 plate? – [Joey] That looks great. – Take that Gordon Ramsey! – Take that Gordon Ramsey! – That looks delicious,
let’s get some forks. – Gorgeous! – Now you’ve got cameras
on this beautiful egg bust? Oooo, fire. – Alright, cheers!
– Cheers. – Stop! – Oh my god it’s so good! – How was that? – Good job. – (beep) yeah! – Isn’t he a good cook? – It’s like a party in your mouth. There’s so much different flavors. – Like a party in Bangkok. (gong sounding) – Oh, well okay. – Cheers. – Cheers you guys! – You should go to Thailand,
they’d love you out there. – Good job Joey! – I’d love to! – Can he get laid out there? – Oh for sure, yeah, it’s cheap too. – In Bangkok, yeah. – It’s cheap, it’s not expensive. – I want a new vagina. – They could do that for you. Yeah, clean it up real good. – We’re going to Bangkok. (upbeat music) Like our video, subscribe, comment below. We love you guys, we’ll see you soon! – Bye!

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