100 thoughts on “Smoked Roast Beef Sandwich”

  1. Let me guess, today you’re using the Yoder Smoker YS640?


    All jokes aside, looks amazing! Love this channel!

  2. This got me thinking you should do a MD style pit beef with Tiger sauce. It’s a Baltimore classic. Keep up the great work, love the videos.

  3. Can you think of any smoking based recipes that utilize silverside? My local deli can't sell it quickly enough so it is insane levels of cheap compared to everything else.

  4. Yo, can you talk about grill hygiene some? I see some guys never wash their grill ever, maybe just a quick scrape down once it's hot. I wash it sparkling before every time I cook and it's a pain in the ass but I don't want anyone to get sick, I figure that's month old animal waste sitting there and nothing good can come from that. Is that crazy?

  5. Looks awesome! Second the MD/Baltimore style pit beef… about the only bbq us bmore boys know how to do right but would love to see your take. Also, I do a lot of cooking on my HastyBake and love it. I see atbbq is a retailer, any plans to do a video cooking on one?

  6. love the video. can you give a common ingredient for some of the ingrediance you use. I don't have access for some of the things that you used. Thanks mark

  7. Hi Chef Tom, have you smoked a whole suckling pig (20-30 lbs) in the YS640? I'd like to see that and get your pointers on how to do it. Love the video's. Addicted to my Yoder (and all of this great food you've been smoking!!!). Thanks!

  8. Chef Tom, have you thought of letting that herb encrusted eye of round sit in a bag with a little bit of apple cider vinegar, and white wine to brine sort of like a corned beef. When you smoke it, the meat may become a sort of hybrid pastrami/roast beef.

  9. I have been smoking roast beef for years in my restaurants and I always inject against the grain and also I inject before I trim fat so that I don't lose as much fluid . Try it . I like your fluid but try a spoon of bovril or marmite in your mix . Awesome trust me . But keep up the good work 👍defo thumps up from me

  10. Tom, that was a must do amazing cook. You got me hungry.. which LEM Slicer did you use ??? Looking to be my next purchase.. Thanks Brother..

  11. My grandfather had a slicer like that in his café which he used to slice cold meats for his customers with. Nice video , I wanna try this !

  12. pro tip for you guys if you have dogs you can cook some rice with that stuff you cut from the meat they would be so happy and its good for your dog

  13. Thank you for the tutorial. You and whoever taught you to cook are both masters at your skill. Thank you for sharing

  14. Roast looked amazing. My vote is to remove the lettuce, cut the bread thinner, press it panini style. Once done…name the sandwich The Jean Creamer.

  15. Can you advise me how to cook duck breast to medium rare? Whet internal temperature at the thickest part should I shoot for? Thanks chef Tom, for great videos, I’m a dedicated UK subscriber. BBQ is the uniquely American style!❤️❤️❤️

  16. I think I'm the only person on Earth who doesn't like horseradish… it overpowers the roast beef flavor. It's "mediciny" to me… like putting Vick's Vapor Rub on it. Same thing with cilantro on my Tex-Mex.

  17. Everything is amazing! But…I never appreciate a dry piece of bread. But hey that's just my preference 😊👍🏻

  18. I get super hungry while watching your videos. So tonight I ate dinner while watching this video but now I want a smoked roast beef sammich!

  19. Tom when you cut that roast open and you had the perfect red color and no grey outer layer you just completely shut down the entire sou vid industry. Screw the Frenchies.!

  20. I would fry all the trimmings and try and make a gravey out of them. Hated seeing all the meat go to waste

  21. What a bullshit. No alchemy, only mixing industrial products. That has not any art! And that meat is not roasted!

  22. Just catching this video. Any chance you'd consider doing a video of this with a venison roast? Or any video with venison?

  23. Do you find with pellet grills that they do not produce that strong of a smoke flavor? Could it be the specific Pit Boss pellets I'm using?

  24. They say smoked/burnt foods have a lot of carcinogens due to the char, which is just carbon. I’m not seeing any Texan or southern people with cancer tjo

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