Slow Braised Chilli Beef | Waitrose

Slow Braised Chilli Beef | Waitrose

I’m making slow-braised chili beef, a really great take on a classic chili con carne but it’s made with beef shin which is full of flavor really and really easy to cook. To start off with I’ve got my beef shin and some olive oil heating up in the pan and I’m just gonna fry these one at a time just to start to get some colour on. Now beef shin is such a hardworking cut of meat and those hardworking cuts are really, really full of flavour, but they do take long, slow cooking. Make sure you fry them off one of the time you don’t crowd the pan. Also you notice the shin’s got this lovely piece of bone and bone marrow which is going to add loads of flavour to the finished dish. So once the beef is nicely seared off, add a little splash more oil. You’re going to have all these sticky bits the bottom of the pan and they’ve got loads of flavour. Go straight in with the onions. As the onions fry, they’re going to lift off all those really nice sticky bits. And then a little bit of garlic as well. I want to sweat the onions and garlic down without adding any colour – a great way of doing is adding a little pinch of salt to the onions and what it will do is start to draw out the moisture from the onions as they fry and will stop them from taking on any colour. Once those onions are nice and soft we go in with some smoked paprika and then some chipotle paste. Now this has got a really lovely sweet, smoky flavour that’s going to go brilliantly with the beef. Fry that for a minute to start to release the natural oils in the paprika. Next up some brown sugar – that’s going to enhance the sweetness of the onions and the tomatoes. And then the beef is going to go back into the pan. Couple of cans of tomatoes. And some beef stock. Just to make sure you get all the last bits out of the cans, just rinse them out with the stock. It’s a good way of making sure you use up everything. Give it a final stir to make sure all of that base is well mixed into the sauce, and then press down the beef to make sure it’s submerged. That’s all the hard work done. I’ve got my oven on a medium heat and that’s going to go in there for 4 hours. The beef has now been cooking away for four hours and the kitchen smells incredible. Just look at that! It’s all reduced down, gone really sticky and dark, and it’s going to taste amazing. Now I want to fish out the little bits of bone. You’ll notice those bones are empty – the bone marrow that was in there is now in the sauce, which is going to really enrich things. And just to show you how soft this beef is, just watch; take another spoon and press it down, and it just falls apart. So you’re not really shredding it too much just stirring it around enough so it falls into small pieces. I’m going to finish it off by adding red kidney beans. Just stir those into the top and pop it back in the oven uncovered for a further half an hour, so that’s going to soften the beans, bring everything together, and also help to reduce the sauce. So after half an hour that chilli is going to be reduced down, sticky, rich and sweet and have that lovely background smoke from the chipotle. Serve it with some warm corn tortillas and all of your favourite sides. For more great dishes like that, hit the subscribe button.

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  1. wanted to make this today so went to waitrose and they don't sell beef shin, I was told it's more of a winter meat

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