SML Movie: Chef Pee Pee The Octopus!

SML Movie: Chef Pee Pee The Octopus!

*chef pee pee cooks like an sea creature* Oh I forgot about the chicken! Uh… oh! Sprinkles, sprinkles! Oh! Sprinkles, Sprinkles! Aw, yeah yeah yeah that looks good. Ah, Yeah yeah yeah. That looks good. (What am I typing) Oh god, not that brat Uh, Chef Pee Pee? Uhh, Chef Pepe, I mean Peepee What do you want, Junior? I’m in the middle of cooking right now. What do you want? Junior. I’m in the middle of cooking, right now. – I mean apple juice
Uh, can you get me an apple juice? Uh, can you get me an apple juice? Wait, you know where the apple juice is, it’s in the refrigerator! Go get it yourself! Wait, you know there apple juice is! It’s in the refrigerator. Go get it yourself!
But my hands don’t work, (because im stupid) Chef Pee Pee! But my hands don’t work, Chef Pee Pee! But, I’m trying to make an excuse to get a bottle of apple juice. What? What? My hands don’t work today! My hands don’t work today! Oh my god, Junior! Oh, my god Junior! Look, here. There’s your apple juice.
(Gives apple juice, (Gives apple juice, but it is actually his piss) Look, here junior! There’s your apple juice. Um, Chef Pee Pee can you take the top off?
Umm, Chef Can you take the top off. Umm, Chef Penis. Can you take the top off. Look, you have hands yourself, you can take it off! Look, you have hand yourself, you can take it off! But my hands don’t work Chef Pee Pee! Can you take it off? But my hands don’t work Chef Pee Pee! Can you take it off? Can you take it off slave? (Chef Peepee Suffering) God! Look, there’s your apple juice, the top is off and everything! Look, there’s your apple juice. The top is off and everything. Uh, okay thanks Chef Pee Pee!
Okay, thanks Okay, thanks slave. I’ll make sure to drop it like a braindead person. Whatever! DAMNIT JUNIOR YOU MADE A BIG MESS! NOW I GOTTA CLEAN UP AFTER YOU! I’m sorry Chef Pee Pee, my hands just don’t work! Stop saying that Junior, your hands DO work! Uh, can you get me another apple juice Chef Pee Pee? No Junior! I’m cooking, and I’m cleaning, look I only have two arms! Well… wait. So if you had MORE than two arms you could do anything? Sure, I could do anything if I had more than two arms, but I only have two arms! God! Oh! I see what you’re trying to say Chef Pee Pee. Hey Junior! Hey dude! What’s up? You sounded really concerned over the phone. Yeah! Well guys, today Chef Pee Pee asked me to do something, and I’m not sure how to do it. Wait wait, what did he ask? W-was it something about his butthole? C-’cause I’ll do it. I mean like I’ll definitely do it. I mean I would- What is that? Joseph, what’s this? Oh, it’s Chef Pee Pee as an octopus, dude! Thanks Joseph, Cody’s blind he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I knew what it was Junior, I just didn’t understand! You didn’t know what it was, until Joseph guessed it right and now you’re trying to take credit for it. I knew what it was, I just didn’t understand why you would Photoshop a picture of Chef Pee Pee as an octopus! Well one, I wanted to show off my DANK Photoshop skills. Yeah, it’s awesome.

Yeah, it was awesome. And second of all, today Chef Pee Pee was cooking and cleaning, and I said, “Hey Chef Pee Pee can you get me an apple juice?” and he said “I only have two arms, Junior.” So clearly, he wants to be THAT. You think he wants to be an octopus? Yeah! Because he said “I only have two arms, Junior!” so he wants eight. I think he was just complaining that you were giving him so much to do, and he only had two arms to do it with. No no no, I think he definitely wanted to be an octopus. Did- did he say specifically the words, “I want to be an octopus”? Hmm… Chef Pee Pee, can you please get me an apple juice? Wait- no Junior! I only have two arms! I really wish I was an octopus! PLEASE JUNIOR TURN ME INTO AN OCTOPUS! PLEASE! Yep, yep! He definitely said something like that! He said something like “Oh, Junior, please turn me into an octopus”. Alright, I mean, if that’s the case, then I have this. WHOA! Cody what is that? Yeah! It’s my aqua-morpher! It can turn people into sea creatures! Wait, really? Yeah, it can turn people into like sharks, or dolphins, or whales… W-w-wait. It can turn them into whales? Yeah. You must’ve used that on your mom! OOOOHHHHHH! Gimme an S! S! Gimme an A! A! Gimme a V! V! Gimme an A! A! Gimme a G! G! Gimme an E! E! SAVAGE! SAVAGE! Savage! Savage! Do you want me to help you or not? Yeah, so wait it can turn him into an octopus? Well… maybe. It’s random. It’s… it’s random? Yeah it’s random. It can turn him into any sea creature. Okay, well then let’s shoot him a couple of times and it’ll turn him into an octopus! Well, we only have three tries. Three tries? Why? Well you see, the battery only has three tries in it. Well charge it! It doesn’t run on a charge. It runs of penguin bone marrow. Wait, what? Penguin bone marrow? Yeah, and it’s kind of hard to get, unless you have some penguins laying around. That wanna donate. But otherwise, it’s just three tries. Well, let’s go try it then. Look, we have three tries. If he doesn’t turn into an octopus at least we have other animals. Alright, let’s do it! Okay, okay, I’m almost done! Oh, that’s good! Alright Cody, there he is. Are you sure you wanna do this, Junior? Yeah, I wanna do it. Alright, hey Peepers! Peepers? *pew* W-what?! What’s going on? He’s a stingray, Junior.
He killed Steve, change him. Okay. *pew* What? I’m a shark?! He’s a shark, Junior. Shoot him one more time! We only have one more, Junior! He has to be an octopus, it’s the point of the video! Alright. *pew* Yeah! He’s an octopus! Oh no, dude. This is too creepy. I’m outta here, dude! Where does he always go? Junior! Why am I an octopus?! Because you ASKED to be an octopus, Chef Pee Pee! What? I didn’t ask for this! Apparently earlier today, you told Junior you wanted to be an octopus. Uh-huh, you remember when I was asking you for the apple juice, Chef Pee Pee? You said “I only have two arms!” Clearly you wanted to be an octopus because you have eight arms now. Junior, that’s a figure of speech, you had me doing so much work! That’s why I said that! I told you! Come on guys, it was an honest mistake! Junior, you better turn me back right now! Chef Pee Pee! That’s my dad, Cody! Scram! Scram? What about me? Chef Pee Pee I need a cup of teaaaaaaa AUGH! *breaks perfectly good mug* At the aquarium! AH! STAY AWAY! I’m gonna call the puss destroyer! Wha? My dad’s afraid of octopuses?
I think so! Junior, you better turn me back before your dad gets me killed! Uh… okay Cody turn him back. I can’t just turn him back, Junior!
Oh yes you can, Cody, your turned me into this! Yeah, you turned him into an octopus, you can turn him back, right?
We’d need more penguin bone marrow! You better find it! Yeah yeah yeah, go get more bone marrow! Alright, I’ll see if I can find a penguin donor! Alright Chef Pee Pee I need to hide you, in case my dad gets back with that guy, they’re trying to find you and kill you! So… Let’s try and hide you. Hello? Are you the puss destroyer? Oh yeah. I eat puss for breakfast. Oh, that’s good. There’s a big fat puss in my kitchen! I almost put my fist in it! But I was scared. Oh don’t worry. No puss is too big for me. I tear the puss up. Well come on, then! Alright, let’s go find that puss! Junior, where are you going to hide me? Uh… right there. What? Right there. This is tight, Junior! I know, but he’s not gonna find us here. There it is! Wait, what? It’s not here! Where’s the puss? It was just over here! Sometimes you gotta chase the puss to get the puss. Well, get to chasin’! Ok, I’ll use my puss call! *suggestive noises* Wait, what’s that? It’s what good puss sounds like! Sounds just like an octopus walking! Well the puss isn’t coming! Well sometimes it takes a while for the puss to come, you just gotta do it more! (wtf am I typing) I think our best bet is to chase the puss. Wait. I smell something. What? Smells like puss! Kind of a fishy smell! That’s a tight puss! Uh oh! Chef Pee Pee, run! Hey kid! Get back here with that puss! Chef Pee Pee we gotta hide! Where’s Cody, Junior? I don’t know, hopefully he’s almost done! Uh… so… is it gonna hurt? No, not really. Giving bone marrow isn’t that bad. It’s a little uncomfortable, but…
Oh, oh, ok. Is there any side effects? Like what’s gonna happen? Uh, well… not really. Have you ever given blood before? Uh, yeah plenty of times! It’s kinda like that. Oh ok, just you know… why don’t you just take the blood? Well I need the marrow, see… I have a machine that runs on it. Your bone marrow’s really rare. Oh, well I’m not too sure about this. I don’t know. Man, you would not believe the day I’ve had. I had to fly all the way to Antarctica. Oh, where’re you flying from? Florida. Uh wow.
It’s a big flight. I came here specifically for some bone marrow from a penguin, so if I come home empty-handed, it’s gonna be kind of awkward. Uh… alright. I guess so. Junior, this is ridiculous, it’s not gonna work! Chef Pee Pee it’s gonna work they’re gonna think you’re a girl- they’re coming! Alright kid, what did you do with the octopus? Yeah Junior, where’s that octopus? I don’t know what you guys are talking about I’ve never seen an octopus. Who’s your friend? Uh… that’s my girlfriend! Oh, I didn’t know you had a girlfriend, Junior, what’s her name? U-uh… Pussina. Nice try, kid. I know a puss when I see one. And that’s a hairy puss! Alright kid, outta the way. Me and your dad are gonna hit that puss! Without protection! Yeah! We’re gonna use our bare hands to kill that octopus! You can’t kill this octopus, dad! That’s Chef Pee Pee! Kid, that’s not a pee pee, that’s a puss!
No, you’re not gonna kill him! Get back here, Junior! Why is the puss so hard to get? I don’t know! Junior, what’re we gonna do?
I don’t know! Hey Junior!
Uh, Cody? I just got off the plane from Antarctica! Antarctica? Yeah, I had to get some penguin bone marrow. Well, you got some? Yeah, I got enough for like one or two shots. Change Chef Pee Pee back! Alright, I gotta warm it up first. Hurry! There it is! It’s distracted! I’m gonna hit that puss from behind! Well go do it! Alright, it’s ready Junior.
It’s ready? Yeah.
It’s gonna turn Chef Pee Pee back into a human? Yeah. I changed the setting so it changes sea creatures back into people. Alright, alright, shoot him, shoot him.
Hurry up Cody! Chef Pee Pee you’re back to normal! Oh, thank God! Where’d the puss go? I told you it was Chef Pee Pee! Yeah, I was turned into an octopus against my will! The puss turned out to be a pee pee. I hate when that happens! Why’d you want an octopus so bad?
Because I’m a dolphin! We eat octopuses! Wait wait, you eat octopuses? Yeah, I was really hoping to eat some puss today! Just like a buffet of puss like *puss eating noises* Huh, well there’s no octopus here anymore. Alright. Well, I’m sorry Chef Pee Pee, I’m glad you’re back to normal! I’m glad to be myself again. But don’t you ever turn me into an octopus again! Ok Chef Pee Pee, I won’t turn you into anything. Junior, today was a really weird day. Yes, today was really weird. But I still have some bone marrow left! Really? How many shots you got?
I think I got enough for one more shot. Oh my God! You should turn me into a sea animal. Are you sure Junior? Yeah! I could turn into a Hammerhead Shark, or a Swordfish, or a Shrimp… Well, I mean… I guess Junior but are you really sure- Y-y-yeah! I could be something really cool! Shoot me shoot me shoot me! Alright. *pew* Cody what am I? *sigh* My mom. I’m a whale? I’m a big fat blue whale?! I’m a big whale, I’m a whale! Subtitles done by Geometry Dash King at like one in the morning. Done because I love Logan’s content. (some funny subtitles By Goku Black I Added Barely Any Tho)

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  1. i would like to be a parrot becuase parrots can fy and talk i like flying and a animal that talks will be cool!


  3. Why does your tung hurt when you bite it on accident but when u bite it on purpose it doesn’t hurt and why are u biting your tunge

  4. On when Chef Pee Pee became a shark who played the Jaws theme if you did that would've been really funny lol 😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Hello! Are you the Pus Destroyer? Oh yeah, I eat pus for breakfast😎. Oh that's good!! There's a big fat Pus in my kitchen!! And i almost put my fist in it but i was scared 😥. Ah Don't worry no Pus is to big for me, I TARE THE PUS UP!!😏😂. Oh well cmon then!!. Alright, lets go find that PUS!! 😎😎

    Where's The Pus?!? 🤨🤨. It was right here!!. Sometimes you got to chase the Pus to get the Pus…😣😣

    I'll use my Pus call. Wait What's that?!?. That's what good Pus sounds like!! Sounds just like octopus walking!! Well the Pus isn't coming!!. Well sometimes it takes a while for the Pus to come 😏, You just gotta do it more!! 😉😆. I think our best bet is to chase the Pus I smell something, Smells like Pus!!!. Kind of Kind of fishy smell!. THAT'S A TIGHT PUS!!!!!.

    And that's a hairy Pus!! Me and your dad are gonna hit that Pus!!
    With no protection!!!


  6. Cody's mom
    She's realy fat like 1000,00000000,000000 pounds per weight
    She even canot use a scale cuz she's reaaaaaaaaallllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy fffffffffffaaaaaaàaaaatttttttttttt!!!!!!!!

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