SML Movie: Chef Pee Pee’s Bucket List!

SML Movie: Chef Pee Pee’s Bucket List!

CHEF PEEPEE: (Coughing) I’m so sick, my head hurts. I need to blow my nose. *Lovell tries not to really blow his nose* Oh man that’s gross. (Bowser), CHEF PEE PEE!!! What Bowser? Where’s my food at!?
Oh, Bowser I don’t know if I can cook any food today, I feel so sick! What? Your sick? You don’t even look sick. You better have a doctor’s note or something. PEEPEE: A doctors note? Bowser I’m too sick, I don’t have a doctors note! Well look I’m gonna call the doctor and if he says you’re okay to cook, oh’ I’m gonna punch you in the butthole! (GAYNESS INTENSIFIES) Let me call this doctor. Alright doctor, here’s the “faker”. Let me know if he is sick or not. (Brooklyn T. Guy) Alright. Oh, ho, ho ,doctor, I feel so sick. Hey there, sport. You’re gonna be a pretty big boy, huh? Might be a football player someday. Wait, why are you talking to me like that? I’m a grown man. T-GUY: Well, yeah, I’ve been working with a lot of kids. It’s because I’m a pediatrician and a doctor, and a veterinarian. So, I pretty much heal anything. (Chef Pee Pee) Well, can you tell me why I feel so bad? *Groans* ๐Ÿ™ Okay, if you promise to be a good boy today and you don’t cry, I’ll give you a lollipop, huh? How does that sound? Why would I want a lollipop? *Sneaky Chef PeePee* You only get it if you don’t cry. I’m not going to cry! All right well, let me take your temperature. Oh you are burning up, you got a fever there! Uh, okay. Say “Ah” for me. PEEPEE: Ahhhhh What do you see? Yeah you don’t have any teeth. (You don’t either.) Well, what! Yeah, do you mind if I take a blood test? Oh, sure, go ahead and take my blood test, as long as I can get better. T-GUY: Alright, just hold still and try not to scream. Okay, it will be a little bit of a pinch. PEEPEE: Okay, I won’t scream. *STAB* Ouch! T-GUY: All right, so we got your blood here, and I’m gonna go run some tests okay, I’m gonna go give it to Buzz Lightyear! ๐Ÿ˜€ He’s gonna take it up into space to the Intergalactic Blood Tester! How’s that sound champ? PEEPEE: Can you just run the test, please? Okay I’ll be right back. (Chef Pee Pee) God! JUNIOR: Huh guys, I’m really hungry. JOSEPH: Me too dude. CODY:Oh, so you’re hungry, Junior? Yeah, Cody, I’m really hungry. Well, in that case. I got some cheese balls for you. (Junior) You got cheese balls for me? CODY: Yeah. Wow, Cody. I really like cheese bal-(PRANKD) (Joseph) Whoa! Heheheh! Gotcha. (R.I.P CODY) JUNIOR: You scared me, Cody! Yeah. It was just a joke, Junior. But guys, I’m still really hungry. JOSEPH: Me too, what are you gonna’ to eat? I don’t know, I’m gonna ask Chef Pee Pee to make us something to eat. Oh okay.. *Groaning in agony* PEEPEE: Oh, man. ๐Ÿ™ Hey there champ, how you feeling? I feel the same, I feel sick! Now tell me what’s wrong with me! Well, uh, we got your test results back. And? I don’t know how to tell you this but, it it looks like you have Feline Leukemia. :C (Ain’t that only for cats?) (Chef Pee Pee) Wait, feline leukemia! I’m not even see a cat! That’s the thing, usually only cats get it, but it looks like you have it. of it? You don’t! What? You’re gonna die. What! I’m going to die? When do I die? Well it looks like you only got about 24 hours to live. 24 HOURS? You see, now your crying. that means you’re not gonna get this lollipop, cuz you’re crying so much so looks like I’m just gonna have to give this to an actual big boy. oh man, IM GOING TO DIE IN 24 HOURS! AND I DONT EVEN GET A LOLLIPOP ;-; *i cri everytime* i cant believe im DYING *cry* *gasp* CHEF PEE PEE ONLY HAVE A DAY TO LIVE??? CHEF PEE PEE GONNA DIE!???? *cry* Whats Wrong Junior??? I Just Heard a doctor Tell chef pee pee Only Has one day to live! What??? i dont know he was Dat old. What’s wrong with Him! i don’t Know he’s sick or something! poor chef pee pee… i don’t want chef pee pee to die! well we all die, look at my mom. yeah i look at josephs mom look at Joseph’s mom She’s so dead. but guys, don’t think chef pee pee had a Happy life No Jr. He’s a slave chef he’s had a terrible life. oh God i just want chef pee pee to have a Happy life before he dies How about you do all the fun things that we never had a Chance to do this is his last day of Living That’s a Good idea Joseph we Can Do everything chef pee pees been wanting to do before he dies Yeah! But What would he wanna do? well i’ve never Seen Chef pee pee with a Woman! oh Yeah Let’s Get Him laid! Yeah Let’s Get laid! why did you Guys look at me when you Said that? wait What wait What? you Say We Should Get Chef Peepee Laid you guys you guys looked at me like i bet cody Would want to do that We Weren’t Looking at you. i mean i’ll do It i mean it’s fine cuz he’s dying oh i just i Just think it’s Weird That you Guys Would Like assume that i wanted to do that. We Weren’t assumi- oh no it’s okay you don’t Have to beg twice i already said i’d do It Yeah its all right I’ll ride Him so what are we Doing this? *weird-ass gibberish and crying* But There’s a Girl at The Door for you! wait what? yeah, She Says she wants to bang you! hey there big Boy. What are you idiots doing? idiot! That’s no Way to talk to a lady! that’s Not a lady! you’re right, i’m a Woman. That’s cody i know it’s you! shut up and bang me pee pee! i’m not gonna bang you eww thats weird! junior, i know you’re trying to be nice to me because i’m gonna die in 24 hours but this is Weird No! This is wrong! This is wrong i don’t want to be right. i mean come on chef pee pee, look at her she’s Really hot i Mean i’d bang her. i’m not gonna bang Your friend! wait what, junior we should talk later. i mean look at her i
I mean she’s super hot. It’s an Eight-Year-old Junior I’m not gonna be your friend! What are you sure? yes i’m sure! oh No, are you sure you don’t want. To motorboat these puppies i Swear to god if you don’t get the hell out of Here beat both of you guys asses! oh come on Guys chef pee pee doesn’t want a piece of that hot ass Guys Why did he do It! maybe He’s gay. Yeah Maybe. Wait Really? All Right Guys Let’s think of something else, joseph if you had one day to live What Would you do? dude i’ll go to Disney World! Disney World? Everybody Wants to go to Disney World! Guys we can’t Go to Disney World it’s Too far away and we can’t even afford it! oh Yeah you’re right is Too far away What we can’t afford it. Oh! i have an idea What if We Brought Disney World to chef pee pee! cody you stupid! If we Can’t afford The Tickets, then how the hell are we gonna Bring Disney World Here! Ya cody, it will cost Like or trillions of Dollars like to cut the park out of the ground and Bring it all The Way Here! you’re an idiot you’re stupid Your Dumb blonde! I’m sorry I’m on my period okay! dumb! Guys Well What if we Setup Like a Little Park Inside the house and we pretend that it’s Disney World! Oh dude That’ll be cool right! Yeah That’s What i meant! All Right Guys Let’s do that! Um cody are you gonna stay Dressed Up like a Woman? Well After What you Said earlier I’m Thinking about It, i Mean quick show of Hands How many of you Guys Would take me to Pound town? yeah yeah yeah! i got a surprise for you What cody still Just like a woman? i Mean Yeah but That’s not it it’s something cooler! oh What is it then? Just follow me i want to show you. *weird in-audible shit* All right Chef Peepee you look at This, Is what we wanted to take You to Disney World since Your last day To live but we decide to bring Disney World to you! so you decide to put a Water slide down the stairs? Yeah! Wait, is that Mickey mouse? Yeah we got him here. We have to go to the back of the line chef pee pee. are you serious!? Really Junior The back of the line, i have 24 hours to live and i’m in the back of the line. it’s like the real Disney World, You gotta wait in line! i don’t even know Why i want to get on this ride I’m Already wet! The offer is still open peebers. shut up cody you know what i’m not even gonna stay in this line. we can Get fast passes so We Get at The front quicker! where do we give that at? from Goofy uh come on. hey goofy! hey there kiddo, ya want a bottle of water or a balloon? No we want the fast pass Tickets! oh What a Hurry are we? Well That’ll be $300? $300 Junior! That’s all i have! well i mean you’re gonna die today Anyway so why do you need to Save your Money I guess i’ll die Broke! gorsh, ill just add that to pile Here is your Tickets. Can You get me a balloon. wait a Balloon, it’s $50 junior i don’t have that Money Oh well uh goofy can i get a free Balloon? free! You’ll Get the hell out of Here! lets get in line now That We Got Fast Pass yep you did we give the front of the line quicker. junior we’re in the same line! oh? Cody! Yeah Where’s the fast pass line? oh This is the fast line! everybody has fast passes. junior, i hate you. you made me waste $300 just to get a fast pass ticket and we can’t even get into the front of the line! you know what, i’m leaving! but chef pee pee! dude, that ride was awesome. guys chef pee pee hasn’t liked any of the stuff we have done for him today. well its his fault! We gave him two Good options! You See this rack, could have Been His pillow tonight you know, he could have gone down on that Slider, he could of have Gone Down? on me why is he being so selfish! i Don’t know i Mean maybe we’re Just not thinking cool enough, you know cody if you had one day to live, What Would you do oh, oh junior, You don’t even want to know. well be serious, What Would you do. yeah i don’t know i guess i’d Get a Really Cool Tattoo on my face. wait a tattoo? your gonna die Anyway. well yeah Exactly i’m gonna die, so i could Just tatt up my face as much As i want! yeah chef pee pee could Get like a Huge tattoo on his face, because i mean he doesn’t go out in public anymore, he’s gonna be dead We can’t convince Chef Pee pee to do that, he does i want to do any of Those Stuff we want. To do today. yeah you Can Say Something’s right i know you can convince them you can Do look make them do anything right? yeah yeah come on Okay Let’s try to convince him. Yeah let’s do it hey chef pee pee! don’t talk to me junior, you made me spend $300 and then you keep annoying me! i was trying to make your last day alive Really Fun! oh You are, well you suck at it! chef pee pee, We Have a Really Good idea. what is it Now Junior! well look you got to die today Anyway, So how about You tattoo your entire face! wait That’s What my face no, no i’m gonna tattoo my face for What? cuz it would look boss. yeah you’re gonna die today Anyway. so bang me pee pee! um no and no im not gonna tattoo my face What do you have to lose, look you’re gonna be Dead Anyway, it’d Be Really cool to have tattoos all Over your face. you never? had a Tattoo. well because When i have my Funeral i want people to see my face i don’t want to be seen like a Gangbanger! Well I’m a Chef pee pee, Let’s be honest no One’s gonna be at your funeral come on chef pee pee what you have to lose, tattoo your face, have some foe in your life. you know what, forget it. fine, tattoo my face, what do i have to live for. What do you want a tattoo of Surprise me, cody do you have tattoo gun? oh Hell yeah i do! Alright Alright chef pee pee, Just Lay Down right Here and we’re a Tattoo your face alright Guys What are we gonna tattoo on his face? hmm how about we put thug life on his forehead with Teardrops Oh yeah i like that like that yeah yeah! okay okay i’ll put a Penis on his chin That Says Skeet Skeet! oh i like that We Got like That one how about a Poop on his cheek oh i heart slut! oh yeah! Could It Just Be creative! okay yeah oh hold still and done! How Does it look? come on Guys. Yeah it it looks Pretty Cool. oh Somebody’s at the door i’ll get it! Hello! hey There wow thug life huh. What! nothing nothing. i have some Good news for you! and What is that? see i got your test Results Confused with cat test Results! with a Cat! yeah yeah yeah see cuz i’m a Veterinarian and i Got Your Blood Mixed Up with cat Blood it’s a Whole Thing but but what matters is that you do not have feline Leukemia You Just have the flu! Wait I Just have the flu so i’m going to live? Yeah you’re gonna be Just fine i Really hope You didn’t do anything Too stupid. no, no No i didn’t do anything Feel stupid i Just Spent all of my Money and they got face Tattoos. Yeah Yeah i can see that Well Anyway you you have a Good night and uh Skeet Skeet. who was at the Door Chef Pee pee? oh is the doctor he told me that i’m gonna live I’m not gonna die! we should Celebrate, bang me Pee pee! you know What well no because i’m gonna live i’m gonna live Well I’m Glad chef pee pees not gonna die yeah but What about his face though Skeet Skeet Junior. Hey there mr. Whiskers All right so It turns out i got your test results Mixed Up and you don’t Have the Flu like i thought you Actually have feline Leukemia so you only Have about 24? Huh okay i guess i’m gonna go my bad on that one. (Captions by RPG THINX, NoticeMeDante, and CHICHI7, go subscribe to them.)

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