7 thoughts on “Sleepy? It’s a risk for Alzheimer’s? Sept 2018 – FORD BREWER MD MPH”

  1. Many thanks again Dr Brewer. John and yourself, both provide excellent insights into preventative care which is useful to me here in Australia.😄

  2. Would it be right to think that both Alzheimer's and EDS are both caused by cellular deterioration or non-reproduction (associated with age)? Or is their some causal relationship between the ALZ and EDS?

  3. Anecdote follows – I know when I was on high-carb-high-sugar diet, I'd get bouts of sleepiness when my blood sugar tanked.

  4. I do not sleep in day time, but in office in each meeting I feel sleepy. For last four months I am on low carb diet, still I feel sleepy in the meetings, I also do regular exercise now. What can I do/change to stay fully awake in meetings , if you know something kindly let me know.

  5. Classic case of cause and effect. Lack of good sleep over time is definitely a factor in tending towards Alzheimer's disease. However, EDS may well be the result of circadian disruption due to the onset of Alzheimer's disease. Those are related in a way, but different. It's important to understand the difference between "cause and effect" as those often get confused.

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