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  2. These Pit Boys are manly men. Hope they breed and stay around. It's nice to see men enjoying themselves. Men don't ask for much, they are quite simple to please on average. Tired of the sissy, sensitive, complicated men from California. Leave that to us women.

  3. Looks tasty fellas.
    Another twist on that same cut thats a favorite around my ranch,,,
    Smoke in our pellet grill to °140
    Run thru a grinder after cooking and cooling with course grind plate
    Sautéed sweet onion and green pepper
    Pile high with said above on a toasted Hogie roll and a "Cold & Gold" and enjoy


  4. I prefer a tri tip for this type of roast. Maybe a little more expensive but a lot more tender. I've braised sirloin tip like this for beef dip sams and it's pretty good but in my opinion needs to be cooked low, slow and wet. That said beef with a bit of chew ain't all that bad!

  5. Makes me jealous about your meat prices. Have to pay about 11 USD a pound for beef here in norway. and most meats are vacume packed here or frozen for the imported beef….

  6. I bet that was DAYUM good. I just get picky when it comes to mixing things well… I like my flavors thoroughly distributed on a good roast. The way you mixed that 'paste' made me cringe when parts of it came out unmixed and dry lol BUT… as usual, good video, good food, and ya made me hungry again!

  7. Pause it and get a Peanut butter sandwich, I think not…….45 minutes later, mid rare porter house, and some pit taters, that's better. Great video lads!!!

  8. I asked for a medium steak at the ol Olive Garden…at 6:30 or so you called that meat medium rare…bullshit. That's more like medium. When you ask for medium at my local Olive Garden, you get fucking RARE! Those people are better at boiling pasta than anything else! That's for sure! You ask for medium at Olive Garden, they give you rare, everytime!

  9. idk why but I have been unsubed to your channel twice in the last 4 weeks allrdy! :/ good thing that I got you guys on FB too

  10. you should pick up a deli meat slicer if you dont already have one, that would be soooo good sliced paper thin and piled high!

  11. love sirloin tip but Where do you find them for 2.99 lb.  I live in S.C. that price was available about 10 yrs ago

  12. Nagyon gusztusos , szinte érzem az illatát !!Szeretem ezeket a videókat, de a relaxációs kazetták is lekötnek Köszönöm szépen! !

  13. These days you have to go to the butcher to get meat cut. They don't do it in grocery stores anymore or at least where I live anyway.

  14. Its no big deal but my rub came out more red than green like yours did. lol    This is about the 30th recipe of yours that I've tried. You haven't steered me wrong yet. 🙂

  15. I'm having a hard time figuring out the proper settings in my owen (cant do it anywhere else). Would you go for top+bottom heat or that with a hot air vent on? Hot air would dry it too much I think, although it's closest to the wood-fired owen situation.. not sure 🙂

  16. Oh man this looks good… I can just imagine making them into tacos.. but I'd lose on the gravy and that's a no no. Looks so damn good!

  17. how to serve leftover roasted beef ( suppose I can only eat 1/4 of it by myself with no guest , and I want to consume the next day ) ?

  18. Ha. I love how you guys grill out in the middle of the winter. You can always tell cause the food is so steamy.

  19. Bob and DJ are the best. I wish I lived in CT so I could go hang with them and bring some cuts of meat over and grill up some deliciousness.

  20. I didn’t know ZZ Top had a BBQ cooking channel! 😆
    J/k. I’m gonna go try this rub on my sirloin roast right now!

  21. この間見た動画だと、被せモノがアルミホイルからアルミパンに進化してたっけ…


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