53 thoughts on “Shake ‘n Bake Pork Chops”

  1. those pork chops were completely encrusted with the mix…that never happens…and no juice at all came out during cooking?….what the heck kind of magic was that ?

  2. this is all lies! For one everything is too neat and perfect. When you cook Shake n Bake, the pan in which the meat is cooked has plenty of juice from the meat and the meat never stays perfectly coated like that.

  3. I don't know how I ended up here, but I should make youtube videos of homemade food. Seriously, shake and bake pork chops? What's next how to cook a boxed cake mix??

  4. Put the pork chops on a rack over a pan and turn frequently to get them crisp….the crumbs don't sit in the juice that way…

  5. We are not 1st graders.. If you cant follow directions on shake n bake or be witty enough to buy bread crumbs and a few spices you shouldnt be aloud near a heat source..

  6. I honestly felt like i was in preschool watching this video. What was the temp on the chops? Is 15 mins okay for 2" cut chops? What about 1/2 inch chops, can you cook them for the same time with the same results? NO!! Use a meat thermometer and when your chops hit 140-142 pull em, the carryover cooking will raise em another 2-5 degrees. This matters if you dont want dry fuck all pork chops

  7. Step 10 – Disinfect that strainer with hot soap and water along with sink and any utensils touched by raw pork. Prefer metal utensils when dealing with both pork and fish.

  8. This is a propaganda instructional video put out by the Russians. Here is the proof. 1. 15mins is not enough time for raw pork to be cooked…and will kill you if you eat it. 2. The temperature numbers on the oven are covered by tape, so you can not see the real Russian Temp numbers. 3. The pork chops looked exactly the same as when she put them in when she took them out.

  9. Each bag has only 1/2 cup of coatung mix which will NOT coat 6 chops. Also u dont say how to keep them from getting soggy. Mix does not stay crisp. How about answering that??

  10. Every now and again I try watching a how to video and damn if there wasn't a step or two missing… and I wish that they had taken the same effort I see in this video.

  11. You do realize you dont need to put on your oven mit until after you cook it! Lmao yeah ik im petty 😂

  12. I need more instructions.
    Where should I placed the hot baking sheet.
    What should I use to remove the pork chops from the baking sheet.
    Do I need a plate, fork and a knife?
    Can't wait till you respond, so my guests and I can begin eating. ( Still holding on to the baking sheet.)

  13. This video just went too fast. Too many critical steps at a frenetic pace. I had to watch it twice just to learn how to put on oven mitts and close the oven door. Still, it didn't seem like the pork chops were in the oven for 15 minutes. But it must have been 15 minutes, cuz the timer said so.

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