Smoking Pork Ribs : Coal & Wood Chip Grilling Tips

Smoking Pork Ribs : Coal & Wood Chip Grilling Tips

This is Paul Amato on behalf of Expert Village
and in this clip I would like to talk to you about the different types of coals that you’ll
need to buy and pick when you want to start smoking ribs as well as your rib chip selection.
When you start smoking ribs you have to decide what type of coal you want to use and what
I recommend is using a natural hard wood lump coal. Easy to find most hardware stores sale
them even some of your larger food chains will sale them as well. This right here is
a natural lump coal burns very hard, very quickly but imparts a great flavor on the
meats you cook with rather it’s ribs or something else. You don’t even need to use wood chips
with this if you don’t want to it will give you enough flavor. Over here we have your
typical bricket, I typically don’t recommend these although there are some brands out there
that are made from 100% natural hard wood without any additives, that another great
way to go cause they do burn a little bit slower and you’ll probably have an easier
time keeping the temperature stable. Over here we have wood chips that’s the most important
thing when you start smoking meats obviously, there’s all kinds of wood chips to pick from.
The fun thing about smoking meats is using different varieties of woods, wood chips as
well as mixing them and that’s when you can start experimenting. I recommend hickory,
hickory is the flavor your going to want start off with, but there are no rules for this
so you can fool around with any different wood chip that you want. The next step is
to soak the wood chips in water you should soak them for a least an hour and add as many
wood chips as you might need for the smoking process, you can always keep adding to this.

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  1. FYI- I have the same smoker/grill that he has. I used a charcoal wood and sprinkled some basil over it instead of using the aromatic chips. I did add a rub to my meat. The hanger steak came out awesome. Great videos Paul!

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