100 thoughts on “Smoking vs. Grilling | BBQ”

  1. I've come from prank videos to weird bugs to misleading thumbnails to minecraft to some more misleading thumbnails. Then I got hungry.

  2. I thought this video would AT LEAST give me some tips to grill or smoke. They explained in such a short way it's stuff you could pretty much use your common sense to figure out. Well comments are interesting…

  3. The Difference between smoking and grilling is that smoking fucks up your heart with all dat black shit caked up in there. Grilling lets you eat a good cooked meal

  4. This is secretly a dominoes commercial that promotes people to order their pizza when they fuck up on their smoked meat.

  5. Well, that's my only guess that's how you got here from masturbating so either WTF or you're as you say, "just gay…"
    And dude, it was just a joke.

  6. <3 we all have those days my friend.. you should drink more and smoke less.. it will all make much more since to you 😛

  7. I know the difference! Smoking uses this magical item called a cigarette lighter, while grilling uses black magic cubes and lighter fluid!

  8. How to bbq?This is goofy,everyone knows all you got to do is dump some BBQ sauce on your food and its BBQ…

  9. mind i ask what video brought you here? Pinkie Pie finally go nuts an make a horse steak out of Twilight Sparkle?

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